" Life after Meditation is totally Different "



I am Sreekanth Garla.

 I am currently living in Atlanta, GA. I have done my Masters in Business Administration from Chennai. I am married to “ Anila ” and blessed with two cute loving kids “ Ankit ” and “ Harshith ”. I am the first son of Sri Madhusudan and Smt. Jyothi .. pyramid masters .. from Chennai.

 I was never away from my parents throughout my child-hood and until I was about thirty years ! By then, I was married and also working as a Software professional. Still, I was hesitant to move away from my parents. Then, I was introduced to Anapanasati meditation. My first experience in meditation was quite different. My main inspiration for doing meditation came from my own kids !


My parents were already into meditation and they were insisting me to follow the same. However, I was never convinced. Since our house in Chennai was a meditation centre, various pyramid masters were regularly and continuously visiting our home. One such master is PREMNATH SIR. His specialty is to make kids sit in meditation and ask them to travel all over the Universe !


In one of the meditation sessions, my kids were involved. In that meditation, they were asked to visit Himalayas by PREMNATH SIR. Then they were aged six and three years respectively. At that age they never knew what Himalayas are and, of course, they had never seen them before. But, in that meditational experience, they were describing the Himalayas as to how they looked and also they were able to see some masters meditating there !


I was astonished to see my kids physically shivering in front of my eyes due to severe coldness of the Himalayas ! This incident inspired me instantly and I started meditating from that day onwards !


I could see a drastic change in my thought processes and behavior. Thereafter, I got an opportunity to work in Hyderabad and now my mind is fearless and ready to accept the fact that each individual is independent in his / her own choices. We create our own respective realities at all times, and we are solely responsible ourselves for all that we encounter and experience ! Then on and there has been no stopping either in experiencing the meditational journeys or in the preaching of meditation.


Life after meditation is totally different ! Our confidence levels increase considerably and the fear factor gets dropped enormously.


Our activities in Atlanta :


With the help of my parents we started conducting meditation classes in our community. We started with forty-day sessions and we are now having three meditation centers across the City of Atlanta !


We have our regular sessions being conducted at the Hanuman Temple every Thursday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


We conducted a couple of summer camps where we involved both kids and parents for attending weekly meditation sessions.


We are conducting group sessions on every full-moon either at our home or some common locations.


We conducted full-moon meditation in Sai Baba Temple on 28th August, 2010. And, also at Connecticut on 21st October, 2010.




“ PYRAMID MEDITATION ” was introduced to our local managers in our office .. Chemtura Corporation .. explaining the methodology of Anapanasati and also Pyramid Energy.


I am sure the messages of PSSM will spread all over the World in a very short time and in the very near future !


G.M. Sreekanth
6115 Abbotis Bridge Road, Apt # 203, DULUTH-GA-30097 - U.S.A.
Ph: 1-203-608-0042

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