" My Path to Self Discovery "



I am Kavita Chandrasekhar from Pune.


My spiritual journey consciously began when I was of seventeen years. My father used to take me to several meditation seminars in order to help me to tackle stress during examinations.


Little did I know that my inclination towards reading spiritual books and attending such meditation programs would not only help me overcome stress but also transform my life, in the distant future, to the very core !


I had spent a major part of my child-hood with fevers and colds, and the doctors called it “ low resistance ”. (It was only years later that I embraced vitality and great health with meditation)


Intrigued by this constant health issue, I turned to alternative medicines to find an answer. In my quest to heal myself without synthetic medicines, I became a Reiki channel in my nineteenth year.


I looked for answers in Graphology, Numerology, dabbled in Tarot and Wicca. Each experience added to the whole. I started getting visions about past lives in my dreams and I began meeting guides in my meditation.


It was during this time, that I happened to meet Dr. Newton Kondaveti who opened a whole new world of powerful possibilities for me. I was fascinated by the idea of Past Lives and Reincarnation and wanted to study and research intensively on the subject.


While still pursuing my engineering, I had decided to do research in metaphysics. It was as if I had found the right track and doing any other activity would have meant a sheer waste of energy…meditation helped my focus be crisp and stark clear about what I wanted from life.


I completed my software engineering, and pursued masters in alternative medicine course, in which I stood first in India !


An Italian University offered a Research Scholarship along with University of Arizona on a subject of my choice in the field of alternative medicine. I chose metaphysics .. with specialization in Regression Therapy and Reincarnation Module.


With the help and guidance from Dr. Newton, I completed my research work having brought light to hundreds of Souls in group and individual sessions with Past Life Regression healing and meditation with in a span of two and half years.


From being a techie to communicating with incarnated angels and ascended masters, life took a complete turn, for the better and for the brighter ! My friends-circle no longer comprised of small talk or gossips, instead a steady, enlightening group of master SOULS joined in conversation and in divine friendship. SOUL groups came together : friendship began to have a whole new meaning.


Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus, Kabir, Archangel Michael .. it was as if the masters were ready to pour in, their divine messages came in just at the right time and helped create heaven for myself and the ones in vibration. Harmony naturally followed and a deep sense of peace and satisfaction flowed in every sphere of activity.


My first interaction with Patriji happened at the 1st CMSE held during the year 2007 at Hyderabad. After a déjà vu feeling during our first meeting, his energetic blessings could be felt. Three years later, he continued to bless in the same way .. only with more vigour and vitality. The flute meditation was superbly powerful. I felt the presence of Shiva and Nataraja and felt the Oneness of Life within my Being. He asked me to share my experiences with one and all.


It is not necessary for anyone to leave his/ her job or family life to be enlightened. Instead, each individual’s path is as unique as one’s Soul, and with meditation, one can find the true meaning of life and can get the right guidance from the best teacher in the world i.e. Higher Self.


Following are sufficient reasons why one should take-up meditation in this lifetime itself :


●  In this new age, it is the easiest way to tackle stress and strain in one’s personal and professional lives.


●  Meditation takes only a few minutes which will help children and adults attain enhanced memory and better awareness.


●  Women can understand their emotional selves better and men can sharpen their natural abilities of decision making better.


●  Peace of mind and stillness will naturally emerge as a by-product of continuous meditation.


● Meditation helps one to overcome anger and greed in a big way. These natural patterns of the ego can be dissolved effectively without yielding to diseases like heart attacks and blood pressure which are very common in today’s times.


●  You will understand that you are beyond flesh and blood.


●  Spiritual knowledge will start pouring naturally.


●  Meditation helps one to understand the true purpose of life which is not just a career or a family. It goes beyond to the soul purpose which only meditation can gift one with.


●  If you don’t wish to meditate in this life, it is your choice.. if not in this life-time, surely in the next life, your time will also come.



Kavita Chandrashekhar

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