" Mystic on a Motor-Bike "



I am “ Azeem Beary ” from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I was born into a progressive middle class family, which had both traditions and a modern outlook. My father .. being a pharmaceutical professional .. wanted me to become either a Doctor or an Engineer just like any other educated middle class families, who have the same ambitions for their children.

But, I had other plans ! I was adventurous, daring and rebellious. I joined the National Cadet Corps (Air Wing), where I rose from being an ordinary cadet to become Flight Sergeant of No.1, Karnataka Air SQN NCC.


“ honored by the then Chief Minister ”


Proudly representing Karnataka State, I won the banner at the Republic Day camp in New Delhi ! I was one of the best cadets there ..good at gliding, cross country running, shooting, and public speaking. I was honored by the then Chief Minister of Karnataka with a cash award ! All this happened before I turned seventeen years of age !


With all these achievements behind me, I entered college with confidence and high self esteem. Everybody thought, “ Wow ! He is an all-rounder .. a Doctor, an Engineer, a Fighter pilot in the air force in the making ! ”


“ first out-of-body experience ”


Being a glider pilot gives one a bird’s eye view of the world below. One day, while gliding in the aircraft, I began visualizing that I was flying like a bird. How lovely to be an eagle soaring in the sky, I thought to myself…. suddenly, I realized I was looking at my own self gliding in the aircraft .. my first out-of-body experience ! I was both gliding and out-of-body at the same time ! Somehow I landed, and thereafter my life was never to be the same again !


“ Who was I ? ” .. “ What was I ? ” .. “ Who was looking at whom ? ” .. I began reading spiritual classics like “ AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ” by Paramahansa Yogananda and other books of Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan. I no longer wanted to become a doctor or an engineer or join the air force. I wanted to be “ ME ” ! Seeing the total change in me, people in my family got worried. Not knowing what to do, my Dad took me to a psychiatrist.


“ what is my path ? ”


The doctor was compassionate, and advised my father that I was brilliant and unique,and that I would do something revolutionary.


In desperation, my father asked me, “ What is the path for you ? ” At that time, I simply did not know. I had to create my own path !


“ roaming all over India ”


I started roaming all over India .. through forests, across hillsides, mountainsides, and riversides .. in a quest to meet Sufis, Yogis, Swamis .. anybody that is, who could guide me. Some guided me well. However, some tantrics actually misguided me. Sometimes I was joyous. At other times I simply wept out of desperation. Kabhi khushi, kabhi gam !


In my earlier spiritual journeys, I had a friend who accompanied me wherever I went. We became known as the “ two mad monks ” ! He is “ Prem Kumar ”. Today, Prem Kumar is the vice president of Karnataka Pyramid Dhyana Prachara Trust and executive committee member of IFSS in Bengaluru. Well, that’s where all mad monks seem to end up !!


We travelled to the craziest places without any particular schedule and did meditation. We both wrote our GOALS twenty two years ago. Uptill now, we have actualized 95% of them in a miraculous way !


This universe is fantastic, it’s mysterious, and in the whole of life there is no logic. It is full of magic ! I learnt a very important sutra from the highway trucks sign board which says : “KEEP DISTANCE ”. This sutra has helped me a lot in all my relationships !


I went to Hong Kong as my adventurous spirit took me there, and got a job as a Sales Executive. I finished with my duties by afternoon, and for the rest of the day experimented with various techniques of meditation and visited Zen Masters. I would like to share one incident which illustrates the divine protection of the universe to a sincere seeker.


“ meditational experiences ”


Day by day my meditational experiences increased. I had a lot of astral journeys happening all the time, and I usually did them at night. I encountered masters who taught me and blessed me. I got connected to my beautiful and powerful GUARDIAN ANGEL, who started to give me a lot of channeled knowledge, protection and guidance. I began believing in miraculous thinking.


Through her, I have guided and helped thousands all over India and the world ; several seekers got benefitted immensely through my guidance. I also designed a two day workshop called “ The Life Crafter ”, through which I trained and advised people from all walks of life : from Bollywood, corporate, and political circles. I had created my path from nothing, by the GRACE OF GOD !


“ traveled without petrol ”


Once, during one of my Motorbike Journeys the bike stopped on the outskirts of Bangalore. I checked the petrol tank. There was only about 100 ml of petrol left, and I had to cover 75 km. I prayed to existence and pushed. Suddenly, the bike started ! Chanting the name of God all the way I kept going, but the bike did not stop anywhere till I reached Bangalore ! I had traveled without petrol for 75 km ! Miracles still happen in the 21st Century !


Once there was a young man who went to the doctor and said to the doctor, “ I want to live for one hundred years. ” The doctor asked him, “ Do you smoke ? ” The young man replied “ No”. The doctor further asked “ Do you drink ? ” The young man again replied “ No”. The next question was “ Do you party ? ” The young one again said “ No”. Then the doctor questions him, “ If so, why do you want to live for one hundred years ?!! ”


“ I meet Patriji ”

I met Patriji at The School of Ancient Wisdom and realized that here was a genuine Zen Master who has taught lakhs of people .. from villagers to professionals .. in a simple way. He has cut all the fluff and all the nonsense of other gurus who teach “ basic level ”, “ advanced level ”, “ intensive level ”, etc., etc. !


Patriji’s method is so simple ! Be with the breath and the mind becomes empty ! Then you are in meditation !!I salute you, Brahmarshi Patriji ! You are the Master of all Masters ! In fact, the other day when a VIP touched your feet, you immediately fell at his feet. Conveying to the VIP that “ If you pull my leg, I will pull yours !! ” Only a humble, great Zen Master can do that !


“ I belong to ALL ”


I am a Muslim .. a Hindu .. a Christian .. a Zen Buddhist. I belong to all and all belong to me ! I am very very happy to be associated as a patron of INDIAN FEDERATION OF SPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS .. by which we all can unite and make this world a better place to live and let others live. Let us spiritualize the whole world !


One should have a higher purpose in life. That higher purpose is to meditate and serve with love.


Meditate and Serve .. !
Love .. Self Realize


Azeem Beary
Ph : +91 99000177046

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