“ Pranams to Patriji, for showing the Path of Light and Service ! ”



I am Sajani, currently staying in Vadodara, Gujarat.


This soul took birth in this life-time as ‘ Sajani ’ on 9th August 1989.


I was given the privilege of being born to a great loving master “ Supriya ” in Trivandrum, Kerala, twenty years ago ! I must say, my family was not so much in the religious practices and spiritual matters.


From my birth, I was a very particular child with lot of mature characteristics, of course, along with that my short temper and adamancy. I was an introvert by nature. I never used to mingle with other kids. I had lot of attachment to my home and my family members. I would do only whatever I felt like. No one could persuade me for anything. In short, I was a very tough child to handle ! I was full of inhibitions, insecure feelings, and fear about many factors.


When I was in the 9th standard, I had a great chance to meet Senior Pyramid Masters .. “ Minood Sir ” and his wife “ Deepa Madam ” and his daughter “ Meenakshi ”. They were our new neighbours. Gradually the relationship between both of our families started growing. They were almost like my God parents.


One fine day, Minood Sir invited all of us for a meditation session that was conducted at “ Rajan Sir ” and “ Girija Madam’s ” house. Somehow, we were not much interested about it that time. But still just because of the fact that Minood Sir had invited us, we were obligated to go.


That special evening, we met a great personality with a white long beard who gave us warm handshakes as soon as we entered the house.


Yes, this was my first meeting with the “ Great Grand Master Patriji ” ! He asked each one of us to introduce ourselves.


He explained about “ The Science of Meditation ”. Within a few minutes, we were all into deep meditation along with Patriji’s melodious Flute Music !


We did meditation for thirty minutes. After that, we had the experience sharing moments, where Patriji had explained about all the seven experiences. To my surprise, I had experienced a few of them which inspired me at that moment to meditate again. But somehow, I did not continue my meditation.

Months after that session, myself and my mom had the opportunity to assist in the workshop which was organized by Rajan Sir and Minood Sir to be conducted by Patriji. We attended the workshop which gave new insights to come into spirituality. We came to realize that there was lot of interesting aspects of personal betterment through meditation.


After that, I started looking forward eagerly for Patriji’s next visit ! We worked to make it a big event. With every one of Patriji’s visit, I used to learn something new which added to my inner strength. This in turn has helped me to gain confidence.


One year later, Minood Sir had setup a “ Pyramid Meditation Centre ” at their house, where they conducted meditation sessions every evening. Occasionally, I used to participate in those sessions.


Meanwhile, I completed my 10th grade with a good score and I was seeking admission for my 11th grade in the same school. The school authorities had fixed a score which was higher than what I obtained. Peer pressure was high, tension, frustration and what not. I was under great stress.


“ my thought got manifested ”


During this period, I had approached Deepa, ( lovingly called “ Deechi ” ) Minood Sir’s wife. I explained to her about the situation that I was going through. She asked me to do meditation and to “ put an intent ” for it. I was in such a mood, that for this, I was willing to do anything. I meditated accepting her suggestion. I was constantly convincing myself that “ I will get admission ! ” That night, I didn’t even sleep. Therefore, I did meditation and while I was meditating, to my surprise, the statement that “ I will get admission ” changed into “ I got admission ” through my inner voice. I trusted it completely and went to the school next day. Oh ! That was really amazing ! The admission form was offered to me as soon as I entered the room. They did not ask me anything at all. Vow ! My thought got manifested !!


“ my great spiritual journey ”


This was the turning point. With this, I realized the power of meditation. From that moment onwards, I developed an urge to do intense meditation. I started doing meditation continuously along with my mom. This was the beginning of my great spiritual journey.


In due course of time, I learned concepts of “ Karmic Theory ”, “ Divine Life Purpose ”, “ Universal Plan ” etc. I understood that we all had taken birth with a grand agenda of learning through life experiences.


