" Our Family is Extremely Grateful to Patriji Sir "



I am Sailaja.

I completed my post graduation in Satya Sai University in Anantapur, AP, India. I also worked as Vice-Principal in Satya Sai School in Rishikesh, Uttaranchal.

This Anapanasati meditation was introduced to me by senior pyramid master V.V. RAMANA .. way back in the year 1993. At that time, I didn’t realize the power of meditation. However, after arriving at Puttaparthi, Anapanasati meditation helped me a lot in achieving both physical and spiritual aspects of life.


My parents “ Shyamalamma ” and “ Sundarraja ” are a noble couple, who inculcated service motto in me and my brothers. My mother, who has been practicing Anapanasati for the past ten years, is the inspiration for spreading the message of meditation in America.


I achieved my academic successes using meditation in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm, I got the opportunity of preparing food for Satya Sai Baba and serving Gayatri Maa in Puttaparthi.


All these achievements in my early part of my life were achieved through this meditation. It also helped me to read a lot of spiritual books in Central Library in our University.


Reading spiritual books gave me a broader look-out and made me to realize the purpose of my life .. i.e., “ serve to children in society ”. This inspiration made me to establish “ Pyramid Meditative America Youth (PMAY) ” in USA. In achieving this, my husband “ Maruti Mahendra Devabhaktuni ” supported me in each and every aspect of establishing PMYA school.


Though I have not seen Brahmarshi Patri Sir physically, I took a word of him and started my journey towards spirituality by establishing the PMAY school in USA. It is a totally free service for society.


We conducted forty days meditation classes at our home with the help of Madhusudan Sir and Jyothi Madam of Chennai.


We are extremely thankful for their presence in the first twenty days. I acknowledge the help provided by my husband in successfully conducting forty days classes. Also he involved himself in establishing the PMAY school.


We are extremely thankful and indebted to SAI KUMAR REDDY SIR who gave me the opportunity to speak to Patri Sir, which really changed our entire life.


We are also highly thankful to N.S. RAO SIR for guiding us to teach meditation to children.


We sincerely thank Patri Sir, for sending Madhusudan Sir, Jyothi Madam, Konda Reddy Sir, Sarvepally Rajesh Sir, Prabodh Sir and other pyramid masters who shared their knowledge and wisdom with us.




Sailaja Devabhaktuni
6115-Abbotts Bridge Road, Apt # 202, Duluth GA 30097, Atlanta - USA

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