“ I come back Home .. to PSSM ”



I was born on 26 June, 1966 in the diamond city.. Surat, Gujarat.


I was born to a Baniya father and Parsee mother and studied in a convent school. I am the middle of the three children to my parents.


As a child, I was an average student in academics but very active in extra-curricular activities like swimming, karate, kabbadi, cycling, playing harmonium.


I also learnt Bharata Natyam for seven years. I used to go on yearly school trips to different parts of the country. I have also been to Srilanka. However, as our parents were busy with photography business our family trips were a rare thing.


In the year 1982, I had a chance to visit USA for an year as a Rotary Exchange Student. I did my 11th grade over there. That was really a turning point in my life. It made me more courageous and more independent. I made a lot of friends over there.They were from sixteen different countries.


I never followed any religion in particular. Yet, I made trips to Shirdi Saibaba Temple with my Mom and Krishna and Shrinathji temples with my paternal grand parents.


I was married to a muslim and this turned me into a complete mixed sort of person. I gave birth to a baby boy on 2nd December, 1993. His name is “ Junnaid ”. He is named after a Sufi Saint.


Routine life went on with its ups and downs. But, something changed within me after birth of Junnaid. However, my married life was not normal. And I was not the same as before.


Inspite of having made money, friends, fame etc., I was not fully happy from within. I always felt incomplete and dissatisfied. Especially, after achieving considerable success in Amway Business in a short time and having a good team to lead.


My inner poverty started increasing. To me everything and everybody seemed to be fake and futile. I had lost faith in my true self and in the innocent child within me. I was feeling completely lost. I desperately longed to find my true self and God.


Many a questions arose in me : “ Who am I ? ”, “ Why have I taken birth ? ”, “ I have not come merely to eat, make money and die ? ”, “ What is death ? ”, “ Who is God ? ”


All these questions led me to a friend “ Kaveeta ”, a meditator in Mumbai. She was a clairvoyant and seemed to know a lot about spirituality. We became close friends. She would speak non-stop about any topic on metaphysics, spirituality and a lot of mumbo jumbo which I would not understand and yet I used to feel very good, just to be with her.


She was a TAROT reader. She helped me with my queries. She helped me to regain my confidence. She helped me to focus more on my positive side, and was indeed a great friend and a guide.


For the first time, I visited the OSHO COMMUNE, at Pune, with her. I was very much impressed. And, I did “ Nataraj meditation ” which basically is dancing with totality. I found myself crying madly during the dancing session. Once that was over, I felt relieved !


Kaveeta took me to a meditation which was held on a Buddha Poornima in Mumbai. In that session, a lady was supposed to be a channel and invoke the spirit of Buddha. I knew nothing about all this and yet, I was so excited. I was told that instead of Buddha, the spirit of Christ had descended.


It was a beautiful full-moon night. We were sitting on the lush green lawns of an apartment. It was all so beautiful. I was so calm. At the end of the meditation, everyone was going up to the lady who had channelled and shook hands with her. When my turn came, I saw that she blessed me by putting her hand on my head.


That was the beginning of a lot of experiences, many were completely beyond my logic. And yet all the time something kept on pushing me to keep going. Some unknown trust always prevailed up on me.


After coming to Surat, I had a couple of strange and yet amazing blissful experiences. One : I got to meet my “ guru-to-be ” for the next three years. His name is “ Jayesh Chauhan ”. I knew him since many years and yet had not met him for quite some time. I went to meet him and the ambience that I found in his office and meditation room was out of the world ! It was completely divine and blissful. The “ surrender ” had just happened. And I became a part of the weekly Satsang meets at his office.


Once, I was shivering crazily in the early hours of the morning around 3.30 am. Even four layers of covers could not give me enough warmth. Inspite of my husband being worried and wanting to take me to a doctor, I refused. I knew in my heart that it was not a condition to be treated medically.


Next day, my Guruji (Jayeshbhai) told me that I was lucky, as I could know the difference between a spiritual experience and a medical requirement. He confirmed my entry into “ the other world ” had taken place.


