“ I have a New Life and a New Light ”



I am Harish Kumar Taunk from Ichhapuram, a Orissa border town of Andhra Pradesh.


I am the eldest son of Smt & Sri Laxmi Ben and Muralidhar L. Taunk.


I was born on 12th January, 1963. At present, I am living in Cuttack, Orissa. My parents are devout Swadhyayees .. followers of Rev-Pandurang Shastri Athavale.


When I used to attend Swadhyaya classes, I read about the life story of Sant Eknath .. how after meeting his Guru Janardan Swami, his life was transformed and how he got enlightened. Thereafter, he carried on the spiritual work as per his Guru’s guidance.


My reasons to join meditation were many .. but, one of the prime reasons was that I was in search of a Living Guru. I always used to wonder when I will meet my Guru. That one thought always used to play top-most in my mind.


Before practicing meditation, I had attended Swadhyaya Yoga and Art of Living classes. I sincerely practiced Sudarshan Kriya for eight months.


I also must have written the name of “ Sitaram ” with red ink on more than a ream of paper ! I resorted to amulets, followed Vaastu, horoscope with gem stones and was a regular visitor to the temple. Inspite of all these, I used to undergo all the pains and sufferings in my life.


In my child-hood, I was suspected of suffering from T.B. .. then a dreaded disease .. which I survived.


Once, I was locked inside a room by my father for my notorious activities. I was sitting in front of a table fan and cut the live electric wire with a non-insulated iron cutter. I was instantaneously thrown back and that shock also I survived.


In the year 1983, I was hit by a bull’s horn on my chest. I took corrective action and survived with bruises on my chest. However, this incident made me very nervous and fearful.


In another incident, I was returning home from my shop by foot. It was raining heavily. As I was walking back home, I was hit from behind by the left side of a truck and this accident also I survived.


From the year 1998, I was suffering from a health problem called ‘ Achalasia Cardia ’ in which the esophageal sphincter looses mobility. I had to undergo four endoscopic balloon dilatations and number of endoscopies. Even though my problem eased with these procedures still I was never comfortable and always lived under the shadow of fear of death. I was totally dependent on medicines from the year 1996 onward to the year 2007.


Another aspect of my life was that I was always restless and apprehensive about everything.


I was first introduced to Anapanasati meditation by Kedarnath Parmar, elder brother of Sanjay Parmar, president of The Cuttack Pyramid Spiritual Society. From then onwards, my entire family is practicing intense meditation and we are all also into teaching meditation.


In the year 2007, we had been to Annavaram to attend “ Geeta Dhyana Yagnam ”. On the second day, I saw my wife who was still like a rock with high fever. I was taken aback and some how I managed to muster strength and took her to the ground floor for meditation. After about 90 minutes of meditation, she became perfectly normal.


That very evening we had the chance to meet Patri Sir. He was explaining some concepts. At that time, I could clearly hear my heart saying that .. “ Search for my guru is over ”.


I asked Patri Sir only one question regarding my elder son Chiraag who wanted to do engineering and who was present along with me.


Patri Sir told us “ You allow him to do what-ever he wants to in whatever way. Not only that, you should never bother about his food, and sleeping habits. In future, he is going to lead the pyramid spiritual movement in Orissa ”.


Then and there we decided to dedicate and surrender ourselves totally to him and through him to divinity. From that day onwards we also allowed all our three sons to evolve themselves on their own.


On 9 October, 2007, the defining moment of my life came, when Patri Sir visited Cuttack. Almost twenty people had gone with a car to receive him at the railway station in the early hours, but to our surprise, Patri Sir rode on my motorbike ! On the way, Patri Sir tweaked my shoulders and asked me “ Aur swamiji, kya khabar hai ? ” After reaching home when everyone was having discussions, Patri Sir specifically asked my wife and children to take care of me and see that I don’t drownmyself, as I have to do a lot of spiritual work. At this point, I was able to understand why I had survived so many mishaps in my life.


On the same evening, Patri Sir visited our house and I was literally in a very high spirit. I had five wishes and two questions before his visit which were fulfilled and answered on that day without asking !


Ever since 9th October, 2007, both of us(myself and my wife) enjoyed the privilege of being with Patri Sir on many occasions and in so many of his tours !


During the year 2008, my youngest son, Kunal received an astral message that Lao-Tzu is his spiritual guide. Once he meditated nonstop for four hours with Lao-Tzu. When I narrated this experience to Patri Sir, he told us that :


“ For your kind information, he himself is Lao-Tzu and what Vedvyasa is to India, he was to China. He is not only lucky to have both of you as parents, rather we are all lucky to have him as a divine child. ”


During October 2009, my second son, Hirak narrated his experiences to Patri Sir during his visit to Brahmapur, Orissa. Patriji was very happy and told him :


“ Son, I am very happy and now you teach meditation to lakhs of people. ”


I have travelled extensively to many States of India from North-East to Mumbai and Gujarat from the North to Bengaluru. It has been a wonderful, memorable and fruitful journey. Intuitively, I feel that existence picks out our karmas from each incarnation and saves all of them as fixed deposits. Only when all our fixed deposits mature, do we meet a Great Master like Patri Sir !


My real journey towards self-realization has started. Now, I can say “ I have a new life and new light ”.


I sincerely thank Sanjay Bhai, Kedar Bhai, my brother Manish, A.K. Choudhary, Kishore Bhai, Venkataramana Sir, Ramaraju Sir, Dr. G.K, Padma Madam, Sheela Mehta, Sai Reddy Sir, Pavani (Hyd), Pavani (Kurnool), Srinivas Chary, Narender Mudulkar, and all the pyramid masters.


I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Patri Sir. My entire family has been benefited so much that all of them have the highest love and respect for Patri Sir.


Thank you Sir ! Thank you Sir ! Thank you Sir !



Harish Kumar Taunk
Laxmi Auto Hardware Store, NH-5, Gandarpur, Cuttack-753003
Ph : +91 9776715143, 0671-2441750 (R)

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