" I see my Path Clearly .. No more Confusion "



I, Shampa Mukherjee Misra, took this birth in Lucknow, as elder child in a Bengali brahmin family.


My parents respected all religions and this percolated in us (me and my sister). We were taught to respect all life-forms including trees.


My father was an Electrical Engineer by profession, and due to his practical knowledge, he was posted to various places where power plants came up. Due to this, my school education happened in various places.


At home, my mother was very religious and god-fearing and she did lots of pujas, rituals, fasting and had strong belief in the ALMIGHTY. Whereas, my father was very practical, he believed in the CREATOR .. but didn’t like rituals.


Being under the influence of my parents, I associated with Hanumanji, Maa-Kali and many other deities. I was throughout a brilliant student and I participated actively in various sports and extra-curricular activities. I loved reading books and comics. I found them as great companion.


I was growing up quite smoothly and lavishly till the year 1985, when my father died unnaturally on Durga-Ashtami. It was a great blow to our family and for me, a big loss as well as learning of too many things suddenly, all at once.


I saw my mother crying desperately, throwing out photographs of Goddess Durga, then becoming stone-strong from outside and very fearful and tense from within. I saw our relatives initially taking interest in us and later turning cold shoulders.


Many questions arose within me : “ Do relations run on money alone ?”, “ Is the CREATOR someone who is greedy to get the thing you promised and punishing if you forget ? ”,“ Is CREATOR different from God ? ”


“ Are the negative or blackpowers so strong that even Gods and Goddesses can’t destroy them ? ”


Even though these questions were moving in my head, I found that some guiding power was even more closer to me ; not talking to me but as if holding me in its lap and lovingly wiping all the tears that rolled by. As if assuring me, “ Don’t worry ”.


Years rolled by, like a roller-coaster drive, I finally deciding to work as a teacher. Getting a job in government School .. Kendriya Vidyalaya.. getting married, giving birth to my elder son, deciding to quit job and running my own tutorial, another blow was to discover that my family reeling severely under debt.


My husband was deeply depressed, hiding from all people, leaving his job and not getting any direction to work on. I encouraged my husband and told him how we faced the hardships after my father’s death. He immediately jumped upon the idea of calling my father on my body (channeling) and asking for guidance. He got some guidance to start his own business. The land-lady of the house insisted that I visit one Swami at Jammu. Her husband was in defence forces, posted at Jammu that time. With their help, I visited the Swami. He gave me many “ Yantras ” and told me to be strong. I asked him, “ When will my suffering end ? ”


He smiled and assured me, “ Very soon, your husband will earn huge amount of money and this will happen due to you ”. He told me to meditate regularly, every morning, evening, whenever possible. I misunderstood this as doing more pujas, rituals, chanting mantras and adding more photographs of deities in my puja room.


I used to get up early morning, take bath then sit in the puja room for chanting ‘ stotras ’, ‘ mantras ’, after offering flowers to the deities. After chanting etc., I got exhausted and kept quiet for some time, doing nothing, thinking nothing, just silent, very silent.


During these moments, I felt great serenity and a great peace. I saw many lights, energy forms and got much intuitive guidance.


Being a science student, I was always interested to know more about human potential, specially the mind power. I read the book “ Use Your Head ” by Tony Buzan, and was fascinated about the amazing capacity of our right brain and how by synchronizing both left and right brains, we can remember a great deal of information.


I even attended “ Bishwaroop Roy Choudhary’s Amazing Brain-power Workshop.” However, it wasn’t the one my inner search was for.


Within a few months, I read an advertisement on “ Alpha Mind Power ”. The workshop, which I presumed to be comprising of lectures or tricks to increase brain power, but was altogether different. Dr. Vijay Laxmi Panthiyan started with scientific know-hows of human brain, power of subconscious mind etc.


And, then she said, “ To access the tremendous-power of our subconscious power of mind we will do meditation. ”


I was a little startled, mind-power and meditation ? Is there any relation ? The meditation was a guided one, along with visualization. It was very relaxing. The whole day passed, and at the end of the day, I was full of energy and peace ! I could see a growing foetus inside me and found it feeling peaceful as I meditated !


