" Meditation is the only way to Self-Realization "


My name is Amukthamalyada.


I was born and brought up at Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh. I chose Sri Gopala Krishanmacharyulu and Smt.Padma as my parents for this life-time. I have a sister named Satya Srinidhi.


I am a post graduate in M.Sc. ( Geo-physics ), from Osmania University, Hyderabad. I am currently working for Reliance Industries Limited, Navi Mumbai, as a Geo-scientist.


 In my child-hood, I used to observe my grandmother writing “ RAMAKOTI ” and asked her as to why she was so much interested in it. She replied : “ We will be blessed in this life .. I shall attain moksha after death and shall be taken to a place where God lives .. only by following bhakti towards the Almighty ”. Somehow, I got hooked to this conversation and used to sincerely write some of the “ RAMAKOTI ” lines every day and felt blessed and happy.


My grand mother and my parents, all, used to tell lots of stories of Sri Rama and other Gods which made me imagine God’s place as beautiful where there were no problems. Being born in “ Sri Vaishnava ” family, I am fortunate to be a VEGETARIAN.


Once, I went to my grandfather’s home in Huzur Nagar, near Nalgonda, during vacations especially to attend a religious function “ Dwajastambha Prathishtapanam ” which I had planned to attend. My grandmother told me that the “ JYOTHI ” which is used to light the lamp of Temple is being lit naturally with the help of mantrajapam made by the devotees present there. I was waiting eagerly to participate in the event.


And, on that day, I felt very happy and blessed. While chanting of mantras by poojaris, I went into a trance which was quite blissful and I could feel the presence of God. I was suddenly disturbed by the loud chantings which were more rigorous as light was lit with our prayers !


Ever since that incident, my belief in poojas and mantras were strengthened. I continued to perform all sevas and visited temples according to the time-table set by me. I used to feel guilty if I ever missed any of them.


My sister and dad were opposed to all these ; they used to eat, bathe and do all their work as they liked and were not much interested in following any religious rituals. I used to wonder, how a person on Earth can live without following any rituals as proper worship of GOD ! Although born in a Hindu family, I could accept all other religions as I felt that “ GOD IS ONE ”, and we worship HIM in different forms.


During my B.Sc., I had attended a medical transcription course in Nalgonda where I was taught Anapansati meditation by pyramid master KRISHNA CHAITANYA for increasing concentration and there I saw “ Spirtual Realitiy ” CD.


I liked the concept of “ THIRD-EYE ” with the help of which we could seek God and know our past karmas as well as to cleanse all of them. I found it really interesting as I thought that this “ DHYANA ” is definitely going to answer all my questions. I was fortunate enough to meet my friend MADHU there, who was already into this system of meditation. She was great inspiration for me, in those days, to continue my meditation.


I started practicing meditation, during night times, when everybody went to sleep. MADHU introduced me to MR. JAGADEESHWAR REDDY, pyramid master of Nalgonda. Somehow, I dared to introduce him to my father to talk about this meditation. When they met, I came to know that my father was also into some other meditation earlier, but discontinued it due to various reasons.


Whenever, I went to MADHU’s home, she was all praise about “ PATRIJI ” and “ HIS WORK ”, which made me angry and jealous about Patriji as I felt nothing great about him ( I still laugh at my ignorance now ) .


“ GROUP MEDITATION ” continued at our home and I received regular motivation from MADHU and other PYRAMID MASTERS. I liked the concept of “ eighteen guiding principles for pyramid masters ” and tried to follow some of them. Whenever, I sat in pooja, I completed it by doing meditation.


On a Saturday morning, I was reciting Vishnusahasranamam as usual. I felt hunger since morning, but didn’t have anything as I felt that God will punish me. I continued with my pooja, while my hunger peeked, I was feeling very uncomfortable and was absolutely unable to concentrate any further.


Suddenly, I heard a inner voice saying : “ God can never punish anybody. It is you who have to do pooja and everything for yourself. ” Then and there I left pooja , ate prasadam and felt happy ! I felt so relieved after that ! Thence onwards, slowly, I left all my blind beliefs and rituals and took up to meditation regularly.


In due course, all our pyramid masters thought of establishing a “ PYRAMID CARE CENTRE ” in Nalgonda. We successfully completed it and we invited Patriji to inaugurate the care centre. I was doing my M.Sc., entrance coaching in Hyderabad at that time. I rushed from Hyderabad to Nalgonda to attend the function as I wanted to see Patriji for the first time.


After the inauguration, Patrij looked at all three of us (myself, sister and Dad) and asked “ How is everything going on ? ” He was looking into my eyes while questioning. I felt like I lost all that was mine at that moment ! He laid his hands on my shoulders ! All my anger and jealousy which I had for him, got swept away by the beautiful wave of love !!