An unknown courage and trust within made me believe and trust that experience.


Subsequently, another interesting experience took place. I was sitting and listening to music. Suddenly, my body started moving automatically .. I started dancing and I was not under my control. As the music tracks kept on changing, the quality of the dancing also changed. It ended with a “ Shiva-tandavam ”. I was totally exhausted as it was more than an hour of dancing. I just collapsed and lied down for sometime.


A few months later, I was introduced to many Osho sanyasins. I listened to a lot of Osho discourses. I visited Mehsana Osho Commune. I did dynamic meditation, Kundalini, Nataraj, white robe etc., and many other meditations too ! I experimented with so many of Osho meditations. There, my sanyaas name was “ Divyam Updesha ”.


One night, my husband got very angry with me. He did not approve to my having any of my activities along with Osho sanyasins like going to camps and to be in their commune etc. He also threatened me that he would not allow me to meet any of these people.


He said, he would call my Guruji, Kaveeta, and other friends and tell them not to socialize with me. He cautioned me, “ All these years, I have not behaved like your husband but from now on I will do so ”.


Generally, I would have argued back. But that night, I don’t know what happened within me, that I kept very quiet. But, the very next morning, I packed my bags and left. I had never imagined that I would ever dare to do this. But, it happened. I had neither regret nor fear in doing so. I left saying, “ I am going to my sister’s place for few days ”.


But, until this day, I have never gone back home. I was ready to pay any price and give-up anything in search of truth and to take to the path of meditation.


After Junnaid’s birth I had reached the peak of outer world in search of joy and peace. But, all these had not given me ‘ eternal-joy ’ and a ‘ never-ending-peace ’. After so many years, I could muster courage and I was able to walk into the arms of the truth.


Many Osho sanyasins supported me. Both my sister and my mother were my pillars of strength during those days. I had no money. No home. But I had hope, inner strength and trust in God. I continued to get up at 5 am in the morning at my sisters place too and meditate and read spiritual books.

I became numb to the past and began living only in the moment. No thoughts of the future too. I was sure that everything was happening for a reason. And, that it was good and worthwhile.


After a couple of months, my Guruji told me that a quieter and more peaceful environment would help me go deeper within me. I had always been a good student. I always trust and do everything with totality and complete passion : that was the reason for my success in all activities that I had undertaken. I shifted into a rented flat, alone, in a week’s time, on my Guruji’s suggestion.


May be all this was unthinkable for my husband and his family. But it did not matter to me. The only thing that mattered was my peace of mind and search for what I longed for.


I ended up selling all the jewellery that I had, to rent out the flat. I even sold my car and cleared all the business debts, only to survive. The reason being that my Guruji told me, that : “ if I am in debts, I am not free to move faster in my spiritual journey. ” I was literally a pauper, compared to the life I had lived. I can say that in this life-time, I have experinced myself as a princess and also as a pauper.


The amazing part is that even when I did not have a single paise in my purse, I had hope and trust in my heart. And, that surely kept me safe and going on.Yes, I was scared too but the trust that whatever was happening, was for my highest good, kept me going towards the unknown.


I could not believe that my son who was studying in a hostel in Pune in eighth grade extended his unconditional support to me ! I knew that very moment that I was following the Truth.


Within a week of shifting into our new home, my mother had to be taken to Hyderabad for treatment of “ Hepatitis C ” at the Global Hospital. I had to go with her as I was the only child free at that time. I had actually resigned from people, business and routine family, to be able to meditate and find my inner peace. I had completely isolated myself from the society. Everyone thought that I had gone crazy. I would not listen to anybody but to myself and to my Guruji.


During my one month stay in Hyderabad, all I would do was to meditate the maximum number of hours, read spiritual books and hardly sleep for two to three hours. I used to get up at 3 am to meditate and that became a routine in my life, at that time.


One fine day, I finished reading “ Autobiography of a Yogi ”. The last page said that, a lot of people, on finishing the book have invoked Mahavatar Babaji and that he gave Darshan to them.


