“ I Got Answers to all my Questions ”



I am Indira Sujatha from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer in Chennai.


I have been practicing Anapanasati meditation for the past one year. After becoming a meditator, I found a great difference in my life and the effect of meditation is miraculous. Hence, I want to share my experiences.


“ Questions - Questions - Questions ”


Prior to becoming an Anapanasati meditator, I used to be so very negative towards my life. I thought that I was weak and that nothing is in my control.


Many questions like : “ What are we living for ? ” .. “ What is life ? ” .. “ What is death ? ” .. “ Why are there so many differences like ‘ rich -poor ’, ‘ beautiful-ugly ’ , ‘ bad-good ’ in the world ? ” .. “ Is there anyone like God ? And, if he does exist, why are there so many differences ? ” .. “ Is there really anything like good and bad Karma and Soul ? ”... and so on and so forth.


I used to read many spiritual books like “ Bhagavad Gita ”, “ Sri Sai Leelamrutham ”, “ Sadguru Charitra ”, “ Karthika Puranam ” etc. All these taught me something good that helped me to lead my life in righteous spiritual path. Earlier, I used to do so many poojas. However, I did not find answers to any of my questions !


I used to have a personal problem which seemed impossible to become solved. I was hopeless and had no wish to live anymore. I was very sad and was leading life without joy and happiness. Then, I came to know about ‘ meditation ’ and wanted to learn to overcome all my sorrows.


I attended several sessions related to many different types of meditation techniques and I used to practice them sincierely. However, I could not find the peace that I was seeking for. My search continued for the “ right technique ” and for a “ true master ”.


“ free meditation classes ”


It so happened that in February, 2008, that my family members and me went to attend Rahu-Kethu Pooja at Sri Kalahasti. After the pooja and darshan, we were doing some shopping opposite to the temple.


In one of the shops, a banner about “ free meditation classes ” by pyramid masters attracted me and I enquired all the details about the meditation classes from the PSSM Master who was sitting in that shop. I asked for details about Pyramid Masters in Chennai and got their contact numbers.


I bought two pocket-size meditation books written by “ PATRIJI ”, and was thoroughly impressed with those books and I decided to meet one of the pyramid masters definitely in order to know about Anapanasati Meditation.


“ Brahmarshi Patriji ”


After coming to Chennai, I called up Rama Rao, a senior PYRAMID MASTER at Perungudi, and asked him about the meditation classes. He gave me the information about a workshop to be conducted in, Pondy Bazaar, on 16th March 2008. It was to be organized by Chennai PYMA masters. That was the great moment, that I was waiting for.


On that day, I met the Enlightened Master BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI, and all other PYMA members. In that workshop, PATRIJI asked everyone to meditate for some time. We meditated nearly for one hour. After meditation, I felt so much better. I never had such an experience earlier ! From that day onwards, I decided to take up the practice of meditation regularly for the sake of my health and also to overcome my problems.


“ I got Answers to all my Questions ”


I thought that I must seek someone’s personal guidance regarding meditation. Thus, I collected contact number PYMA MASTER “ Aruna Kanthi ” .. and her residence was very near to my hostel. I called her and asked her to guide me in meditation.


She agreed readily and asked me to come to her on that very evening. I felt very happy, and went to her house after my office hours. I found that she is a very kind and a great master.


She asked me to sit under a pyramid and close my eyes. She guided me throughout the half an hour meditation session. Later, she shared some of her meditation experiences with me and also gave me a book “ MARANAM LENI MEERU ”.. Telugu version of “ YOU FOREVER ” by Lobsang Rampa. After I read the book, I got answers to all my questions that were bothering me from a long long time.


I again met PATRIJI for the second time in Aruna’s house. It was a PYMA meeting at her home. At that time, I could talk to some of PYMA members and listen to their meditation experiences. From then onwards, I started regularly doing meditation and reading spiritual books.


I have attended Dr. Newton’s workshop at Chennai and also “ DHYANA MAHA YAGNAM ” at Bengaluru, during the month of December 2008. I felt that both these are excellent experiences for every meditator as one can feel great energy transmission in the presence of Dr. Newton and other great masters.


“ experiences in meditation ”


● I used to feel a lot of energy passing in my body.
● Sometimes, I used to experience ‘ no physical body state ’.
● Sometimes, I used to feel heaviness in my forehead and used to have a better feeling after meditation.
● I used to feel no breath for few seconds and energy flow.
● I experienced rotational movements in my body frequently.


“ total transformation ”


I observed that, slowly, my life started changing. My negative attitude also changed. Now, I am very much positive. I found that “ I am the sole reason for all my worries and no one else ! ”


Hitherto unknown happiness and joy entered my life. Now, I have no more fears. I started realizing the truth in Swami Vivekananda’s words that “ You can do anything, and everything ; all power is within you ! ”


I started experiencing a totally new liveliness in my life.


“ everything is fine ”


I am continuing my meditation regularly with great joy and great happiness, and without expecting anything in particular. I started meditation to forget all sorrows in my life, however, now a days, I am not even thinking about the past !


After a few months, I got confidence that there will be no more failures hereafter in my life. And that “ EVERYTHING IS FINE ”.


“ one can live happily forever ”


Miraculously, my personal problems also got solved in a way that I never expected ! This is the best experience for me during meditation, I would say ! I feel that Universe will give me whatever I ask. There are so many masters in the Universe to help us. One’s thoughts will get energized through meditation and thus will be fulfilled. Thus one can live happily forever !


I am very happy to be a meditator and wish that everyone should become a meditator and lead a happy life. There is nothing beyond meditation !


Finally, I would like to thank BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI for making this miraculous meditation technique available to me.


I would also like to thank all PYMA masters in Chennai, who supported and guided me in my quest for a happy and joyous life.



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