“ My journey into Anapanasati and the world of Pyramids ”


I am Lakshmana Bangariah, founder president of the “ Pyramid Meditation Society, Malaysia ”.


I was born in the year 1952, in Malaysia, into a loving family in a wonderful Telugu community and in a beautiful natural rural environment.


My early education was in a rural area ..

“ SUNGAI SUMUN ” in the State of Perak. On completion of my secondary education, I moved to the City of Kuala Lumpur, to start my career which culminated in my present profession as a businessman supplying laboratory equipments.


During my upper secondary school days, we had two American Peace Corps teachers who stressed the reading of English books. Our school library was well equipped. It was there, in the year 1968, that I stumbled upon the mysterious book “ You Forever ” by LOBSANG RAMPA , not knowing that a divine master will introduce the same book to me forty five years later !


My dream to attend university was not realized but my burning desire to attain a degree directed me into doing the diploma and higher diploma in ABE ( Association of Business Executives ).

With this, I pursued my MBA programme which I completed in the year 2001.


I was married in the year 1979 to “ Jayalechumy ”. We have a daughter “ Jaya Prada ” and two sons, “ Ganesha ” and “ Saravana Rao ”.


My love and interest for spirituality and BHAGAWAN SATYA SAI BABA of Puttaparthi put our entire family into the threshold of the SAI BABA MOVEMENT.


In the monthly issues of the “ Sanathana Sarathi ”, Bhagawan Baba always quotes verses from the Bhagawad Gita. This fuelled and spurred great interest in me to read the Gita. I joined the “ GITA ASHRAM ”, Malaysia, and subsequently, became a member of its management committee. During the same period, I was also the chairman of the SATYA SAI BABA CENTRE of Petaling Jaya.


Ever since my settling in Kuala Lumpur, in the year 1974, I became allergic to dust and developed sinus problem. Somehow with medication, I managed for almost thirty five years. My repeated visits to the ENT specialist were of no benefit and I was finally operated for “ polyps ” in the year 2005.


In the year 2006, a book “ Be A Master ” by BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI miraculously came to my hands. I completed reading the same in two days and ever since my interest was focused on its contents. I then decided : “ On my next trip to Puttaparthi, I must visit the Kurnool Pyramid and meet the great Guru, Brahmarshi Patirji. ”


I, along with my friend Mr. Maniam, Mrs. Maniam and my wife Jayalechumy visited the Kurnool Pyramid in the year 2006. We meditated in the King’s Chamber for forty minutes and purchased a few CDs on the “ Science of Meditation ”.


In the year 2007, Brahmarshi Patriji visited Malaysia on the invitation of the Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM). The first Satsang was held on 16 May, 2007 at the “ Dato Soma Hall ” in Kuala Lumpur. My wife and myself were overjoyed to meet our Guru whom we missed at Kurnool. I was called on to the stage and tell my experience of the Kurnool Pyramid.


The TAM Vice President Mr. Venkatesan called me if I could hold a Satsang in my house on 18th May, 2007. I grabbed the opportunity of playing host to a great master as it was destined to happen !


Least did I dream that this encounter with the most Enlightened Guru would take my family and me into a revolutionary new direction ! All preparations were done to welcome our Patriji and the home environment became festive.


The meditation started at 3 pm, attended by over thirty people. Patriji spoke on “ Karma ” and sang the following song :


“ Chinna chinna papamule ..
chinna chinna rogamulu. ”




Patriji was playing the flute, and I was totally mesmerized and was enjoying bliss with tremendous amount of energy pervading my body .. causing great vibrations. For a few moments complete calmness prevailed.


My earlier “ polyps ” operation did not give relief and as a result I occasionally suffered excruciating pains. A strand of dried mucus would block my nasal canal resulting in building up of pressure thus causing unbearable pain. I had to often visit the ENT specialist to remove the strand to ease the pain. I did not relate this to our Guru but he could know my pain.


After the Satsang in my house, I went to the car to bid farewell to our Guru. He shook my shoulders and advised me to stop taking medicine and asked us to do forty minutes meditation for forty days.


Thus dawned a New Era in my life ! Both my wife and me started Anapanasati Meditation almost immediately. We were very fortunate that we got introduced into this meditation by the Master himself ! With increase of my meditation time, my sinus pain and blocked nose disappeared ! My wife was also very pleased on hearing this news and she too started spending hours and hours in meditation, and she also had wonderful experiences.


