" I am strongly on the path of my Buddha-Hood "


I am Rama Raju.

I hail from Mangalagiri town, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh.

In my childhood, I developed a certain inferiority complex due to loneliness, as I didn’t have any siblings. I had lots of questions in my mind during my child-hood like : “ Why some people are born in rich families and some in slum areas ? ”, “ Why some people are born in advanced countries and some in African forests or in the Antarctica .. when God created all the human beings as equals ? ”.


I had friends belonging to different faiths in my child-hood. The Hindu friends used to tell me that “ Rama ” and “ Krishna ” are the only Gods to worship and that we have to visit temples. Christian friends used to tell me that Jesus Christ is the only “ Son of God ”, and, to worship him, we have to go to a Church. Similarly, Muslim friends used to tell me “ Allah ” is the only God, and to worship “ Allah ”, we have to visit the mosque.


But, I used to think, why there are different Gods for different religions and different countries ? If God is there, he should be “ one ” to the whole world. However, nobody was there to answer my questions.


I joined the Air Force during my B. Sc. II year, due to my family’s financial condition. Even after joining the service , my thirst to bring improvement in my physical life did not disappear. I applied for Aeronautical Engineering and M.A (Public admin.) etc., but due to my postings in interior areas of Assam, I was unable to complete it.


Afterwards, I thought “ Service people are not successful people ; they have to work under some body else. Why not to start a business ? In business, I can gain money, car, bungalow, name and fame. ”


I started network marketing. During that time, I read lots of books on personality development and positive attitude. It changed my outer personality. During this time, I used to visit a number of private houses for promotional purpose.


I did lot of hard work to be successful in business. I pasted lot of posters of my dream car and bungalow on the walls of my house ! But I failed totally in business. My friends, who had not made similar efforts like me, however, were successful in the same business.


Air Force authorities transferred me to “ Imphal ” as a punishment for my involvement in business. I was disturbed. Why did this happen to me ?? My dreams collapsed due to this posting to a disturbed area like “ Imphal ”.


That was the time, when I felt that there must be some other reason behind the screen that made me face the situation.


To know what is there behind the screen, I started reading Swami Vivekananda’s books and the New Testament of Bible. I understood something about “ Law of Karma ”.


During that time, I went to my home town on leave, where, I got one pamphlet regarding meditation and “ Brahmarshi Patriji’s ” visit. In that pamphlet, it was mentioned that all diseases.. from headache to cancer .. can be cured through the practice of “ anapanasati meditation ” !


I thought that I should attend this session as my mother was suffering from Asthma for the previous ten years, it could be helpful to her.


“ Patriji ” came to that class and made us sit for forty minutes meditation. I didn’t get any experience during my first sitting and I didn’t understand anything in Patriji’s class also. However, one sentence touched my heart : “ If you want to be happy in your life .. your thoughts, words and deeds should become one ; you should practice ‘ trikaran shuddhi ’ .”


Then, I questioned myself : “ What I am doing in my business ? Outwardly, I am acting and laughing with my customers and inside I am scolding them for their attitude. That’s the reason why I am in sorrow. ” Then and there, I decided immediately and strongly that I should follow this particular sentence in my life.


After coming out of the hall, I saw lots of books displayed there which were written by “ Patriji ”. I thought that if one person can write these many books, it means some greatness must be there. Then, I asked “ Mangalagiri Pyramid Spiritual Society ” persons to suggest me some book to read. They gave me “ Tulasi dalam ”. This book changed my whole life ! The doubts, which were there in my child-hood were all perfectly clarified !


In the very first chapter of “ Tulasi dalam ” itself, Patriji said all about various existing spiritual societies and the differences between them. And, Patriji very clearly explained PSS Movement in the concept of “ Tulasi Leaf ”. Patriji explained :“ Krishna, Shiva, Jesus, Mohammed, etc., all are grand masters ; you have to become like them. By practicing meditation, they have all become like Gods. Once you start practicing, you will also become like God. ”


Patriji further explained about the three laws that govern our life :


FIRST : “ We won’t get what we desire ; we only get what we deserve. ”
SECOND : “ We won’t get what we deserve ; we only get what we need. ”
THIRD : “ We won’t get what we need ; we only get those that are needed for the society through us. ”


With these three laws, I understood about my life-design. Afterwards, I never turned back and with the help of Mangalagiri Masters .. Dhyan Ratna Shankar Rao, Sambashiva Rao and Bujji, I started practicing Anapanasati Meditation. I went through all the books recommended by Patriji and heard all of his audio CD’s.


Now, I realize, if we can follow Patriji, it means we are following all the new age spiritual masters like Deepak Chopra, Linda Goodman, Jane Roberts, Carlos Casteneda, Richard Bach etc. I was so inspired by the works of Patriji and his multi-dimensional personality !


During April 2007, I was posted to Chandigarh. I thought that I would practice meditation in any meditation centre. However, I didn’t find any meditation centre there. Then, I met all the people whose addresses were given in our PSSM website. But, everybody discouraged my efforts for propagation of meditation. They told me that, in North India, people are more interested in worshiping, chanting of mantras, bhajans.. but not in meditation.


When I sat in meditation at that time, I got an intuition that “ I came to this Earth for propagation of spiritual knowledge ; I, personally, have to start teaching meditation. I won’t depend on anybody. ”


Then, I started teaching meditation first to my colleagues and afterwards conducted classes in my home regularly and distributing pamphlets in temples and homes.