My second pregnancy was indeed a difficult one. An emergency situation developed at the time of my second delivery. The new-born child had developed jaundice and doctors admitted for phototherapy. Initially I wept, when I learnt about the illness. Then, I calmed down and sat before the child, who was in the photo-therapy box.


I started meditating and visualized him to be perfect and alright. Doctors opined that a minimum 72 hours of treatment with constant monitoring is required for proper blood report. However, within 26 hours, the doctor came with the blood-report. He was amazed to see the miracle of perfect blood report ! I was very happy, and my faith in the power of meditation grew !


Very soon, I attended to higher levels of “ Alpha-mind power ” workshop where I learnt about energy forms, did past life healing and lot more. I was getting fascinated about the power held within us and it was so simple to attain.


My life which was moving smoothly, got an abrupt shake .. when one day, I was called to the school, in which my elder son was admitted a few months before.


I was disturbed for mainly two reasons : firstly I associated “ learning disability ” with “ mental abnormality ”, and was confused as my son was very intelligent.


Although I was learning many things and was trying to understand and focus on my son, yet, I got confused about goal / purpose of my life. I met with “ Usha Alberqueque ” who is a renowned “ Career Counselor ”. She too told me to take my son’s difficulty as a route towards my career.


Very soon, I developed lot of physical problems .. from sinusitis, spondolytis, piles and lot more.


Another blow came to me as .. a document, that accidently reached me. It showed that my partner was unfaithful to me. I thought why distrust anyone, let me gear-up with my health-issues and take the things in my hand. So, first thing I decided was to get my loose-stomach all right .. I went for a surgery. Within two days of surgery, I got another document of forgery, but again told to believe and be positive.


A great turmoil started within me. My heart saying, “ I am being cheated ” but I had no proof. I didn’t know when depression set it’s pangs within me and I developed an urge to die.


And, one night, I was quite adamant to end up my life, I told my kids to sleep. Suddenly my elder son with tear filled eyes said, “ Mamma ! I need you ! It’s only you who can understand me ”. It was like an awakening slap for me.


The very next day, I went to meet a senior Reiki healer to get healing. He gave healing and suggested me to learn Reiki, so that I can heal myself, my son and more. I also came to know that ‘ past-life regression ’ session will also be taken. This appealed to me as I had read books like “ Alchemist ”, “ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull ”, “ Many Lives, Many Masters ”.


Reiki class was good. However, I found it very tedious to remove negativity and invoke Reiki energy.


When I was preparing for the first time for my past-life regression, I anticipated seeing myself as her. However, soon, my attention moved towards the trauma I was undergoing.


It was a group past-life regression session. As Dr. N.K. Sharma guided, I was able to see the place, house and when he asked us to look at ourselves, I was startled. I was a handsome man, an affluent landlord in Bengal. I was great great grandfather of my father from this life and the year was 1819.


I saw my present partner to be partner in that life as well. He was a female and I had cheated him ! It was a role-reversal. I found myself dying at very old age, all alone, very regretful. As my Soul left that body, I found it asking forgiveness from my partner and begging him to take another birth so that my karmas may be resolved !


On coming back to present life, I started contemplating on what I saw. I realized I wasn’t as innocent as I thought myself to be and it’s the result of my karmas that I am suffering in this life.


Immediately, all my sufferings and ill feelings about my partner came vividly before me and I thought, this is like a cycle. Once hero .. once villain, this can carry on for lives together ! I decided, “ Its enough .. I won’t repeat this cycle. ”


I did “ Crystal-ball-gazing ” with Dr. N.K. Sharma and Mrs. Sharma. Then, I attended to “ Silva Mind Technique ”, hypnosis and past life regression teachers’ course.


I opened one “ Bengal Emporium ” in Chandigarh in April 2006. I continued with this shop till August 2008, when I realized my calling was not there in sales-purchases. Also, my deep interest in spiritual science made me go to various people. I found myself being happier there.


