" From Bhagawan .. to PSSM "



My name is Kirit Patel.


I have been residing in Auckland, New Zealand, since 1996. Prior to that, from the years 1981 till 1996, I was residing in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.


I was born on 28th October, 1961 in Suva, Fiji Islands. I was born into a Gujarati family and both my parents were from Gujarat, India.


I am the fifth kid out of seven children. My parents were very orthodox. Ritualistic religion was strictly practiced in our house.


Prayers were conducted every morning and evening in our house .. so much so, it became a part of me also when I grew up. I remember that even when I came home drunk late in the evening, after a night out with the boys .. I would still have a shower, say my prayers, and then only go to bed !


If I missed saying my prayers, I would feel guilty the whole day. namasamarana i.e. continuously reciting Lord Rama’s name .. also became a part of my life since an early age. I remember that, even at an age of six, I would recite Lord Rama’s name to avoid getting punished by teachers in the school.


“ sathya sai baba of puttaparthi ”


In the year 1972, while playing outside a movie theater, a stranger walked upto me and offered me a ticket to a movie. I happily accepted, since it was a huge treat for our family to see a movie. The movie was a black and white movie on the life of Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. However, I came out of the movie thinking that God must be a Gujarati and can never be from the South !


“ mysterious invisible force ”


There are numerous incidences in my life, where I have been rescued from death by some invisible force that I could not explain at that time.


First one happened in the year 1987, at about 3 pm, when I was returning from work with the Sun, right in my eyes. I must have fallen asleep at the wheel and when I woke up I was on the opposite side of the road and about to go down the 150 meter cliff. Through some mysterious force, I managed to correct the car and end up on the right side of the road. An impossible mission but somehow became possible.


The second incidence happened in November of 1995. I ended up in a hospital in a state of coma for seven days. Theoretically, I should have died but I again survived.


Coincidentally, my friend provided my wife with Sathya Sai Baba’s photo to place under my pillow and some vibhuthi to apply to me and place on my tongue. Amazingly when my wife was placing the vibhuti on my tongue I woke up from my coma at that very instance.


“ visiting puttaparthi ”


In June of 1997, my wife and I, were watching some English movie on TV .. and out of nowhere, both of us simultaneously said that we should go and visit Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi.


I did not know much about Sai Baba till then. I started attending Sai Baba Centers in Auckland and started reading books on Sai Baba and listening to other peoples’ experiences of Sai Baba.


Then, in September, we went to the Ashram in Puttaparthi and Bhagawan Sai Baba materialized some vibhuti for me !


During the years 1998 to 2003, I used to visit Bhagawan every year, sometimes twice a year, and I have had, in all, six or seven personal interviews with Baba.


In one of the interviews, Bhagawan materialized a diamond ring for me and placed it on my wedding finger saying that it was a God’s Ring that it was “ God-Wed ”. In the very next interview, an year after, Baba called me a “ He Buffalo ”.


I did not understand the meaning of this till recently. By “ God-Wed ”, Baba perhaps was implying that my path to become one with God was diamond i.e. “ die mind ”. In other words, my path to God realization was through meditation only !


Between the years 1998 to 2008, I was doing my own type of meditation to some extent, but not regularly. Actually, in the year 1998, I did a lot of meditation, sometimes even three times a day.


I was doing my meditation with a limited knowledge .. gleaned from the books that I read. Anyway, I started having a few astral travels, but then, a person whom I respected quite a bit told me to stop doing astral travel .. because I do not have control of where I was going and some bad spirits can cause me harm. I was also told not to discuss my experiences with anyone, because it would be hard for people to believe these experiences .. and they may become jealous after all, and send negative energy towards me !


I was naive and did not know any better. So, I stopped meditating abruptly and did meditate only casually, only whenever I badly wished.


“ near death experience ”


In November of 2001, I had a heart attack while I was in my business, 5.30 am. There was no one around at that time and I drove myself to the hospital where they admitted me right away. Apparently, I was purple when I reached the hospital.


The day was a Thursday. They administered some medications and kept me under observation on Friday with the diagnosis that, since I was stable now, they will discharge me on the next Monday. Generally, no one is discharged from the hospital on the weekends.


On Sunday, while in the hospital, I had another massive heart attack and actually my heart failed. To revive me, the doctor gave me the electric shock to my chest .. three times with no success.


While this drama was going on, I was actually out of my body, observing everything that was going on ! Not only that, I started travelling down a tunnel .. which was very bright .. and on the other end of the tunnel were two bright figures that came to receive me ! I outstretched my hand for them to grab me, while I was aware that the doctor was giving me the shock for the fourth time. I was telling the doctor not to do it and that I wanted to move on, but, of course, he could not hear me ! The fourth shock did not work, and the doctor tried the fifth time, and at this time I reluctantly entered my body and was lying on the bed.