I just closed the book and shut my eyes and literally prayed saying : “ If you are there, let me know your presence ! ” And slept after that. I woke up at 3 am as usual to meditate. As soon as I sat in a corner of the living room, I heard a squeeking sound from a sofa there, as if somebody had come and sat on it. I was startled and opened my eyes. I saw the sofa bent in a portion as if somebody was sitting there ! But, I could not see anyone in physical form.


I was more scared and I closed my eyes out of fear and my heart was racing. Yet, after few minutes, I gathered courage and asked “ Who is that ? ” and there was no reply. I asked again “ Is it you, Babaji ? ” and I heard a majestic voice “ Y-e-s ”. And, then almost immediately, after the reply, the same squeeking sound was heard as if somebody had gotten up and left the sofa ! The room and everything became completely silent once again.


I just smiled and continued my meditation. I realized that there is such a big and unknown world out there. For three consecutive days in the evenings .. suddenly my body system would close down. I would be talking on the phone and suddenly as if I was heavily intoxicated, my activities would stop and I would slip into a deep silent sleep (trance) for twenty to thirty minutes and then again would get up as if nothing had happened. On the 4 day I was sitting with my Mom, who was watching television, I was listening to Prem Joshua’s song : “ Dance of Shakti ” on my discman headphones, suddenly my body started swaying as if in a trance and then I heard a feminine voice from within me.


It said : “ Ask for two wishes and they shall be fulfilled ”.


At first, I could not believe what was happening but then went along with it. During those days I was concerned about my Mom and hence I asked .. “ Either release my Mom from her pain by healing her and letting her live beautifully or take her painlessly and release her from this agony ”.


Secondly, I asked : “ Give me ultimate freedom .. I want Moksha ”.


The swaying and trance like state continued .. there was some sort of a separation also within me which I could not understand at that time but I was watching “ Rita Sway ” and wondered if Mom would be watching this whole episode, what would she be thinking since the movements of my body were uncontrollable.


A sadhak-friend confirmed that these were “ Kundalini Jagruti ” symptoms. He told me that I had been blessed with universal grace by Babaji. He added that Kundalini shakti awakens after many years and now a Living Guru was required to direct the shakti or energy in the proper way so that no harm would come to me.


As per his recommendation, I agreed to go to Wardha to his Guru. His name is Shri Vasantraoji Maharaj, who was a disciple, in the past, of Muktanandji from Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra. That visit was amazing too. When we reached, the mass “ shaktipath ” ceremony was over. Since both the brothers knew the Guru personally they took me to him directly. The Guru asked me, How I was feeling ? I told him “ I have never been so happy and I dont even know why. I have no reason in particular to be so happy. It’s all an inner happening ”.


On hearing this he agreed to give me “ shaktipath ” seperately and took me in his fold. The ceremony was in a huge mandap where they were doing bhajans etc. I sat there in my designated spot. When the music started I began swaying to the music and then one of the Guru’s disciple came and gave me a mantra to be kept as a secret and then to look at Guruji and close my eyes.


I closed my eyes and immersed deeply in the bhajans and after that I don’t know what happened. I must have slipped into deep sleep. I woke up, maybe after an hour or so. When I tried to stand up, I could not do so. My legs felt jelly like and could not hold me straight. I could get up and walk only after many attempts. I came back to Surat and then the roller coaster ride of my life started.


So much happened so fast in so little a time. Many a times, I wondered if I was going crazy. I wondered if somebody else in my place would have been able to bear so much which was happening with such severity. So many Kriyas were happening in meditation. I went through so many unexplainable experiences.


My routine of meditation in Bhrahma muhurat continued for many months. Meanwhile my Mom passed away and for some reason I could not cry as much. I was very close to her. She was my pillar of strength. Out of insecurity I jumped into money-making again. But, I continued my efforts in my journey of meditation.


