“ Guiding people to Meditation with Breath ”



I Grew up in a Sikh family with a military background, I was not very religious, and was visiting places of worship only occasionally.


I grew up believing in a God that dwelled somewhere up in the heaven, whom no one had ever seen but was being worshiped in temples and gurudwaras. A God, whom I feared .. a God who expected me to follow certain laid down daily routine prayers and rituals.


At the young age of eleven, I was placed in a boarding school as my parents moved from place to place as a part of my father’s postings.


At fifteen, I joined the National Defence Academy and thereafter spent the balance of my life till the age of fifty eight in the Army.


It was in the year 1981, when I was located at “ Thegu ” .. a small village at a height of 13,000 feet above sea level, in East Sikkim, that I first began my spiritual journey. I was gifted a set of five volumes of a book titled, “ Teachings of the Masters of the Far East ” by Brad T. Splading. These books gave me a very deep insight into the divine nature of man and life on Earth. It contained such awe-inspiring incidents of our divinity, the unifying oneness with all manifestation, co-creation, out of body experiences and astral travel and other spiritual experiences that we often find in spiritual literature.


At that young age, these concepts had a great impact on me even though, I found it hard to believe in everything I read.


In Sikkim, living amidst the immensity of these grandiose snow-clad mountains and seeing the breath-taking beauty of the ever-changing vistas, had a comforting effect on me and made me ponder on the magnificence of our Creator. The isolation and tranquillity, gave me the time and opportunity to think and introspect on the wonderful concepts that I had so far read.


I kept alive my interest in spirituality, even as I pursued my professional career in the Army. I had numerous opportunities to discover the worlds of Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing, EFT and various forms of meditation.


I always found myself drawn towards spiritual books and channellings of various Masters. Being a voracious reader, I devoured huge volumes of books on spirituality.


By the time I had retired from the Army, I read almost all that one had to read on spiritualism. I was full of knowledge and beliefs but, felt a certain disconnect, as this knowledge had not been transformed into spiritual wisdom. Hence, my search continued and my search was very lovingly supported by my wife “ Kiran ”, who, more than me, believed in my spirituality and an ultimate spiritual purpose to my life.


It was during a retreat conducted by “ Harishji ”, an enlightened Soul, in May 2009, that I, for the first time experienced my own divinity !


It was a knowing which came not from my mind but one that I felt in every cell of my being as my consciousness expanded to engulf the whole Universe .. an experience of unexplainable joy and knowingness which brought with it great calmness and peace !


The conversation at my friend’s place .. at the age of nine .. now came forth into my conscious awareness and it dawned on me that perhaps my friend’s uncle was right in knowing his divinity, and was perhaps really quite a sane person.


The next step in my awareness was a Rebirthing Breathwork session with “ Rohini ”, where I connected with my guides and once again realized my own divinity.


While attending a seven-day “ Rebirthing Retreat ” in November 2009, conducted by “ Minood ”, another enlightened Soul, I learned the magic and power of meditating with my breath !


The various experiences I had during my Rebirthing sessions with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space made me unquestionably realize who I was and my purpose in life. It also changed my relationship with myself and others.


Once, I realized my own divinity, a very disturbing thought came to me .. “ How is it that I am continuing eating the meat of animals ? ”


It did not take me more than an instant to become a VEGETARIAN !


The beauty was that the moment I experienced my own divinity, the same exact moment, I also recognized the divinity in every other Soul ! With this, all judgment and blame disappeared, replaced by a calm acceptance and surrender !


I got an opportunity to attend a second Rebirthing Breathwork retreat by Minood in January 2010 along with Kiran. The most important learning for me during this retreat was the realisation that in the process of my growth I had started feeling that I was better than others .. a certain pride had crept in, also referred to as “ spiritual ego ”. I managed to acknowledge this and take measures to rid myself of it after some difficult, deep and painful introspection.


Despite ridding myself of it once, I still felt a need for being constantly aware of the possibility of this ego re-emerging. Now, I am consciously on the look-out for its reappearance. Here, Kiran’s role in my life is becoming so clear, as she keeps me grounded, and lovingly makes me conscious of the way I speak and interact with others.


I was now getting some clarity about the purpose of my life. I felt this very strong urge to help people on their spiritual journey. I sensed that I needed to do this by just being, and guiding people to look within themselves for all their answers. To help them in this, I introduced them to the practice of meditation with their breath which was so powerful in helping them realize their own divinity.


Unaware to me, in Chandigarh, there is a strong presence of Patriji’s Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement (PSSM) which is doing yeoman’s service in propagating meditation in Punjab and North India. It was a very humbling and fascinating experience to meet Masters like Shri Rama Raju, Dr. J.K. Kalra, Smt. Santosh Kalra and Shampa Mukherjee who have been involved with PSSM for quite some time.


I also had the rare opportunity of meeting “ Patriji ” during his visit to Chandigarh in June 2010. The experience of meeting a great master of his stature was so very inspiring and motivating ! It is he, who inspired me to write this very experience and to share my spiritual journey with one and all !


Kiran and I now live a normal life although with a shift in perspective and greater awareness. We continue to teach people to meditate with their breath.


I wish to thank all the divine Souls who came into my life and helped me on this journey of mine.


I would especially like to mention a few names Kiran my wife, who has such unflinching faith in me, “ Pankaj Gupta ” for introducing me to Harishji, Rohini, Harishji and finally Minood who was instrumental in transmuting me and bringing me to a stage where I now live my life in total surrender and intuition.



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