I had been to “ Golden Temple ” Amritsar. After taking a holy dip in the sarovar, I sat on its banks and meditated. The holy person of Guru Nanak Devji appeared before me ! I requested him to let me know the truth of my partner, He said with compassion, “ Child ! It will be very tough for you to bear it. ”


Within a month, my mother passed away and, within one and, half months it was proven that my partner actually cheated me. He asked for forgiveness.


During those testing times of my life, I met with Dr. Saini and learnt “ Lama-Fera ” (an ancient healing technique done by Lamas) .. also one type of numerology. I learnt various mudras and postures (21 to be exact) for meditation, along with mantras to chant. He also taught how to attain various siddhis (supernatural powers). He took us for a retreat in Dharmshala. There, I meditated before a huge statue of Buddha, in the monastery at Macleodganj. I prayed to Buddha to give me peace.


We were taken to Dharmkot, a village in Dharmshala, which is at a higher altitude. There, in the midst of the Himalayas, we were told to chant mantras more than a lakh times. Since dawn, we took our respective places and continued chanting. It was the second day, when I was in chanting. I was praying to the ALMIGHTY to release my bondages, my karmas. I could feel the immense love the CREATOR has for me and all his creations.


Tears rolled down my eyes, my throat choked. I couldn’t utter mantras. Suddenly, my body started swaying. And my hands started moving by themselves. Then, I felt a rush of energy moving up from my root chakra. The energy was taking various shapes. I saw patterns of yantras and lotuses of various petals forming inside me. All these rose upto my throat and stopped. I was feeling choked, the energy wasn’t able to go beyond my throat, and slowly it got released from there.


I found my upper two chakras waiting for the arousal of this energy but it didn’t happen. I also saw a snake like energy form rising from my root chakra but that too stopped at my throat.


Dr. Saini was happy to listen to my experiences and said “ You might have some blockage in your throat ”. I associated it with my problem of cervical-spondilytis.


Now, I have understood this phenomenon. Mantra-chanting can lift energy only up to throat-chakra and if you really want “ kundalini jagaran ” or energy flow until your “ sahasrar ” or crown chakra, the anapanasati meditation is the only answer.


During January 2009, I had joined an NGO called “ CEVA ” which worked in the field of education. Here, I learnt what truly EDUCATION is ! I also came to know about an integrated system of Education “ CoVeda ” which was run by parents and experts from Shri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s Ashrams. I shifted all my three kids to “CoVeda”.


Within an year, my son was drawing nice paintings, understanding locations (which a senior expert of LD as well as doctors of PGI said he would never be able to do) , and expressing himself beautifully ! Above all, my kids were returning to their true harmonious nature ; they meditated, contemplated and learnt by doing.


I did EFT (emotional freedom technique) that works on tapping on the energy meridians of body. I also did NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The “ Isha Yoga ” by Satguru “ Jaggi Vasudev ”. Isha Yoga gave great emphasis on eating right food. I did experiments on my body. On eating vegetarian food I felt lighter. When, I was on fruitdiet, I felt more energetic.


I was into “ Art of Living ” too. Everything helped for some time but not permanently.


I was broken from within for no reason. I took leave, from CEVA and went to Sai Baba Temple in Garkhal (near Kasauli). I sat before the Idol of Sai Baba throughout the day. I meditated and cried a lot before him. After pouring my heart out, I closed my eyes and started meditating. I felt the compassionate shower of love of Sai Baba, and he guided me to take time for myself.


“ Just be a witness to whatever is passing by. Being with children, nature, not thinking anything at-least for three months ”. I rested, contemplated on my life.


It was January 2010, I started going to “ Brahma Kumaris ”. I loved the knowledge and wisdom they spoke. However, I couldn’t understand the need of imposing dress code and other restrictions for growth in spirituality.


After that, I met with one senior Reiki Master, who dealt with crystals. She came to “ CoVeda ” when the students were working on the theme “ Crystals and Pyramids ”.


I asked her about pyramids and she told me about the magnificent powers of pyramid. She also added that pyramids draw cosmic energy and so it keeps the crystals charged. I purchased one pyramid box and one wooden pyramid from her. During her talk, she mentioned that there is group that does “ pyramid meditation ”. She also mentioned about Dr. Newton and gave his phone number and website.


