" In My Past Life, I Saw Patriji Guiding Me "



I am Purnima Daga from Raipur, Chattisgarh.


I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I am a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and also a Pyramid Master !


Basically, I am a house wife. However, I spare four to five hours daily for all the above spiritual activities. I always thank God for all the things given to me !


From my very child-hood, I was specially attracted to all kinds of magic shows, rituals like pooja and also to yoga etc. It is God Shiva and Sai Baba who attracted me most.


I do fasting and believe in dharma. I am from a Jain family. My parents always took me to Spiritual Gurus ever since my child-hood. As a result, I was attracted naturally to my adult life spirituality. I believe in all pervading God Energy.


I am married to “ Sunil Daga ”. We are blessed with two beautiful kids .. “ Madhavi ” and “ Abhishek ”.


I achieved tremendous success in my Reiki 1st degree and since then my spiritual journey really got kick-started. I used to share my experiences with Reiki Masters .. “ Arti Konhar ”, “ Sudhir Konhar ” and “ Pradeep Mehta ” .. who were surprised and highly impressed. I got three more degrees of Reiki and I became a “ Reiki Master ” within a very short span of eight months !


One day, during my Reiki practice, I got a vision of .. “ a man with two girls ”. I could not understand it. At the same time, I got a call from my friend “ Shri Shailendra Jain ” about a certain meditation master coming from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and staying in his house.


I immediately went to Shailendraji’s house and there I met “ Patriji ”. Immediately, I recaptured that this is the same person that I earlier saw in my Reiki Experience ! I told him about my experience that “ I have seen you with two girls ”. He was pleasantly surprised and he informed me that he was indeed in Raipur with his two daughters. He called his two girls and introduced them by saying : “ These are my two daughters ” ! I was shocked to see Patriji with two girls .. exactly the same as I had seen in my vision ! I gave profound thanks to my own intuition power !


That is how, I met Brahmarshi Patriji in the year 1998 in Raipur. It was a very wonderful experience. Especially, I enjoyed his flute meditation. It was really amazing !


After that meditation, Patri Sir asked me : “ Why you are here on this earth ? ” First of all, I was shocked and I explained why I am here and he was completely satisfied with my answer. After that workshop, I realized deeply that “ I am wasting my time .. my quest for spiritual knowledge is yet to burst out ”.


Later, Patri Sir came to Raipur a number of times to conduct many workshops and every time I used to have several discussions on the meaning and significance of my meditational experiences.


I asked Patri Sir for his precious guidance. He gave me a suggestion to read good spiritual books written by Osho, Ruth Montgomery, Swami Rama, Paul Brunton, Raymond Moody etc., etc. Accordingly, I read so many books. From that time onwards my spiritual journey has tremendously matured.


Patriji guided me about intricacies of Anapanasati Meditation. And, through intense meditation, I achieved different paths of holistic power. I started Aura reading, Tarot card reading, Astrology, Face Reading, Vibro healing etc. My every day starts with messages and guidance from Astral World !


In the year 2002, in Raipur, I attended a Past Life Regression workshop conducted by Dr. K. Newton. It was another great turning point in my life ! It helped me to unfold all my past-life knots.


In Hyderabad, again, I met Patriji and Madam Swarnamala Patri and several other pyramid masters. They gave me much love and affection like family members ! Right now, I can tell everyone boldly that “ My family is very big because, it is a Pyramid Family. ”


The very first time, when I was doing Anapanasati Meditation, I saw myself in golden light. Then, slowly, it turned into a white bright light which was passing through my third-eye. Then, I saw many holy symbols floating in the air around me sometimes whispering in my ears...


And, I got extraordinary radiance in my face !


I had so many astral experiences and on astral level I do help so many people ! My sixth sense and intuitive power have tremendously increased. Most of the time, I feel that my heart is flooded with great divine love and affection for all beings. I also got so many ‘ deja vu ’ experiences.


My extra sensory perception (E.S.P.) goes higher and higher. I saw my birth in a pyramid and also my end in a pyramid.


In one of my past lives, I saw Patriji guiding me and I also saw a Buddhist monk. It was very warm feeling and a glorious experience.


A pyramid has high cosmic energy and it has great healing energy. Meditation in a pyramid gives us a peaceful mind.


Patri Sir, in all his meditation classess, plays his most melodious flute and takes all of us into God’s Kingdom ! Thank you Gurudev ! Just because of you all this has been happening !!


Thank you, Gurudev, for all the guidance and blessings being given to all of us and Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM).


My message for all is : “ Use the dynamic pyramid power and be a spiritual dynamite for the whole of the humanity ”.



Purnima Daga
P.D. Gems, Sadar Bazar, Raipur (CG)

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