“ Every minute of Meditation is Joy and Celebration ”



I am Seshu Kumar Raju Penmetsa, born in Narsapuram, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.


I am presently, working in Singapore since the year 2005. During the years 1993 to 2005, I was working in Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am married to Sarada Devi and we have one son named Aditya.


Though I rarely visit temples, I did have a deep quest inside me to know about God.



When I was in my twenties, I used to read fervently many spiritual books viz, Bhagawad Gita, Ramayanam, Bharatham, Upanishads, Complete Works of Vivekananda, Autobiography of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Works of Aurobindo, Swami Chinmayananda etc. These books helped me to know spiritual theory to some extent.


However, spiritual theory alone could not sustain my interest in God. I could not apply what I had learnt through reading in my everyday life situations. Soon, I began to lose interest in such books and I realized the futility of just reading without practical application.


About fifteen months ago, as a regular watcher of Samskruthi Channel on the Internet, I tuned into the channel, Patriji’s discourse had just completed and some of the Masters were relating their life-transformation stories. One Master was telling her transformation the gist being that her child had fallen from the fourth floor of her apartment accidentally and died and she went into depression and melancholy. Her family members had taken her to the best of the doctors without any avail. One day she came to know about pyramid meditation through pamphlets being distributed, and attended Patriji’s meditation session.


Since then, she started doing meditation seriously and she used to be in meditation from evening 9 p.m. to morning 3 a.m. and within one year’s time she was able to do astral travel and converse with her late son, everyday. When she completed her life-transformation story, I understood the power of meditation and the levels to which it could take us. Until then, I have not had even the faintest idea of what meditation and astral travel were.


Immediately after the programme got over, I started looking for branches of Pyramid Spiritual Society in Singapore on the Internet and within thirty minutes managed to get the phone number of a great Pyramid Master Shashidhar Reddy (Shashi), who was more than happy to teach me meditation the very next week-end !


Since then, meditation and practical spirituality had become integral parts of my daily life. I am very fortunate to have Shashi in Singapore who has a firm understanding of the technology of pyramids and crystals to guide me. Later, we started meeting quite frequently, to do group meditations and to discuss about matters of spirituality, exchange spiritual books and teach meditation in Singapore.


During this period, I started meditating three hours per day and not a single day passed without meditation. I turned into a vegetarian the very day I started doing meditation. Now, my primary purpose of life is .. teaching meditation and doing SOUL work.


I met Brahmarshi Patriji when he visited Singapore during the month of September 2009 and I had the rarest opportunity to spend two full days with him !


During the conversations, Patriji mentioned about “ lucid dreaming ”, which was completely a new subject for me. And to my question, as to how we should spend if we have three hours of time at our disposal, Patriji advised that we should spend one hour for meditation, one hour for making friends and one hour for reading. These suggestions had a great impact up on me. I found in Patriji not only an enlightened great master but also an invaluable friend !


Benefits I derived from Anapanasati Meditation :


Soon after I mastered Anapanasati meditation, I started reaping the following benefits :


✤ My ability to relax any time of the day in any situation substantially increased. I just close my eyes for a few minutes and get completely rejuvenated !


✤ I am enjoying the sweetness of the breath all the time. As I proceed with my meditation, my breath becomes very rhythmic. Gradually, it becomes sweeter and sweeter !


✤ Earlier, I had blood pressure and I used to take medicines. Now, I do not have it any more. I stopped taking medicines altogether. I used to have sinus problem and cold 365 days of the year. Now the cold became a history for me. Earlier, I used to suffer from kidney stones. Now-a-days, no trace of kidney stones after I have adopted to a vegetarian diet.


✤ I used to consume large volume of sports drinks when I was playing physically intensive games. Now sports drinks are not necessary for me. Energy received during meditation is sufficient to sustain me during sports.


✤ Now, just five hours of sleep per day is enough for me. The quality of my sleep increased many-fold. Sometimes, I feel I am in deep meditation during my sleep. Now sleep is also inducing deep relaxation of my body and which is therapeutic and rejuvenating.


✤ My memory power has increased considerably.


✤ I used to be very shy to speak to strangers and I also used to have inferiority complex to express my views during Team meetings of my company. Now, I do not have any such inhibitions and I am ready to share freely and contribute substantially.


✤ My thoughts are manifesting more pronouncedly. Example : Our company had a subsidiary company in Chennai and in the history of our company no one had ever been transferred from Singapore to Chennai. During one of the week-ends, I thought that it might be good for me if I moved over to Chennai so that I could stay closer to my family and parents. The next day when I went to office, my boss asked me if I was interested to go to Chennai !


✤ Whatever I intend to know about or need to learn, I feel corresponding situations and circumstances unfold for increasing my understanding. I feel the Universe is with me all the time and taking care of me.


✤ No more seeking happiness from outside world ! Only delving deep into the inner world and experiencing joy from the perennial source. Believing in simplicity .. enjoying simple things such as spending time in nature .. observing birds .. animals .. my own breath etc. .. these have become more valuable for me than ever before.


✤ Considerable decrease in the number of thoughts per minute, almost living in a thought-free and meditative state most of the time.


✤ Ability to remember dreams more clearly. It is like discovering a completely new world within me.


✤ The veil that was surrounding me started melting. All the time, I am gaining new understandings.


✤ My passion for reading has been rediscovered and I am now I am reading a lot of new age books. My lost trait has been retraced. I am reading most of the books suggested in www.pssmovement.org and many more. My favourite authors are Eckhart Tolle, Seth and Osho.


Now, I can divide my life into two parts ..
“ life before meditation ” and “ life after meditation ”. There is a big chasm between them, in terms of quality, between the two lives !


“ Meditation under pyramid ”


I have experienced great energies during meditation under pyramids. I can reach meditative state three times faster. After adding crystals to the pyramids, the energies increased several times more. I have immensely benefited from the pyramid and crystals.


“ Spreading meditation ”


After I started my meditation, I encouraged my wife and also my son who is studying Intermediate in Hyderabad. Soon, they have embraced it and are continuing to do meditation till now. Later, I exhorted all my family members including my parents, brothers, sisters, my aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws .. explaining them the benefits of meditation. They have all taken up meditation and started reaping the benefits of meditation !


“ PSSM in Singapore ”


Having seen the wondrous benefits of meditation myself, I started taking many of my friends to Shashi for teaching them meditation. Later, I started teaching meditation myself by visiting the homes of friends and circulating the literature of PSSM.


When Patriji visited Singapore in September 2009, together with Shashi, we organised all the events successfully including the live broadcast of Patriji’s meditation sessions on the Internet. When another enlightened Master and rebirther “ Minood ” from Kerala visited Singapore, we organised meditation classes in three different places in Singapore which had great hit ! Recently, we started doing full-moon (full night) group meditations in the lap of the nature !


During the short period of fifteen months of my meditational experience, my perspectives have taken a quantum shift and I owe everything to all pyramid masters. My heart-felt gratitude and thanks to Brahmarshi Patriji and senior pyramid master Shashi and the entire Team of PSSM. Now every minute of my life is meditation, joy and celebration !




Seshu Kumar Raju Penmetsa
# 09-59, Block 202, Avenue 6, Clementi, SINGAPORE - 120202

Ph : +65 94234029

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