On coming back home, I logged on to Google to search two things, Firstly, “ Life Research Academy ”, where I found that Dr.Newton was going to conduct a course in Delhi on 20th and 21st of February 2010. I registered my name for the workshop.


My second search was “ Pyramid Meditation. ” The web page of “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) ” opened up. I started reading it and thought, “ Brahmarshi Patriji is indeed very intelligent, to combine Pyramid energy with meditation ”.


I read about Anapanasati meditation, how to make pyramid and copy pasted in my data. I liked the bottom line of web page, “ No copy right ”. I got interested in the various activities of PSSM and as I opened Patriji calendar, I found he was coming to Delhi on February 21st. I wanted to meet him but also didn’t want to miss my PLR course.


I called up Mr. Sai Kumar Reddy to tell about my concern, and wish to meet Patri Sir. Sai Kumar laughed and said, “ Masters appear only when the disciple is ready. ” He gave me contact numbers of Mr. Ramaraju and Mr.Vinay, of pyramid meditation in Chandigarh.


I contacted Mr. Vinay and said, “ I want to get a pyramid at my home. I want to experience the power of pyramid-meditation first and then only I would get pyramid installed at my home. ” Mr.Vinay called up to say that I can go to experience pyramid power, in one of the meditator’s home. I went and sat beneath the Pyramid and concentrated on my breath. What a deep meditation it was ! I was not guided, no surround sound cared for, yet such tranquility !


I ordered for a big pyramid of 4`x4` size.


When Mr. Vinay came to install pyramid at our home he told me about other senior pyramid masters and from him I came to know that “ Minood ” and even “ Dr. Newton ” are disciples of Patri Sir ! I was filled with great reverence towards Patri Sir, whom I had not seen. “ Only a great master can bring forward such great masters ! ” I thought.


Within two weeks, Mr. Rama Raju came to see me and appreciated the pyramid (4`x4`) and my book collection. He added, “ Why don’t you start a meditation centre at your home? People from Mohali will be benefited a lot. ”


I hadn’t thought about it earlier, I have noticed a positive change in my family members and even in my pets, since the pyramid was installed. So, I set one room for meditation and got pyramid installed there. Mr. Rama Raju invited me to Delhi to meet Patri Sir. I expressed my inability as I was attending the PLR course of Dr. Newton in Delhi. Mr. Rama Raju said pyramid master can see their past lives during meditation only. I was a little skeptical about it.


I was much excited to do PLR, that too with one of the best experts of India and abroad. As he started explaining, he told about his journey and mentioned “ Patriji ” as his Guru. I could see the respect he had ! I was filled with reverence towards the guru-shishya duo !


During the session, firstly, I calmed my Inner Child. I didn’t know I was so much disturbed from within. I cried a lot, it was as if, thick clouds settled inside me.


After that I saw myself as a teacher, teaching in ancient university, “ Takshashila ”. As I was teaching, I disregarded female body on the pretext of explaining something. Later, I regretted badly. To repent, I took another birth as some tribal woman in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh area.


I had great knowledge of medicine and meditation. I tried to teach my fellow people about meditation and Soul’s journey. However, the male heads of that tribe didn’t like it, so I was chained and tortured to death. As I died, I found my Soul shooting up to meet my masters. I didn’t have any grief or hatred towards the people who tortured me, because it was me, who had designed my life that way.


As my Soul was shooting upwards, I met my masters. I saw Sai Baba, my mother and “ Sri Vishnu as Narasimha Avatar ” along with me. I also saw another master with white beard in the clouds. Full of compassion he said :


“ You need not condemn yourself ! Your Soul shall attain its growth in affluence. ”


Seeing all these, I came back to the present. And I was deeply moved by the deep compassion and empathy of masters toward our Soul’s development and aspired to know more.


I got this great learning after joining PSSM. I became calmer and more poised within myself.


Soon Mr. Rama Raju asked me to become chief editor of “ Dhyan Bharat ” the Hindi bimonthly magazine of PSSM. It was a great responsibility ! I felt so honored to do the work ! I felt great energies working through me and guiding new ideas to come forth !