“ i meet brahmarshi patriji ”


In the year 2008, JANAK BHAI, of Auckland, approached me and asked if I could organize a program for a particular Swamiji, who was coming to New Zealand from India. I unconsciously agreed and in September 2008, I met BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI at Auckland airport for the first time !


As was my custom, I touched his feet .. but he turned around and touched my feet ! At that moment, I felt very awkward.


“ meditation class with patriji


On 23rd September, 2008 we had our first meditation class, in Sai Baba Mandir, with PATRIJI .. and in that very first meditation, I came out of my body and went to the front corner of the room and observed everything that was going on in the room !


That same evening, in the same hall, we had our second meditation class .. and again I came out of my body and started roaming around in the hall.


When I came back into the body, the realization hit me that I was not the body but that I am just residing in the body. I have heard this so many times, that I was not the body, but it was the first time that I experientially understood what it meant.


“ my third-eye opened ”


The next day, in the morning session, my third-eye opened ! I saw a beautiful snow-clad mountain with bright sunlight on the snow. I was flying over the mountain and, all of a sudden, the mountain ended and I was flying over crystal clear beautiful water that also felt very cool. Next, I started flying over the forest and an exhilarating rate .. at the end of which I came face to face with the Divine Master SHIRDI SAI BABA, who at that moment, said only one word “ SABURI (patience) ”.


“ pyramid valley - Bengaluru ”


After this, I started doing meditation regularly, every day. I went to Bengaluru, India, for the AHIMSA SHANTI DHYANA MAHA YAGNAM in the last week of December of 2008.


I also visited the Pyramid Valley, in the outskirts of Bengaluru City, and was totally mesmerized ! What a gigantic and powerful Pyramid ! The first Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists was also happening in the pyramid valley ! And, for seven days, I was totally in personal company of BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI and many other Pyramid Masters !


“ time for me to give up my medications ”


I have had heart attack and also am suffering from hypothyroidism. I was taking three medicines for my heart and one for my thyroid.


On my way back from India, in Janurary 2009, I knew it was time for me to give up my medications and till today have not taken any medicines since then. I know that I do not need the medication anymore.


“ deep meditational experiences ”


Between the period September to December 2008, I started having snippets of my past life coming to me .. till one day .. all the parts connected and played out like a continuous in connected movie playing while I was meditating.


I started having conversations with my Divine Master who answered my questions and gave solutions to my problems .. although the solutions were not particularly clear and what we usually expect. Also, I started having conversations with my father, who passed away three years earlier.


I also started having visions of other Masters such as Paramhansa Yogananda, Shiva, Jesus .. some of whom could talk, some just gave their vision.

Further, in my meditations, information started pouring into me, about the origin of the world, the role of karma etc., etc. I have come to know about the seven Lokas and also about three parallel Universes ! I, of course, know that there is unlimited knowledge out there and we are part and parcel of that infinite.


“ experience - experiencer - bright witness ”


Nowadays, whenever I meditate, I instantly enter a void .. that is full of vibrant energy. Everything is fluidity and I come to the realization that there is no solid or stationary structure, it is just that the atoms are moving at such a speed that things appear solid or stationary.


Once past this stage, I enter a very bright place, ( brighter than the Sun ) where there is not only the experience and the experiencer, but also, observing it all from behind, is a bright witness !


This bright witness, or what I call CONSCIOUSNESS, is a part of all the other consciousnesses, out there, with no difference and no way to distinguish one from the other. It is all a continuum with no beginning and no end.


I am aware that what I have experienced so far is very little, and I have a long way to go.


After PATRIJI’s visit to New Zealand in the year 2008, we formed a group whereby we meet every Wednesday to do group meditation.


“ patriji’s most recent visit ”


During the recent visit by PATRIJI to New Zealand in September 2009, we conducted several classes in Auckland and Wellington, and also one session each in Hamilton and Rotorua.


My elder brother, Praveen Patel, accompanied PATRIJI and D. Siva Prasad to Fiji Islands and helped Patriji to conduct classes in Lautoka, Ba and Suva. There was a good response for Anapanasati Meditation in Fiji Islands, as I gathered from my brother.


PATRIJI has also been shown a very beautiful place in the hills, in between Lautoka and Ba, the Gayatri Dhyana Mandir, where a 20 x 20 feet pyramid is proposed !


I am presently contemplating building a 10 x 10 meters pyramid in Auckland and we are also negotiating for a bigger land in Hamilton to build a bigger pyramid !


“ i am, myself, a swamiji ! ”


Now, I am myself, a meditation teaching Swamiji !


Now, I am a totally happy member of the great world-wide Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ! Now, I am a freshly enlightened pyramid master ! I go house to house and teach meditation to willing participants. I regularly conduct full-moon meditations.


So, my spiritual journey which started with Bhagawan reached its logical end in the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement !



Kirit Patel
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph : +6492729394, 6421128597

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