I happend to visit Meher Baba ashram at Meherabad. The hostel was at a walking distance of fifteen minutes from the Samadhi. I had read a notice in the hostel that women should be careful while coming back from aarti at night. Some local elements do tend to harass women especially after dusk. I had that at the back of my mind. After aarti, within me, I spoke to Meher Baba. I surrendered my safety to Babaji.


Out of nowhere, a dog came out of a bush and started walking with me. I did not notice at first. But, soon, I figured it out that he was guiding me and chaperoning me. I was not sure. So, to test it, I would stop, then turn around and then again start walking. Surprisingly, the dog would also do exactly as I did. I was stunned and I stopped and stared back, at the dog’s eyes, lo’ and behold, I started crying, the eyes were extraordinary. I found myself saying “ It is you Baba ! ”


I was so overwhelmed with this miracle, that I cried and I cried all the way back to the hostel, the dog walking by my side. I experienced the master’s love. whosoever he or she may be. We are always taken care of, always guided, always loved. We just have to ask !


Each experience brought a new clarity, a new vision. Each experience helped me grow into a better individual. I began seeing myself, seperate from the expriences too. The witness within me grew stronger and stronger each time. I became lighter, slowly and gradually. It was like a cleansing, purifying process going on within me.


A lot of healing was happening too. I found that I was forgiving people who had hurt me. I was asking for forgiveness from people who I had hurt intentionally or unintentionally. It was a beautiful process of discovering my own self. Yes, I did go through what they say as the dark night of the Soul. Wherein, a lot of my drawbacks and negatives surfaced. But, thanks to some fierce drive within me, I could move on.


I would never believe completely what I would read or hear. I always wanted to experience it first hand. Only then, I would accept it as the Truth. I found myself talking to Lord Buddha. I used to say : “ Use me as your vehicle to bring down your heaven on Earth ”. I would say to God, “ Let me be as perfect and as complete as you are ”.


I longed to be an image of God .. ever loving, ever happy, ever forgiving, ever, ever... everything ...... I longed to be above pain and sorrow... I was sick and tired of life and the sort of a person I had become over the years before starting the journey.


Nothing excited me more than my meditation. Each day was spent in seeking freedom from all, including myself. Nothing mattered other than knowing who am I ?


Around June 2009, I moved into the new home with my Junnaid. For about three months, all was well. In August, one day, I found myself crying, shouting, screaming, praying, arguing. I was looking up into the sky as if Lord Buddha was there listening to me. I bursted .. “ Now enough is enough .. I just can’t take this any more .. free me, from here .. get me out of this cycle of ‘ life and death ’ .. just send somebody to help me ”.


On August 17th, 2009, I got a call from “ Sajani ”, a pyramid master from Baroda, who asked me if I knew that “ Patriji ” was coming to Gujarat ? She was a friend of another pyramid master whom I had met on Online-“ Orkut ”. He had given me information about “ Patriji ”. I had seen “ Patriji ” on You-tube. I had liked him. He was simple and childlike. But, that was an year ago.


I asked her to inform me about his programme. Then, she asked : “ Will you organize a class for him ? ” I was silent for a minute. I know for myself that I had become completely aloof during the past four years. People had written me off, as almost a ‘ lunatic ’ and an ‘ unstable ’ person. Who would listen to me ? On top of this, I did not know who Patriji is !


I don’t know what happened, but, I said : “ Okay ! I will organise .. but only, if Patriji stays with me ”. I even cautioned her : “


If you cancel at the last minute and don’t make him stay at my home, I will cancel the meditation class too ! ”


She sought time to get back and she called back soon and agreed to Patriji staying at my home. I just called my son’s school and Taj Hotel Ladies Club. I didn’t even know Patriji .. whether he was a truly an enlightened Guru or not. I just asked them to visit the website “ www.pssmovement.org ”. To my amazement, both agreed to have his class. And, two classes of almost 300 to 400 people each were organized ! I was amazed ! It surely, wasn’t my doing !


