“ My Search has Ended ”



I am Varsha Mordani from Dubai.


On October 7, 2009, I visited the “ Spiritual India ” office, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, with the intention of meditating under the pyramid in the Centre. While I was there, I casually asked K. Venugopal Reddy about Patriji’s whereabouts .. and it was such a pleasant surprise to know that he was right there in the next room ! What a stroke of luck !


I went into the next room and stood face to face with Patriji. He directed his penetrating .. and a little disconcerting .. gaze at me.


I made small talk for a while and told him all about the excitement building up in Dubai for his trip, which was scheduled on 19th October 2009. As I was leaving, he insisted that I write an article and forward it within two days. I was taken aback because I knew there was very little that I could write about. However, I told myself that if that is what he has willed, then I should take a pen and let my heart guide me.


As I go down my memory lane, I think of the time .. two years ago .. when I visited “ Spiritual India ” office, Hyderabad, with my sister Geeta Manghnani and met Patriji for the first time. Just that one meeting made a deep impression on me. Also, with that meeting, I was convinced that I should turn completely a vegetarian !


Over the years, I have been running from one spiritual workshop to another, in order to learn various healing and meditation techniques, yet, I’ve always had this nagging feeling of getting hopelessly entangled in my spiritual quest. True, I was becoming more “ knowledgeable ”, but this knowledge also led to confusion. I always felt that : “ Perhaps this one more workshop or this one more initiation will lead me towards Enlightenment. ”


I was losing confidence in myself and would find that I was still not as clairvoyant as “ this healer ” or as psychic as the “ next teacher ” !


However, after attending Patriji’s classes in December 2008, my perceptions changed. I am glad to say that I have not attended any other workshops since then and have been doing Anapanasati Meditation regularly. Now, I feel that my search has ended and it’s the beginning of a new life for me. It is true of the saying : “ The Master will appear when the student is ready. ”


I would also like to share my experiences with Patriji on his trip to Dubai from 19th to 25th October .. 2009.

When I came to know that he was going to visit us, I had mixed feelings. I was elated because he was going to stay with us, yet apprehensive since I knew that a successful trip would require helping hands, and I was short in that area. I wanted everything to be perfect for Patriji’s visit.


I should have known better, of course. I decided not to worry about it and I wished Patriji would look after. And, it is needless to say that help came forth from different and unexpected quarters. With Patriji’s gracious presence, the visit was smooth and successful.


When I would mention Patriji to my mother, or anyone, they would call him “ your Guru ” .. but that felt so strange because this lean, tall man in his simple ‘ kurta-paijama ’ is simplicity personified !


Does a “ Guru ” touch your feet when you touch his ? ! Or, can you crack a joke and walk into his room without any hesitation ? ! Does any “ Guru ” enter your kitchen and cook your favourite dish for you ? ! No robes .. no volunteers .. no mantras.. no miracles .. but how effectively he, a true “ Guru ” can dispel the darkness around you. He has no expectations from anyone .. just unconditional love for all.


I believe that Patriji is more than a “ Guru ” and he is indeed more of a friend, a philosopher and a guide for all.


In the five days that Patriji was here, in October 2009, he conducted thirteen meditation sessions .. and to see him working so tirelessly, put us all to shame. It also made me more determined to spread the message of Anapanasati Meditation and Vegetarianism to all and especially to the parents of special needs children with whom I work.


I have been working with children with Autism for the past fifteen years and have concluded that a supplement to the therapy that we give is to teach meditation to their parents. When the parents meditate, the change in their vibrational level is sure to bring about tremendous change in their children also.


When we talk of improvement, the most remarkable change that I see is in my husband. He used to be extremely short tempered and I used to dread going out for shopping or accompanying him anywhere .. as I would know the slightest of things would agitate him and things would turn ugly.


I am glad to report that just nine months of meditation have brought such a tremendous change in him that he tells me that even when he gets angry, he is not able to shout at anyone. It’s as if some force is holding him back and forcing him to be polite.


To conclude, I don’t claim to have got any profound “ mystical experiences ” as others. But, definitely, my life has changed for the better. When I asked Patriji about this, he simply said : “ You don’t need any experiences .. as you are already at the peak ! ”


What more can I ask ? ! I am just going with the flow and lapping up whatever life offers me. I must say that, as I am surrendering to the moment .. I am witnessing more and more miracles happening.


Prior to December 2008, I did not know how to be in the present. Now, I don’t fret as much, because now, I am.



Varsha Mordani
Post Box 42911, Shop No 14, Baqali Building, Dubai Mes,

Bur Dubai, DUBAI U.A.E.
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