Within few days “ Dhyan Maharishi Prem Nath Sir ” came to Chandigarh. I went to attend his class at “ Sood Bhavan ”.


In meditation, I saw eight of my past lives in a single session ! My lives were as disciple, teacher in ancient universities like Nalanda / “ Takshashila ” and also in some university in modern times. Then, as a damsel, dancing in fields, over mountains. I also saw Hanumanji in his “ Brihat Roop (huge size) ” and several other forms.


I felt honored to have been chosen for this great mission. It’s a big team work, a big family with great responsibilities towards fellow people and our Earth.


During March 2010 full-moon night meditation, I felt the presence of great SAGES “ Agastya ”, ‘ Adi Shankaracharya ’ and others (whom I couldn’t recognize) in our PSSM team. Lot of guidance and understandings has started coming to me during meditation.


Once, I saw a translucent pyramid (of fibre-glass) then I saw “ Vishwakarma ” ready with all his tools to make pyramids. I saw PSSM emblem very big and glowing in the sky !


As I was about to finish my meditation session, I saw Patri Sir’s face, and I said addressing to him : “ I don’t know how to give proper reverence to a Guru. I don’t have any friend, will you be my friend ? ” On this, Patri Sir smiled in approval !


Once, during my meditation, I saw BUDDHA appearing before me and telling me : “ You are neither the king, nor the tribal woman ” I understood that these were the roles played by my Soul to experience various things. Soul is untouched by any work or deed, it simply learns through the experiences. I requested BUDDHA to guide and help me to evolve till I too become a Buddha .. The Enlightened One.


Until the Buddha Poornima, in May, the next full-moon, I read and heard about the beauty, serenity and above all, very high energy of “ Pyramid Valley ”. I was keen to visit, inspite of adverse situations at my home and my husband’s health.


However, my husband got my tickets booked for “ Pyramid Valley ” .. Buddha Poornima Celebrations. I don’t know how he arranged all that. But, it was indeed due to Patri Sir’s calling.


Then the holy day came in my life to enter Pyramid Valley. I wanted to meet Patri Sir, and the Pyramid too seemed to pull me. The pull was very strong. I entered there and found Patri Sir sitting inside !


He was wearing the same maroon-colored kurta that I saw him wearing, when he guided me, regarding shifting of our residence. I was looking at “ Kings Chamber ”. Patri Sir told me to go there to meditate, I rushed there.


As I started meditating in King’s Chamber, I felt the huge-flow of energy on me ! That energy was entering into each and every atom of every cell of my body ! The atoms started vibrating in resonance and profuse amount of sweat started dripping down from my face and body. I don’t know how much time passed by and was brought back by a pyramid master who said, Patri Sir was calling me.


Patri Sir knew how much energy my body will withstand at that time.I came down relaxed and fresh. Patri Sir asked, “ Aren’t you hungry ? Let’s go for lunch. ”


As we moved out of pyramid. Rita Captain Madam joined us. Patri Sir teased me saying ; “ You are a new student in this Vishwalayam, and are you prepared for ragging from senior pyramid masters ? ”It was very strange, although, I came to that place for first time but everything seemed to be known for long and familiar. I felt as if my Soul had come back to it’s home !


After Lunch, Patri Sir went with other pyramid masters and I went with Rita Madam to record her experiences for “ Dhyan Bharat ”. I was amazed to hear her. Then, I went to see Patri Sir. Patri Sir told me to narrate my experiences. As I was speaking, suddenly the compassionate gaze of Patri Sir caught my attention. It was “ deza’vu ” ! Immediately, I recognized him as my astral master who spoke to me !


Tears welled up in my eyes. I was so stupid and filled with ego that I couldn’t recognize him. I cried my heart out. I met my master .. on this Earth plane. I held him tightly not to lose him again ! His compassionate gaze allowed me to settle down. I felt the divine love, calming me down.


The following three days were the most remarkable ones of this life. We used to wake up at 3 a.m., quickly had bath and rush for morning (3 hour) energy-boosting meditation. Energy vibrations coming from the pyramid, in the Pyramid Valley and also the flute.. Patri Sir played .. entered in each atom of my cell and I realized that some work had started within my body and my being. I had very vivid experiences during that time.


