“ Giza Pyramid .. a Great Moment of Joy ”



I am Ayyappa Pindi.


I was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to my beloved parents Venugopal and Nirmala.


My early childhood days were filled with enormous amount of love and care from my parents and everyone. I am a keen observer of people and their emotions. However, I started looking at people and at their lives, living in a routine fashion, I really felt so disillusionised.



At the age of ten, once in my dream, I was flying in the air and moving to many places. Also jumping from high buildings .. but nothing happened to me ! These paranormal experiences always thrilled and mesmerized me a lot !


I am a great lover of Music and I started learning Trumpet, Drums and Piano from the age of eleven and became famous in my school days. I started composing my own musical notes and could reproduce any music once I hear it.


My spiritual journey started for me in the year 1995 .. when I came to hear about meditation from one of my uncles. However, he refused to teach me “ Kundalini Meditation ” that he practices, as his Guru doesn’t teach it for free of cost.


I continued my search for a Guru to teach me meditation. I practiced many techniques that I learned from books, websites. However, none of the techniques gave me inner satisfaction. My inner always kept saying “ this is not the one ” !


After an intense search of nine years, I got a surprise call from my aunt for “ Free Meditation Class ”. I learned about meditation from senior pyramid master Girija Rajan in the year 2004, February 2nd.


“ Chennai Pyramid Spiritual Society ” was in a budding stage during that period. Senior pyramid master, Madam Jyothi and her family members extended their help and offered me books and CD’s of Brahmarshi Patriji. I take this platform to thank their whole family for supporting me in my real spiritual journey !


Then, immediately, I started teaching meditation to my family members, my friends and to the people whom I met in train right from the second day I learned “ Anapanasati Meditation ”.


On my 3rd day of intense practice of meditation for four hours in a dark room, suddenly, I started seeing all the objects around me and I got totally confused. Later, I came to know from a senior master that my third-eye is opened ! My experiences were very fantastic and I started seeing different masters and many astral planes !


Senior pyramid masters Madam Vijayalakshmi and Madam Varalakshmi helped me a lot in understanding my experiences in detail. I enjoyed their classes and knowledge very much. I troubled them badly with lot of phone calls for all my clarifications initially.


Once, during my meditation practice, I met Tuesday Lobsang Rampa in “ Tapo Lok ” and I could see lot and lots of pyramids everywhere in that world ! Lao Tzu once showed me the human body system and I found lots of pyramids inside our body too !


During the year 2004, December, I went to Hyderabad for “ Dhyana Andhrapradesh ” celebrations. I really enjoyed the programmes and meditation during those days and really got inspired by the “ PYMA TEAM ” formed there.


Soon, after coming back to Chennai, I started Pyramid Young Masters Association(PYMA) in Chennai too. We were initially only four members, Vamsi Krishna, Ravi Kiran, Suresh and me. We taught meditation to lots of youngsters in ‘ Subrahmanya Pyramid Centre ’ in T. Nagar, Chennai during weekends.


I studied Tamil as my second language during my school days. I used to select articles from “ Dhyanandhra Pradesh ” and “ Spiritual India ” magazines and translate them into Tamil and we used to print the same in “ Dhyana Tamil Nadu ” magazine ! For more than one year I really enjoyed the translation work and designing for this magazine.


Once, it so happened, when I was translating “ Jesus Christ ” article of Patriji, suddenly, I went into deep trance and my hands moved automatically and I wrote 16 pages in 30 minutes ! I am not really well versed in the Tamil language .. yet people who reviewed my article said “ it is perfect and there are no mistakes ” !


During that period, there was only one book in Tamil. I decided to translate a few books and I translated four books of Patriji from Telugu to Tamil and also wrote a biography of Madam Vijayalakshmi. All these five books got released on the occasion “ Dhyana Chennai-2006 ” October celebrations ! Patriji was very happy to see so many books in Tamil and appreciated me for this great work ! I became very close to him after this event !


In December, 2006, I shifted to Bengaluru as I got a job there in an IT company. I met Patriji once again in Bengaluru and told him that I am not able to do much as I did in Chennai. He smiled and said “ Wait patiently ” !


In May, 2007, I got married (Pyramid Marriage) to a PYMA Master, “ Anitha ” in the presence of Brahmarshi Patriji in the divinely vibrant and enchanting Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru during Buddha Poornima Celebrations 2007 ! Getting married there was a dream for both of us and we waited for almost one year for that memorable event. I am very lucky to have blessings from The Universal Father directly !


Anitha is very co-operative and is continuing to support me in fulfilling the dream of Patriji, “ Dhyan Jagat 2012 ”. She is my perfect soulmate.


Anitha and I started our practice of Hindustani ‘ SITAR ’. Our ultimate aim is to give the music to bring down the highest music from the higher planes. We also got a chance to perform once in Mahayagna.

Patriji once said, “ Your house is the PYMA headquarters ”. I reorganized Bengaluru PYMA with new global strategies and many practical ideas. Lots of young meditators came forward to work for this divine cause.


We started conducting classes in schools, colleges, tutorials, parks and in many corporate companies. We covered companies like Wipro, Crimson Logic, Siemens, HCL, Oracle, IFlex, Sun Micro Systems and many other small IT companies. We once invited Patriji for a class in Wipro and it was such a grand success !