On the 3rd day of our initiation into meditation, my first third-eye vision was that of our Guru Brahmarshi Patriji. Thereafter, I had many, many third-eye experiences ! It is by divine sankalpa that our Guru came into my life.


This meditation gives me great joy. Teaching and propagating Anapanasati Meditation has become my profession now.


In December 2008, my friend Maniam and I participated in the “ BENGALURU AHIMSA DHYANA MAHAYAGNA ”. Our master commanded us to visit the “ MAITREYA BUDDHA PYRAMID ”.


In the year 2006, me and my friend visited the Giza Pyramid, Egypt and we were awestruck by its wonder. Now, standing in front of another monumental Pyramid in Bengaluru, I was stunned and started to ponder why pyramids have become a part of my life’s journey. After meditating in the Pyramid, I immediately decided :


“ I must come back with my wife for the next visit. ”


Beyond my wildest imagination, nineteen Malaysian Masters accompanied me to the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid the following year ! We were privileged to meditate in the King’s Chamber. I conducted a Satsang in the open grounds of the Pyramid Valley. All nineteen masters related their respective out-of-the-world experiences they had while meditating.


I took up the clarion call of our Guru and with much motivation from my wife, I spearheaded in forming the “ PYRAMID MEDITATION SOCIETY OF SELANGOR AND FEDERAL TERRITORY ” in Malaysia. The inauguration of the Society was held in my house on 15th September, 2010 by none other than Brahmarshi Patriji.


On Patriji's 5th visit to Malaysia, in September 2010, we took him to “ Genting Highlands ”, a hill resort for a meditational retreat. The meditation session was organized in the observation tower near a huge Buddha Statue. I was seated next to Patriji. We meditated to the accompaniment of his flute music. I experienced seeing hundreds of pyramids in a desert ! In the same sitting, I also saw celestial mansions so beautifully decorated !


A group of ten masters came to India to join the “ DHYAN MAHA CHAKRAM ” held from 21st to 31st December, 2011 ..at Amaravathi, Guntur Dist., Andhra Pradesh.


On Patriji’s advice we visited “ Jagannatha Gattu ”, in Kurnool, before heading to Amaravathi. We were received with open arms by MOTHER SAI PRABHA . We could sense the exuberance on her face as if she was receiving her own children after a long period !


MOTHER SAI PRABHA made all arrangements for our stay there in the small pyramid .. thatched roofed Kuteer. Before dinner, we meditated in the Jagannatha Gattu Pyramid located in serene surroundings and the cool breeze took us into memory lane. Tranquility pervaded the entire hill and I realized that it is the most ideal pyramid to perform intense sadhana.


Next day, our delegation of masters headed to Amaravathi. We encountered two blockades led by a local political party on our way to Guntur. Divine play was evident as we were allowed to continue without much hassle, while all other vehicles were held back for hours.


On 24th December, the early morning three hour flute meditation session started at 4 am. I was seated 200 meters away from the podium.


Melodious live music was played with the intermittent voice by Patriji. The music helped me settle into deep meditation almost instantly. I could see the first twenty to thirty rows in front of me, seated by Buddhas. This particular vision was so vivid. Before the end of the session, I experienced seeing the same pyramid which I visited at Jagannatha Gattu.


Our group met Patriji during breakfast time and he instructed D. Siva Prasad garu to take us to “ NEKKALLU PYRAMID ”, situated twenty kilometers from Amaravathi. I sat there for ten minutes and I experienced seeing the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven wonders of the world !


In the afternoon, our entire delegation of ten members were asked to deliver messages and later we were felicitated by our Guru Brahmarshi Patriji, which made the occasion the most memorable for all of us. We made new acquaintances with great pyramid masters from all over India and returned to our sweet home full of memories of both “ Jagannatha Gattu ” and “ Amaravathi ” of Andhra Pradesh.
Best wishes from all pyramid masters of Malaysia to all pyramid grand masters of India !


B.R. Lakshmana Bangariah
President, Pyramid Meditation Society, Malaysia
20 Jalan Serambi 48/25 A, Bukit Jelutong

40150 Shah Alam, Selangore D.E, MALAYSIA - 40150
Ph : 603 - 55690758

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