I saw “ one energy-eye ” forming before me, it was big ! I searched for another, but found was enough to see all beyond ! I also saw, a bulb lighting dimly then, trying hard to glow to its maximum potential.


I was amazed to hear Patri Sir that day ; as he spoke about light and bulbs Enlightenment and “ Appo Deepo Bhava ” - “ Be a Light unto Yourself ” ! Senior Pyramid Master and Great third-eye master Girija Rajan Madam explained to me that this ‘ one eye ’depicted opening or receiving third-eye powers. I was elated !


I came back to Chandigarh as a changed person. The teachings reverberating in me. Especially Sir’s warning to every Pyramid master to be very alert and careful about their “ Vak-kshetra ” “ What we speak ”.


So, being Pyramid Masters, we have to take responsibility to send correct vibrations and accordingly we get results.


During meditation, I realized the power of pyramid.


I saw that to every physical pyramid, there is one astral energy-inverted pyramid above it, which draws in cosmic energy and brings it down through its apex to the apex of physical pyramid. The physical pyramid spreads the energy down to its base. Then, again, from its base another astral pyramid is formed which concentrates the energy and brings down to Earth, thus giving it stability.


Then, I saw two energy pyramids (one straight another inverted) joining together to form “ Linga ” sign which is known to be symbol of “ Shiva-Shakti ” or ‘ Yin-Yang ’ energy. I realized these are not just triangles but faces of pyramid, having tremendously high energy at centre. I also saw that the various yantras like ‘ Sri Yantra ’ and other yantras are basically various energy patterns formed by pyramids, being rotated in various ways.


We, PYRAMID MASTERS, are so blessed to be under guidance of Patri Sir, who realized all these powers of pyramid and attached this great energy unit with meditation, thereby enhancing its effect manifold.


I had another opportunity to meet Patri Sir when he came to Punjab in June 2010. While sitting in meditation in his class. I saw, when we sit in meditation, an energy pyramid is formed on our body with its one third height meeting at our forehead so it helps in activation of “ thirdeye ”. I found my third-eye area palpitating. Then, I saw our Earth. It has changed its axis and the poles are also re-arranging themselves. Earth is rotating very fast and covering its path around the Sun also very quickly. Eventhough we are stuck to 24 hours a day and 365 days to a year, but actually, these have changed into lesser hours and also lesser days.


Patri Sir asked me to get on with spreading DHYANA-MEDITATION, to write my experiences for “ SPIRITUAL INDIA ” and also a book on all my experiences in Hindi.


Now, I see my path before me clearly everyday. During my meditation, I get guidance on “ What to do ? ” .. “ Where to go? ” etc., and no more confusion !


I always feel the presence of astral masters helping us in all our sincere efforts for promotion of meditation. So, no ego hassles of ‘ me ’ doing anything. I am witnessing the various changes occurring inside my body at atomic level and understanding higher concepts with better ease.


I would like to give the following advice to all healers :


I was drawn to various forms of healing, “ Reiki ”, “ EFT ”, ‘ Hypnosis ’, ‘ Lama-Fera ’,“ NLP ”, “ PLR ” .. and many other due to my connection of being HEALER in my previous lives. But, in this life, I always refrain myself from healing. On meditating and contemplating on it, I realized that my Soul has realized that everyone suffers as per their karma and by healing them, I hinder the growth of the respective Souls. I come between the realizations of their karmas and thus add the same karmas to my life.


DHYAN RATNA Mr. Rama Raju was right when he said, pyramid-masters don’t need PLRs, since I had seen three to four lives in my four to five sessions of PLR. But, I saw my eight past-lives along with their message in one meditation session only and numerous in other.


Actually, meditating with breathanapanasati - is the only way towards liberation of Soul from the bondages of karma .. the life of suffering.


Teaching is the best way of learning. If you really want to understand spiritual science, spread it to the maximum. The knowledge will flow through you and enrich your being.


My sincere pranams to Patri Sir and all senior PYRAMID MASTERS.



Shampa Mukherjee Misra
#145, Phase - 3B1, MOHALI - 160059
Ph : +91 9316666416

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