“ I Love you, Subhash ! ”



I am Ashvini G.


I was born on 22nd April, 1985 in Bengaluru.


I passed B.Tech (Computer Science Eng.) in the year 2009 and I am presently residing in Mumbai.


“ i am spiritual right from birth ”


As a child, if I see myself, my behaviour and my thoughts, they were like a monk ! I am spiritual right from my birth !


From my early child-hood, I was getting attracted only to spiritual subjects and spiritual people !


Pyramids were always fascinating me ! I always wanted to know the secrets behind the pyramids !


Even at the age of seven, I was putting myself the questions : “ who am I ? ”, “ why am I, on this earth ? ”, “ what is life after death ? ”, “ what is the purpose of life ? ”, “ why is there birth and why is there death ? ” and “ what is karma ? ”.


All these questions were constantly bothering my mind. For all these questions, answers came from within myself .. from my inner part. Then, when I was eight years, I came across “ Bhagawad Gita ”. Then I started reading it, for all my questions I got the answers from this book once again !


As a child, I was only interested in meditation, silence, good thoughts and good words. My parents were getting concerned about my future. I was always detached from my parents and all the materialistic things. I was only interested in meditation and pining to spread the truth !


As I grew up, I was considered a different girl who was never attracted to the worldly things. Always searching only for truth.


I was also interested in things like painting, music, story writing etc. I am a good classical dancer too ! Madly in love with nature!


As, a child, I was very intuitive and was able to predict future! It was fun and game as a child.


However, as I grew up, I realized these were my spiritual powers. My desire to meet spiritual people, grew rapidly.


i am very powerful ”


During my school days, I had a strong sense that I’m very powerful and could do anything in this world. One day, I tested myself, as to how powerful I am .. I released a thought that, my dad would get a promotion and indeed after two days, he got the promotion !


In my life, number ‘ 8 ’ played a major role. I have good hold on numerology too ! I thought the year 2008 will change my life completely !


My intuitions are very strong, and then in the year 2008, I came across pyramid spiritual society, Anapanasati meditation and the God Patriji !

It was so overwhelming !


“ i meet Patriji ”


Then an amazing event happened in August, 2008 .. I met “ Patriji ” personally ! Before meeting him, I had taken many classes but just before meeting “ Patriji ” I got telepathy that the first words from “ Patriji ” to me would be : “ I was waiting for you ”.

The first book I read in my life regarding spirituality was “ Bhagawad Gita ” and the second book which I read was “YOU FOREVER ” by T. Lobsang Rampa. When I started reading it, I felt, “ this subject is already known to me ”, but still I continued to read. Then, at the end of the 1st chapter, a voice from within told :


“ You are wasting time, because you only wrote this book .. read another book ! ”


“ I was waiting for you ”


When I met “ Patriji ”, he just could not take away his eyes from me. He made me to sit beside him and then told “ I was waiting for you ”. I was so very excited and so very happy to meet Patriji ! Then, he introduced me to Girija Rajan madam as “ She is Lobsang Rampa ”. So, as I met many meditators, my desire to have a spiritual family was fulfilled !


I have many experiences and in every experience, all the masters astrally treat me as their child. They all love me a lot !


One experience I would like to share where I saw Patriji and myself dipped in gold. Astrally, I saw Patriji, myself and Buddha and all the masters in the world were meditating in the Himalayas. It was really an extraordinary experience.


When I saw my previous lives in meditation I saw myself as T. Lobsang Rampa, Cleopatra, Madam Blavatsky and many more. I am happy that in all my incarnations I am a spiritual person. The one thing which makes me very happy is that the person I am right now.


I am happy in the present life as “ Ashwini .G ”. My journey to spread meditation, love and oneness started rapidly in May, 2008 and I am still going on. In the year 2008, second amazing person whom I met was Dr. V. Hari Kumar.


He is simply wonderful, compassionate and knowledgeable person. He taught me “ Past Life Regression Therapy ” (PLRT).


“ past life regression therapy ”


I have been practicing PLRT since 2008 from the month of September. My life totally changed after practicing PLRT.


Past Life Regression Therapy is truly an exciting experience. We handled different varieties of cases who improved holistically along with the delivering of the wisdom of life between lives states, mediumships, channeling, future progression, purpose of life, group souls, soul science and soul mates.


The response from the people who have undergone my own PLRT is astonishing ! I have conducted more than 400 PLRT cases. I felt, Life is very simple, but we make it complicated ! Despite being a computer engineer I managed both, studies and PLRT. In fact, PLRT is a very vast subject and an exciting theory. But, the most important aspect of life is that : “ the present is most important ”.


“ maitreya buddha mega pyramid ”


Dr. Hari Kumar is my guru, guide and friend. Sincere thanks to Dr. Hari Kumar for having shared his knowledge and time with me. During December, 2008 in Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, Bengaluru ‘ GCSS ’ was a marvelous programme attended by me. The movement I saw mega Pyramid, I felt in love with the pyramid!


It’s the most beautiful moment in the world ! I was very happy to see and experience the energies of the pyramid. I have no words to explain. Each and every day in the pyramid along with uncomparable knowledge among the speakers was truly amazing experience. I met Dr. Newton for the first time ! He is a true master and very charismatic person. All the seven days of the GCSS were extraordinary.


I met Shreyans Daga. He is again a true master with wonderful, warm and a down to earth person ! I met so many amazing and totally genuine people under one roof. I learned a lot in those brief seven days !


Maitreya Buddha Valley location is a wonderful thing ! Looking at my previous life, ‘ Rampa ’ vacated his body in the year 1983 and I was born in 1985.


By birth, I was able to see people at their soul level and I can clearly see aura, energy levels and possess all telepathy and clairvoyant powers.


“ i am spiritually very contented ”


I had a great life and am spiritually very contented. Patriji’s presence in my life has totally changed my life. Patriji treats me with a lot of love and respect despite my age. He is truly a master of masters. He encourages me and appreciates the work. He has profuse love and compassion toward one and all. His teachings regarding spirituality are very clear and simple.


Surprisingly, the 18 principles which we are currently following in our society I have been already practicing all these principles, without knowing, right from my early child-hood !


“ i love you , Subhash ”


And another thing .. Patriji is very handsome and adorable ! I am absolutely fortunate to meet him. He is a walking God on earth with a physical body. He is full of life, love, compassion and spirituality. He is a Buddha, a Krishna, a Christ and an Osho…. He is the ultimate master ! I love you Subhash !


My work on this earth is very clear to me. I thank Patriji for entering in my life and making it a heaven. Thanks to my mother Prema.G., Father Gopi.G., brother Logi.G., Rakshit.G and my loved one for their warm presence in my life. I will work for the accomplishment of “ Dhyana Jagat ”. I will spread meditation, Vegetarianism and Oneness.


My message is .. do daily meditation .. eat only vegetarian food .. plant more trees .. build more pyramids and spread love and Oneness.



Mountmeru Apt., Road No. 5, Banjarahills, Hyderabad
Ph : +91 9701017130

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