" Meditation is right step in my journey of life "



I am Aditya Hiran.

I am twenty one years old and I am doing my engineering. I live in Hyderabad City.

My beloved parents ..Sri Paradesi Naidu and mother Smt. Atchutamba, from Visakhapatnam are totally involved with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) and more so in the Pyramid Valley project, Bengaluru.

I started practicing of Anapanasati meditation right from the age of thirteen. Initially, my meditation practice used to be limited. I used to practise meditation for improving my concentration and my performance in academics. The reason and the intent behind this meditation may seem to be small and humble, but on being asked today, I can confidently say that it was the earliest and the right step in my journey of life !


My interest in meditation first started in April 2007, when I attended a three-day workshop by senior pyramid master, SRI TATAVARTHI VEERA RAGHAVA RAO, Bheemavaram. The workshop was mainly focused on the concept of “Atma”. It generated great interest, and, enabled me to extend my practice of meditation. I found the workshop to be a very good motivating factor and an opportunity to step into the field of spirituality.


My interest in the science of spirituality was more strengthened after I have attended the Buddha Poornima Celebrations under the guidance of Brahmarshi Patriji held in May 2007, at the Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru. My participation in this celebration was an unforgettable experience which further enhanced my interest and involvement in my spiritual journey.


My interest paved way for “ a fundamental attitudinal shift towards science of spirituality ”. Naturally, I adapted myself towards VEGETARIANISM.


Thereafter, my journey of life continued in the path of intense spiritual learning.


Recently, when I attended the “ Dhyana Maha Chakram ” in Amaravati, I was greatly moved by the THREE HOUR MORNING FLUTE MEDITATION . Also, I made a record of certain special topics discoursed by Patriji.


These topics included subjects like “ Consciousness ”, “ Soul ” and “ Awareness ”.

Practicing meditation .. reading right Spiritual books and participating in spiritual discourses has become a continuous passion in my life. The doors are now open for the cosmic energy to flow into me. My observation in my day-to-day activities has considerably improved. My life is becoming more and more peaceful. The calmness in life brought stability in all everyday situations. Life is becoming more and more joyous.



I request all the student community to practice Anapanasati Meditation from the earliest possible age so that “ Youth will not be blunder, man-hood will not be struggle and old age will not be a regret ”.



P. Aditya Hiran
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