“ Patriji ” walked into my home on 21st August 2009. I have never been a traditional or religious person. Even when he was to arrive at my place, I had no garlands or trumpets playing to welcome him. I simply cooked and cleaned and waited for him.


Patriji arrived with senior pyramid master “ Sheela Madam ” from Mumbai and others. He sat with me and asked of me. Both of us were new to each other. Once, when I was talking to him he yelled at me and asked me to look into his eyes and speak to him ! I did. He asked me : “ What do you want from me ”. I said “ Ab bahut ho gaya, mujhe puraa neend se jagna hai.” and he replied “ Mein jab yahaa se jaunga to tumhari neend le kar jaunga ”. I just looked at him and surely I did not believe him completely. I took them around to both the classes.


A few things have happened while I was with him for three days. I was suddenly at the peak of my sense of humour in those days !


I was very very happy, the pain of my torn ligament in my right knee had drastically come down, a lot of my notions and beliefs about enlightened men were disappearing, especially, when he asked me for ‘ bread butter ’ and ‘ pickle ’ to eat ! What a combination ! I used to think that enlightened people would have only finer things in life like dry fruits, kheer etc. I was just loving it. He was simple yet powerful sincere .. soft yet strong mysterious !.. funny yet.. trustworthy and yet mysterious !


I must have gazed enquiringly at his face atleast a dozen times, to know .. if he were a truly enlightened master ? I was not sure, but I was very happy to be around him ! I felt like trusting him. I really liked him.


I followed him to Baroda and then again to Ahmedabad, untill he left for Hyderabad. I was not sure of what was happening, yet, I was forced to just keep following him, wanted to know him and be with him. I also told him that I didn’t find much difference between him and me.


Actually, everything was just flowing out of my mouth. It was almost a no-mind state, where no filteration process existed. I would speak things and then laugh and wonder what I had just said. I was at my unbelievable best ! I was feeling very powerful in so many ways. I drove back to Surat at jet-speed !


I found myself on the next available flight to Bengaluru, Pyramid Valley. And, honestly I just went to ‘ check him out ’.


The morning that I got up in the Pyramid Valley was ‘ the morning of my life ’. Sheela Madam had accompanied me. I went to the cafeteria with her and the minute I sat there, and looked out at the lake and the pyramid, I just burst out in massive crying bout .. not stop myself .... I just could not stop myself and I kept on telling her that I feel like .. “ I have come back Home ”.


I told her that the feeling I was having at that moment was that I must have been with Gautama Buddha when he was alive, then I had gotten lost or separated and now I have come back home, in the same camp, and I felt like Patriji himself is that Buddha, who teaches people, creats masters and then sends them out in different parts of the world to teach others.


It was as if we had separated and now we were back together. Wow ! what a feeling ! It is surely true that “ When the disciple is ready, the master appears. ”


I went into the pyramid and stayed with Patriji. I cried a lot in front of him too and kept on asking him .. tell me who am I ?


Initially, Patriji just laughed and said to one of the master walking on him :“ dekho kya pooch rahi hai ! ”


After some time, he got serious and said :


“ Everything has happened with you in the past .. now you just go out and teach meditation to people. “ Watch only what I am doing and you do the same. ”


After I came back from Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, one of my earlier employees, whose sixth sense is highly activated and was tired of his mind over working, and not able to sleep properly, came to me and told that Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in his dreams and said :


“ Go to Rita Bhabhi and take whatever she gives you. ”


Immediately, I told him that : “ I have to give you this flute meditation CD ”. The very next morning, he called me and told “ Bhabhi, I have just meditated once, for an hour with that flute music which you gave and I slept like a baby all through the night. I haven’t slept like this, for several months uptil now ”.


This made me very happy and my trust further grew in what I was doing.


Since I took shaktipath, did active meditations, silent sitting and was practising anapanasati meditation .. nothing was new to me. But, what started happening after meeting Patriji had never happened earlier ! This time, it is completely different ! I was becoming more of myself .. more clear.. more humorous, more powerful, especially whenever I was around Patriji. I started living to my highest potential !