I brought lot of pamphlets and CD’s from A.P and distributed them here in Chandigarh. Then, I arranged a class for Patriji. I met him, personally, only after arranging the class ! After one full year of my journey into practice of meditation and teaching of meditation, then, I met my Master !!


I met Dr. JK Kalra, who is a retired senior medical officer from Chandigarh. With his help, we have established Pyramid Meditation Centre and his wife Smt. Santhosh Kalra translated lots of Patriji’s articles from Telugu into Hindi and have given the articles to “ DHYAN BHARAT ” magazine.


To spread meditation in Northern India, literature in Hindi is an absolute must. With the help of Smt. Santhosh Kalra we translated “ Tulasi dal - II ” from Telugu into Hindi. Later, she also translated “ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull ” into Hindi on the inspiration by Patriji. These books were released in the “ Tandava Shiva Sangeeta, Nritya Dhyana Maha Yagnam ” held at Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh, during the month of December 2009.


During February 2010, when pyramid masters from Chandigarh met Patriji in New Delhi, he gave me the responsibility of publishing “ DHYAN BHARAT ” magazine from Chandigarh. I thought : “ How I can work for the magazine as I am not well-versed in Hindi language. ” I told Patriji : “ I can work for spreading meditation from home to home , I will not be able to work for the magazine as I didn’t have any experience in that line. ” Patriji told me :


“ We are here, on this Earth, for taking upon ourselves great challenges ! Anybody can do the normal work, whatever he / she is capable of. However, pyramid masters are here for taking upon themselves most exceptional challenges. ”


Then, I realized the truth. After coming back from Delhi, I met Smt. Suman Sharma and Smt. Shampa, who are wonderful masters and are practicing various types of meditation techniques since their child-hood. They recently entered into pyramid meditation and they readily agreed to work for the magazine ! Both are very good in Hindi literature too ! Then, I was relaxed, as half of the magazine work was completed this way.


Then, another worry was : “ How to manage finances for the magazine and how to get subscriptions and patrons to run the magazine ? ”


At this point, during the class conducted by Dhyanarshi Premnath, one industrialist from Chandigarh named Mr. Vijay Mittal came to me and said : “ You are all doing a great service, let me help you in publishing ‘ Dhyan Bharat ’ magazine. Every issue of the magazine as well as all the books, which are going to be published from Chandigarh will be sponsored by me. ”


This was a great surprise to me ! Then, I realized that if Patriji has given me the responsibility, it means, he will help me astrally to complete the work too !


I had heard from many masters that they did not have money for conducting “ DHYAN YAGNAMS ” and construction of “ MEGA PYRAMIDS ” .. but, when they started working, money automatically poured into their hands for the universal cause ! Patriji and astral masters are always there to help us ! I have heard about such experiences from others. Today, I myself am experiencing it !


I would like to share all the benefits of meditation which I got :


(1) Getting rid of inferiority complex which I was facing earlier in my life. Today, I am teaching meditation to my senior rank officers in my office, conducting classes in big institutions, colleges and schools. I can speak in front of thousands of people.


(2) I understood the laws of nature .. Law of Karma, Law of Re-incarnation, Law of Attraction, Life after death .. and current energy changes happening on Earth.


(3) Now, I became a balanced person. No situation, now, disturbs me. During the last two years, my mother was seriously ill, my wife was in serious condition, my child suffered from asthmatic problem. But, during all these situations, I was an “ unperturbed witness ”. Nothing disturbed my mental peace as well as my resolve of spreading meditation. As, I understood the truth “ We create our own realities. ” Everything has now settled. This indeed is the greatest benefit I got through meditation.


(4) During the last two years, I have been experiencing bliss and total contentment. Earlier, I used to think that I was not a useful person to society.


Today, I feel happy when I receive calls from lots of people informing me that they have come out of cancer, asthma, ulcers etc. and some students have come out of their relationship problems.


They could find improvement in their memory power and some people call me to say that they have done astral travel and have had wonderful third-eye experiences !


Earlier, I did’t have any spiritual knowledge. Today, because of constant teaching of meditation, I am strongly on the path of my BUDDHA-HOOD, and, during the course of the rest of this life-time, I am certain to complete maximum development of my SOUL.


During “ Tandava Shiva Sangeeta, Nritya Dhyana Maha Yagnam - Srisailam 2009 ” , Patriji suddenly conferred up on me “ DHYAN RATNA ” award !


With my experience of four years of practicing and teaching meditation, I came to know that “ Teaching is the best way of Learning ”.


I will always remain thankful to my beloved master Brahmarshi Patriji for totally changing my life.


I also owe my thanks to Mangalagiri Pyramid masters, Ludhiana masters Rachna Gupta and Raj Kumar Gupta , all Chandigarh masters J.K. Kalra, Santhosh Kalra, Vinay, Sekhar, Shampa, Suman Sharma, Anita Khosla, Maj Gen Ratan Deep and all others for their cooperation in spreading meditation in North India.


Our team’s immediate next goal is to work for complete “ DHYAN UTTAR BHARAT ” and achieve the same, before the end of December 2011.



P.V. Rama Raju
Ph : +91 9216177107
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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