“ Meditation brought tremendous Changes in My Way ”



I am Mahendra Devabhaktuni.

I have been residing in USA for the last seventeen years. I had taken my masters in computer science in Texas.

I am married to “ Sailaja ” .. and we are blessed with “ Manomay Sai ”. My parents, D.V.Subba Rao and Vijaya Lakshmi, live in Hyderabad, India.

I was introduced to a sort of meditation when I was just fifteen years. Instantly, meditation brought tremendous changes in my way of thinking. Practicing meditation, even for just a few weeks, I topped the school ! This habit of succeeding in academics continued with meditation.


Recently, I was introduced to “ Anapanasati ” meditation, after going through the website www.pssmovement.org. I read the meditation procedure and started doing “ Anapanasati ” type of meditation regularly.


SAI KUMAR REDDY SIR gave me the opportunity of speaking to Brahmarshi Patriji, who encouraged us a lot and advised us to spread the message of Anapanasati meditation to as many as possible and also gave the name of “ Pyramid Spiritual Centre of Atlanta ” on Gurupournami day, in the year 2010.


Upon receiving such encouragement from Patriji himself, I started conducting meditation classes, and it went on continuously for twenty one days !


We are regularly conducting ONENESS MEDITATION and full-moon meditation classes in different communities. I also conducted class in Shirdi Sai Temple of Atlanta. I have been conducting classes in Hindu and Buddhist temples.


When pyramid master Prabodh was visiting us, we conducted “ Devi Dhyana Yagnam ” for ten days at our home !


We have plans for conducting regular classes in Shirdi Sai Temple, Swami Narayan Temple of Atlanta and Balavihar.


All these achievements have been taking place with the help and guidance of champion pyramid masters Sai Kumar Reddy Sir and N.S. Rao Sir.


Best wishes to all the pyramid masters all over the world. There is no greater work than teaching Anapanasati Meditation !



Mahendra Devabhakuni
6115-Abbotts Bridge Road, Apt # 202, Duluth GA 30097

Atlanta - USA

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