During October 2009, I went to the Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, to attend the 2nd GCSS. I just could not sit in the pyramid and listen to any of the speeches given by the speakers or masters.. Jashmuheen, Rasha, Dr. K. Newton.. all great masters. I just could not make myself sit there and listen to them. I would feel it is not for me. I just wanted to run out of the pyramid. I was very confused and again crying. I called out to Sheela Madam, again from Bengaluru. She asked me to hang on.


I again spoke to Patriji. He told me :


“ Have a good night’s sleep and you will be fine by tomorrow. ”


Surely, I was fine the next day, but again the same thing. I just could not sit in the pyramid and listen to any of the speakers. I felt, as if, whatever was being said and taught was not meant for me. I walked out of the pyramid. Then, I heard Patriji’s beautiful flute. I was drawn towards it and immediately started walking in the direction of the divine flute.

Patriji was sitting with a group of pyramid masters from South India. There, the new comer’s experiences were being shared. In his compassion, Patriji immediately asked the speakers to talk in Hindi. I knew, why he did that .. that is, for me to understand what they were saying.


After that, he made everyone sit in meditation. I closed my eyes too and in just a few minutes, I saw that I was a butterfly and flying over the lake, next to which we were sitting ..it was a beautiful experience...


The very next day, after breakfast, when I was walking down the steps, another strange thing happened. I felt as if Patriji is walking into my body, as if he had entered into my body and walking. Every step I would take would feel and look like his leg, his hand, his style of walking. I was so confused.


When I met Patriji, I mentioned it to him. He said, I had experienced Oneness. As usual, I argued back that I have read in the books that in the experience of Oneness, one would feel that one is completely one with everything, the plants, the animals, all humans etc. But this was only a feeling of Oneness with him.


He said : “ You will feel this Oneness only with me and with nobody else. ”


He refused to elaborate further on it and I just accepted it.


When the conference got over, I planned to go to Ramana Maharshi ashram, but, I was in a hurry to get back to Gujarat and start my work of teaching meditation. And hence, I came back to Gujarat.


During the last week of October 2009, Junnaid and I went to Dubai along with Patriji. Eighteen meditation classes had been organised ; each class was different and unique.


Each day brought me his scolding, his love, his guidance, his serene and disturbing silence and more. Nobody must have scolded me so much and been so rude to me in my whole life ! And, yet, everytime I knew a sculptor was at work creating his masterpiece. He was chipping off all that was not needed and useless. He was preparing me for my best. I just didn’t mind.

I loved Patriji for all that he was doing or not doing to me. My trust was further growing and my confidence was also increasing.


Once, in a meditation class, I must have cried crazily, actually there was a firework of crying in my head and heart. I knew Patriji was watching me. I was trying hard not to burst out and make sound or disturb others. After the class was over, I was expecting that Patriji would hold me .. pamper me and care for me.


To my surprise Patriji said :


“ Ek baar bhi agar zor se awaaz kartey they na .. to mein tumko uthaakar class ke bahar faik deta tha. ”


( “ Even if you had made a simple noise, I would have thrown you out of the meditation class ” ).


I was stunned at what Patriji told. Yet, I laughed and said : “ Sir, I was expecting all sympathy and a cozy shoulder ”.


Inspite of this, I just knew it in my heart that .. Patriji was making me stronger and preparing me to be a spiritual warrior. I loved him for all that.


Soon after our Dubai trip, we joined the pyramid masters group who came from India on their way to Egypt.


That was another very eventful trip to the very powerful Giza pyramid. In the pyramid, my son Junnaid was chosen to be a medium to pass on the universal energy to me. He heard a commanding inner voice “ Put your hand on your mother’s head. ”


Lots of messages were also received from the sufi saint “ Rabia ” during this Egypt trip.


On 20th April, 2010, I came to Hyderabad. On a 12-day-study-trip of Andhra Pradesh with Patriji. Words will not suffice for what I have witnessed during this trip !