I and Anitha gave many classes in the IT companies and enjoyed teaching them the Science of Meditation, Vegetarianism and the Power of pyramids. The amount of joy I used to get after a given meditation / spiritual science session is beyond my words ! Teaching meditation gives me immense inner satisfaction !


“ pyramid valley ”


“ Pyramid Valley ” is the greatest asset for us to drive people for experiencing the Power of Pyramids in Bengaluru. Lots of people from corporate world used to rush to The Pyramid Valley in the weekends to visit and experience the great energy of Pyramids. I also conducted quite a few corporate sessions and trekkings in the Valley.


“ Ahimsa Shanti Dhyana Mahayagna ”


During the mid 2008, I came to know about Ahimsa Shanti Dhyana Mahayagna , to be organized in Bengaluru City during the period December 25th to 31st December.


Well ahead of five months prior to Mahayagna, we, PYMA, planned perfectly and formed different groups for different tasks. The amount of experience and exposure I got during this period is beyond words !


Me and Anitha planned well and established “ Patriji’s Exhibition ” in the MAHAYAGNA, which was the major attraction for everyone ! The exhibition was a very huge success as it became a ready platform for many people to learn about meditation and take notes. Every PYMA member worked very hard during those seven days and kudos to all the younger brand of PYMA masters. When Patriji said “ You have led the whole PYMA and PYMA has made the whole show ”. I was on top of the sky and very happy !


“ rare opportunity to visit Egypt ”


Patriji invited me and Anitha to Egypt trip during the month January, 2009. We got this rare opportunity to visit Egypt along with a 90 members PSSM Team and Patriji. Infact, we were among the last few members that got registered for the trip. Senior Masters Saikumar Reddy and Venugopal Reddy from “ Pyramid Tours & Travels ” really helped us. Kudos to both of them !


Two complete weeks in the company of Patriji in Egypt was such a fabulous dream ! I would like to share some of my experiences inside the GIZA pyramid, group meditation at this point :


“ Giza King’s Chamber Experience ”


Throughout our trip lot of ancient Egyptian Masters accompanied us and stayed with us like guards !


To reach the king’s chamber one needs to crawl up and climb slowly and in fact it was a mind-boggling experience.


Before I could reach the king’s chamber, Patriji started pouring his energies through his melodious Flute Music ! As soon as I entered the chamber, I saw with physical eyes a lot of astral cameras everywhere in the chamber kept for shooting from higher worlds!


During my meditation session, I saw Patriji growing upto the size of the chamber by expanding his consciousness throughout !


I saw totally three chambers opened during the entire session. On to the left of Patriji a big tunnel (First tunnel) got opened and a stairs got formed to “ Kanthi Loka ” (Light World). “ Many pyramid Masters went through the steps and in the middle a Pushpaka Vimanam-Heavenly Chariot ” .. helped them ! All the previous unfinished incarnation consciousness also got enlightened and went through that tunnel !


I saw lots of animals in the King’s Chamber. A big bird came in front of Patriji and started crying, I was moved badly when it cried.


It said : “ All these centuries, none has cared us, but now, you (Patriji) have taken an avatar to save the whole animal kingdom, kudos ! ”


All the animals started rejoicing happily there on !


The second tunnel got opened opposite to Patriji. Through that tunnel, lot of Astral Masters started coming into the chamber and showered their energies to the Pyramid.


The third tunnel opened on the center ground of the chamber. Into that base tunnel all those collected energies started flowing down to the base of Giza Pyramid. Suddenly, from the base of the pyramid, energies started flowing towards the apex of the pyramid like an ocean and the pyramid was filled totally with energies. A big energy blast happened and got spread throughout the city !


The Giza Pyramid spoke to me and it said :“ I am very happy now ; I was waiting for this golden moment for eons, now through my new energies I will change the world ! ”


I felt very happy indeed, as if I have born to experience this moment on this earth !


Patriji ended the session with Gandhiji’s favourite “ Raghupathi Raghava ” song and made everyone to sing in the Giza Pyramid king’s chamber, a great moment of joy ! I celebrated five years completion of my meditational journey with Patriji in Egypt, which was my most memorable moment.


“ Pyramid Party of India ”


Pyramid Party of India (PPI) was the most recent task I took over and accomplished very successfully. Patriji said “ Pyramid Party is the highest way of spreading meditation ”. These words really helped me to gear up things. “ PYMA Bengaluru Team ” worked very hard to spread lakhs of pamphlets in a month and through many other ways of communication.


“ happy to be a part of universal plan ”


Finally, I would like to thank Patriji, a Universal Father, and a Divine Father Energy who is guiding me each and every moment. He guides each and every person with utmost care and responsibility. He has come down to this earth to transform the pitch dark world into complete Light World.


I am very happy to be a part of this universal plan and to work like a soldier every moment for this Mother Earth.


I sincerely appeal to everyone to be a part of this great project .. “ Pyramid Jagath 2020 ” .. and use this golden, once in a soul time, opportunity to spiritualize the Earth well before 2020 !



Ayyappa Pindi
Ph : +91 9900813813; Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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