“ Continuous Spiritual Journey ”



I am Prem Kumar, residing in the Garden City .. Bengaluru, Karnataka for the past 38 years.


I was born in a village near Mandya about hundred kms from Bengaluru.


I am a civil engineer and an interior decorator by profession.




I was not so healthy in my child-hood. I had severe respiratory problems and suffered a lot upto the age of 23. I studied in Kannada medium and was very mediocre in my studies .. never ranked even a decent second class in my studies.


My father was an Engineer working for State Government and my mother was a housewife. Most of my family members and relatives branded me as a sick and dull person.


As we are basically from a farming community and were holding lands, people thought I would be a school drop-out and join my uncles in farming. In contrast, both my elder sister and younger brother were excellent in their studies. Because of this, everybody used to compare me with them. All these made me an introvert and to develop inferiority complex.


My father was transferred to Bengaluru when I was seven years old. That made my health to go from bad to worse. I could not cope up with my studies and compete with other children. I used to get severe asthma attacks frequently and I was always taking heavy doses of medicine. Life went on like this until I reached SSLC.


During these years of suffering, I started conversing with God .. “ Lord Shiva ” .. I used to share all my feelings with him and sometimes, I used to cry saying : “ Why is this happening only to me ? ”


One day, my father and my sister sat with me and started telling me :


“ All these things happen to everybody in one form or the other. Our past karmas also are responsible for our suffering. ”


Thereafter, I joined Yoga classes and practiced deep breathing exercises which slowly improved my health. My sister patiently sat with me, for about two months, to teach all subjects and translate all English lessons into my mother tongue. Slowly, I started getting confidence and became more studious. Believe it, with this effort, I passed SSLC exam in first class ! This was the first miracle that I had experienced in my life !


I had my earliest spiritual experience when I was sixteen. Students of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came to school and taught Transcendental Meditation to my sister. She, in turn, taught me the same which I practiced mechanically for about ten minutes daily, for a period of one year.


I used to go to Ramakrishna Ashram also, which was nearer to our school and used to meditate on a regular basis. However, my health had not significantly improved even after that. I used to have continuous breathing problems. The whole of the night, I used to count my breath and wait for the morning. I became weaker further.


The mental strain and physical suffering was always there throughout my engineering graduation. In the year 1986, I met with a major vehicle accident and fractured my leg very badly. My father came to see me and put his hand affectionately on my forehead and told me : “ Don’t worry ”... the worst phase of your life is over.


I was bed-ridden for six long months. This was indeed a turning point in my life. During this period, I read many books such as : Bhagavat Gita .. Buddha’s concept of Nirvana.. Dale Carnegie’s .. “ How to Win Friends and Influence People ” ..Napolean Hill’s “ Think and Grow Rich ” .. books of Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi’s “ My experiments with Truth ” etc., etc.


One particular incident in Gandhi’s life ..being thrown out of a running train in South Africa .. impacted me very much in my life. Then,I said to myself .. “ Enough is enough, I will bring total transformation in my life. ” Then onwards, I used to sit in meditation throughout the night.


After I started doing intense meditation, more miracles started happening in my life, I was meeting the right people at the right time. My intuitive capacities increased and began helping me. I was seeking guidance from within and I decided to be on the spiritual path for rest of my life. Miraculous thinking was happening to me. I started realizing my weaknesses and converted those into strengths.


In the year 1988, I met the management guru Swami Sukhabodhananda who moulded me to become an inner winner and an outer winner.


In the year 1989, I was initiated into OSHO commune where, I was given the name “ Swami Anand Prem ”. I practiced many types of meditations such as : dynamic meditation, trataka, mystic rose, sufi dancing meditation, tantra, kundalini, anapanasati, vipassana, gibbberish, nadabrahma, nataraja meditation, yoga nidra , tea meditation etc., etc.


These spiritual interests made me to visit various ashrams of Swami Muktananda (Ganesh Puri) , Swami Ramdas (Kasargod, Kerala), Aurobindo (Pondicherry), Ramana Maharshi (Thiruvannamalai), Shirdi Sai Baba (Shirdi) and Sathya Sai Baba (Puttaparthy). Thereafter, I became healthier, confident, dynamic and I was doing well in my profession also.


I was married to Bharathi, an architect, a lovely person in the year 1995, who supported me always in my adventurous life. Now, she is a part of the design team in the Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru.


In the year 2005, November, I met Brahmarshi Patriji in Bengaluru. When I met him for the first time, he just looked into my eyes for about a minute, smiled and asked me :“ How are you Swamiji ? ”


I saw a great master in him, always progressive, positive and loving, sometimes harsh to people around and thus giving a message.


I do practice every day, anapanasati meditation and I am teaching the same to others. Today, I am a full-time part of Patriji’s universal vision of spreading anapanasati meditation and in making Dhyana Jagath by the year 2012. All my confusions were erased and now I am serving as a Trustee in “ Karnataka Pyramid Dhyana Prachar Trust ”.


I was surprised when Patriji asked me to contest for Parliamentary Elections from Bengaluru Central. The experience of this made me more strong and responsible !


Now, I am experiencing miracles everyday in my life. I feel this moment is a wonderful moment. The anapanasati meditation has brought me a sense of purpose, balance and focus in my life.


I sincerely thank my master, Brahmarshi Patriji, for giving a new meaning to my Life and for involving me in the grand mission of “ Dhyana Jagath ”.



T.K. Prem Kumar
176, 7 Cross, KR Road, Shastrinagar, Bengaluru - 560028
Ph : +91 9448140198
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