The very same day, I also met MR. NAGESHWAR RAO , a pyramid grand master from Hyderabad. At first sight, I felt as if I had seen him much earlier. He came to me .. without a second thought .. I hugged him and felt very happy as if I found him after waiting for so many years. He told me : “ Oh dear ! We were there and we will be here. ” Meeting Patriji and MR. NAGESHWAR RAO, I felt something came back to me which I, all the while, missed. I returned to Hyderabad and started continuing my meditation with greater rigour. To my surprise, I got a good rank in M.Sc., and entered into Osmania campus for M.sc., Geo-physics which was a very good subject to opt for. I realized that all this happened just because of my “ Dhyana Atma Shakti. ”


After entering into the campus, I was quite frequently visiting Patriji’s house at Shivam Road. By observing all the grand masters coming over there, I also felt an urge to start teaching meditation. So, I went to Dhyanandhrapradesh ( Telugu monthly spiritual magazine ) office in Dilsukhnagar to enquire about pyramid masters, if any, studying in O.U. campus. I gave my mobile number and returned.


The next day, I received a call from KIRAN. They were looking for a girl to introduce Anapanasati in the girls hostel. I felt : “ Yes, this is the purpose which I need to complete in time, while staying in O.U. campus ”. We were able to conduct all our meditation programmes successfully.


While conducting meditation classes, I learnt that all our skills take a new creative channel to come out of us, all our fears run away and energy within us gets rejuvenated everytime we begin teaching. And, TEACHING is the best way of LEARNING !


I liked the concept : “ You create your own reality ”. I started dreaming of all the things that ever I wanted to create. However, I could not realize that : “ We should also be ready to face the consequences of all the things which we are going to create ” .. as I was not really mature spiritually.


Then, I remembered NAGESHWAR RAO GARU, who stays in Hyderabad and felt an urgent need to meet him. In one of my previous meetings with him, I realized that I was a “ PLEIDIAN ” in my past life. He received me with his usual pleasant smile and asked me to take rest and sleep for sometime.


When I was sleeping, I suddenly felt that my body was being taken away by some people into a very big ‘ ship-like ’ thing and that too in space ! I was made to sleep on a “ operation theatre-like table ” there. Although I would not understand what was actually happening to me, I could see that the place where I was taken was very, very sophisticated. Now I was frightened and thought of awakening from bed. But, some strong force put me to sleep.


Later, after some discussions with NAGESHWAR RAO GARU, I came to know that, my body was being operated up on to make it fit enough to become a channel, to bring so many of their messages.


From then on, I started my auto-writing and worked as their “ PLEIDIAN CHANNEL ”. After many messages, I found that, I constrained myself at various levels because of lack of knowledge which became a barrier for me to bring their messages as they are. Again NAGESHWAR RAO GARU was with me to help. He just said : “ At anytime and anywhere, be with your SOUL, it has got answers to all your questions. ”


This is the only truth which is guiding me since then. My grateful acknowledgements to NAGESHWAR RAO GARU.


While doing M.Sc., I had opportunities to meet Patriji many times. Whenever, I was with him, it was a thorough session full of deep lessons and knowledge. The concept of “ FREEDOM ”, which he used to always hammer into me, awakens me every time.


I still remember the day when Patriji’s mother vacated her physical body. The courage he had to meditate in the same place, where his own brother was continuing all rituals mesmerized me. I saw Patriji meditating for the first time ! He made all of us to clap by conveying about his mother’s SOUL JOURNEY after death.


This event taught me that both birth and death, should be celebrated with equal enthusiasm. While on the way to the crematorium, he suddenly stopped all of us and asked us to meditate by the road-side.


After meditation session, Patriji asked MADAM GARAPATI LALITHA to narrate her experience and she told that Patriji’s mother’s SOUL was being guided safely by MAHAVATAR BABAJI . I realized the power of his INTENT to convey meditation irrespective of situations and time.


After this session, we were at the crematorium. There too, he sat on the wall aside, while his brother performed all the rituals. I was totally shocked to see him conversing with all pyramid masters coming over there as usual !! There he gave a wonderful concept of “ Ganga Yamuna Saraswathi ”. Inspite of all shoutings by his brother for his behaviour, Patriji sat there till his mother’s body was confined to flames.



After that, Patriji called out to a lady standing beside me :

 “ Madam, let us go to some nice hotel, have lunch and celebrate. ”

 I really had no words after hearing Patriji and the world was blank for me at that point of time. After lunch, we went to Spiritual India office, where Patriji gave me an opportunity to conduct my first meditation class and even appreciated me for that !



That whole day, I watched Patriji as he continued his work, as if nothing had happened ! I learned from this incident : “ This is how an enlightened master should live his life. ”


I continued doing my part in conducting meditation classes at the campus with much more dedication. I found that my other part of life was continuing very smoothly without much effort while I was involved in spiritual work. I discovered real joy growing within me only when I was teaching meditation.


With very little effort, I completed my M.Sc., successfully and got selected in campus interview and got posted to Mumbai. I did not dare to imagine working in such a big company. The best part I loved about this company was that they support VEGETARIANISM at office !


After coming to Mumbai, I found that I was into a very new world full of “ instant show ”. I couldn’t cope-up with the outside world. Thanks to my parents, Patriji and NAGESHWAR RAO GARU, for constantly guiding me to stay aligned to my spiritual path. We can live happily on Earth with inner peace and inner strength which we derive only through meditation.


“ DOING MEDITATION ” is the only way for all of us to attain self-realization and “ TEACHING MEDITATION ” is the only way to learn the facts clearly.


We all should have spiritual clarity, spiritual purity and spiritual sincerity. That is what is going to really help us in our material life, physical relationships and social harmony !


N. Ch. Amukthamalyada
Ph : +91 9987579520

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