" Spiritual Service became an Integral Part of My Life "


I am Divya.

I am married and currently living in Atlanta USA, with my husband, who works here as a Software Engineer. I am a graduate in Physiotherapy from Chennai.

I have been practicing Anapanasati meditation for the past seven years.

My mother Smt. Padma, who is a great meditator herself, introduced me to meditation when I was of seventeen years. Being the youngest in our family, I always got an abundance of love and care from my parents and my brother.


Even when I was young, everyone in the family treated me like a friend. As a child, I had so many questions about God, religion, life etc. My parents always cleared all my doubts, very patiently, for which I am ever thankful.


Intially, I was reluctant to practice meditation on a daily basis. But, after attending “ DHYANA MAHA YAGNAM ”, in the year 2003, at Tirupati, my interaction with senior pyramid masters inspired me take up meditation more regularly. And within a few months .. I started observing quantum changes in my life.


My scores in academics started improving .. my self-confidence improved .. and my understandings were more mature. Meditation gave me many great friends and increased my basic joy and general creativity.


I began reading Patriji’s books from a very young age .. and therefore, I became a fan of PYRAMID PHILOSOPHY.


Books like “ The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ” by ROBIN SHARMA and “ You Forever ” by LOBSANG RAMPA also helped me a lot.


One day, during my meditation .. I got a message from within about making pyramids and teaching meditation.


And thus, I learnt making pyramids. I used to gift these pyramids to my friends and neighbours and was also teaching them meditation. These activities gave me immense satisfaction and “ spiritual service ” became an integral part of my life.


After coming to USA .. I started doing this spiritual service in a different way. I made proper use of my available time on the Internet through Skype. I got in touch with “ DHYAN JAGATH TEAM ” members who are spread across different countries including USA. And, I started representing “ SPIRITUAL AMERICA TEAM ” on skype and facilitated forty skype sessions of senior pyramid master N.S. RAO. More than sixty to seventy people across the world got connected .. and made use of these sessions !


Similarly, we are also conducting such calls on week-days. In these calls, we all, together, meditate for a few minutes initially and then we share our knowledge and experiences. These skype sessions have helped me in involving in spiritual service right from my personal computer comfortably, without any hassles of travelling.


We have started a Pyramid Meditation Centre in our home .. and Patriji named it as “ Nirvana Pyramid Meditation Centre of Atlanta ”.



Senior pyramid masters from accross USA .. Dr. Sudha Koduri, Rama Krishna Koduri, Dhyana Yuktha, Prabodh, Jyothi Madam, Madhusudan Sir, Sreekanth, Mahendra, Sailaja, etc., have supported me and encouraged me a lot in all these activities.


My husband “ Kanishka ” is giving me his full support and co-operation which is enabling me to give my best.



Pyramid workshop for Children - Atlanta


On 9th October 2010, Sailaja Madam had invited me to conduct a workshop on “ Pyramid Making ”.


Together we conducted this free workshop for children. About twenty one children participated and it was a wonderful experience for all !


I feel that there is an urgent need for PYRAMID MEDITATION today in the world. And all the pyramid masters are doing a great job in spreading the awareness of Anapanasati meditation in various countries. I am also doing my bit and enjoying in sharing the pleasure of this great work.


Thank you PATRI SIR and my best wishes to all the pyramid masters of PSSM.




Divya S. Nadimpale
2011 - Mccook Dr., KENNESAA GA 30144 - U.S.A.
Ph : +91 9160797405

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