After going to so many villages and after seing and experiencing the people and their nature, I realize in my heart that “ Brahmarshi Patriji ” is the perfect living master on the Earth, Patriji is the epitome of intelligence, humour, unconditional love, compassion and creativity.


I have witnessed myself, the truth of “ Jaisa Raja Vaisi Praja ”. In this trip, I have come across amazing devotion, dedication, selfless love and compassion flowing amongst the pyramid masters of Andhra Pradesh. This has highly impressed me and left me stunned, amazed, and overwhelmed.


I have also thoroughly enjoyed and witnessed people’s love for each other and the burning urge to serve the fellow humans. Truly, the pyramid masters of PSSM in general, and Andhra in particular, have understood the value of “ Daan of Dhyan ”. The people of Andhra Pradesh are very fortunate to have a great master Patriji and also many dedicated pyramid masters.


Only now I have seen a perfect master who is serving the humanity tirelessly.


I was surprised to know that pyramid masters could bring back life of a person ( from the mouth of death ) only by conducting a group meditation. I saw a very poor person .. economically weak the sake of others... building a pyramid, just for the sake of others.


I saw both rich and poor, doing all good deeds that would benefit others. It has been such a great pleasure to be in this environment of love for each other.


If at all there is a God outside also, it surely would be Patriji and the pyramid masters of Andhra Pradesh. I also realize in this moment that we all have a “ Patriji ” hidden within us. A sincere effort and a burning desire can surely bring him out of us and manifest such Godliness within us. Infact, I would not be wrong to say that I have seen many patriji’s hidden in every pyramid master that I have met during the past few days.


In another incident, I was stunned to see a pyramid master, who had a severe and near to fatal bus accident, recover, soon due to the power of meditation.


I met a pyramid master who cured her cancer disease with intense practice of Anapanasati meditation.


I also saw a young child-girl of seven years performing Bharathnatyam in front of Patriji, although she had a fall few days back and an injury with four stitches.


I saw a boy of only four or five years meditating continuously for two hours.

I witnessed Patriji inaugurating four to five pyramids each day during my week long trip. That really made me jealous, but will help me to recreate the same in Gujarat !!

Having said all the above I can’t skip to mention the “ Yuvata Dhyan Vijayam ” held at Kothapeta, East Godavari District and “ Mahila Dhyan Yagnam ” in Khammam. I really appreciate the hard work and involvement shown by PYMA (Pyramid Young Masters Association) and other organizers.


The youth of today cannot have a better opportunity and a more powerful platform than PYMA for a happy, joyful, peaceful and a bright future. I earnestly wish that all youth would become a part of the massive international PYMA Movement and create awareness of meditation and vegetarianism worldwide.


In “ Mahila Dhyan Yagnam ”, Patriji conferred upon me with “ Dhyana Ratna ” which was not only heart touching but also Soul satisfying. The respect and love that Patriji is giving to woman-hood is invaluable. No other human .. as a father, husband, brother or son .. could have given this high recognition to a woman .. “ devi ” on this Earth. On behalf of the entire women community and pyramid masters, I express my deep sense of gratitude to the perfect master Patriji for the above contribution.


Towards the end ..rather in the new beginning of a different life .. I can gracefully say to you Patriji : “ You have truly helped me to realize my true potential. Indeed you gave me a platform to live it too.


“ In my experience so far, all other masters whom I have come across, or have read about .. they have all lived only for themselves or for their ‘ siddhis ’ or imparted incomplete teaching.


“ But .. you Patriji .. on the other hand, have been living your life on Earth ‘ for the sake of others ’ ! Not only that, you are the only master who have developed innume-rable number of pyramid masters ‘ like you ’ !


“ I am sure, if you alone could do so much by now .. like Mahatma Gandhi did to the Nation.. thousands of pyramid masters that you have created, who are already working selflessly with total dedication and devotion, will be able to create the ‘ Dhyana Jagat ’ on the planet Earth. ”


My message to all : Let’s all meditate and teach meditation, and be a vegetarian and spread vegetarianism…




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