This led to a new inner realization. I had faced a lot of challenging situations while being brought up under a single parent, i.e. my mom. I was full of apprehension and questions regarding the absence of father-hood in my life. Why I was left alone ? Why I didn’t have normal family like other children ? Why my father left us before I saw him ? I felt that it was injustice from God’s part. Altogether, I developed a bitter attitude towards God.


As I started doing meditation, I realized the Karmic influence in my life. I was able to forgive him and accepted what I had myself chosen. I am grateful to the Universe that everything was perfectly planned. It was a matter of concern, but after coming into spirituality, it was not. As a result, I gained more confidence and inner strength. Half of my karmic blocks were dissolved. On realization of this, everything seemed very easy to accept. Life itself is a great play where we are all will-full actors !


I could feel the world around me changing into a favourable one. Before that, I was fighting with the situations. I started analyzing the reason for it. I understood that it was all because of my low energies. As my energy levels shifted, I understood that we attract everything of our same energy vibes. Through meditation, I could overcome my weakness for non-vegetarian food. Now, I am completely a vegetarian ! This is one of my major transformations !


“ Kerala to Gujarat ”


On completion of my 12th standard, I had great desire to study Architecture. I also had an urge to move out of Kerala to Gujarat for my further studies. Surprisingly, when we were planning to go to Gujarat, Minood Sir got his transfer to Ahmedabad. As a result, everything was arranged for our visit i.e., place to stay, right contacts etc. Help was forthcoming from all sides !


On reaching Ahmedabad, after I wrote the entrance exam, an unknown fear engulfed me. It was so intense that I almost went into depression. However, I was able to overcome the whole struggle by reading the book “ Ramtha - The White Book ”.


Reading Ramtha strengthened my mind by the ultimate realization that “ I am God and I can create whatever I want ”. It made me rockfeel secure ; fearless and rock-confident. It had shifted me into a totally different dimension ! I got admission for Degree in Bachelor of Architecture and Interior Design as per my desire. I could excel in my studies and secure good rank in the university examinations. Universe had helped me in creating what I wanted. What a great Master Plan !


“ importance of reading spiritual books ”


I owe my gratitude for getting selection for the course entirely to Anapanasati meditation and teachings of Ramtha. From that moment onwards, I also realized the tremendous importance of reading spiritual books.


Although I was totally new to Gujarat, I was always taken care and protected wherever I went. I found a great love and support from Pyramid Masters .. late “ Satish Patel Sir ” and “ Ratnamala Madam ”.


Another friend of us, a great master “ Nirali ” organized several meditation programmes during Patriji’s visit to make “ Dhyana Gujarat ”. We organized functions at Gandhi Ashram, AIIM, several schools at Ahmedabad and Rajkot etc., which gave a special impetus to our movement. Nirali Shaw’s guidance and love moved and inspired me a lot.


With the help of late Satish Patel Sir and his wife Ratnamala Patel, a meditation centre was set up at their house. Regular meditation sessions were organised at their home in which I participated with great zeal. It was a dream come true for all of us. I started propagating the science of meditation. Along with the Pyramid Spiritual Societies members we organized several workshops and programmes.


Attending the “ Global Congress Spiritual Scientists ”, during the year 2008, in Pyramid Valley at Bengaluru, was a unique experience. It gave me a chance to know many new spiritual concepts. It was a good platform for knowing about experiences of different International masters. I got immense happiness and interaction with spiritual giants.


“ Dhyana Gujarat ”


Now, we are all moving ahead with full stead and energy to achieve the goal of “ Dhyana Gujarat ”. The “ Nirvana Pyramid Meditation Centre ” in Ahmedabad has been set up at madam Ratnamala Patel’s residence and Patriji dedicated the pyramid to the world on 18th August, 2009.


I understood the “ Power of Now ” and the Importance of being in the “ Present Moment ” rather than thinking about the past or future. I started mingling more with people. I could overcome my inhibitions and became bold and strong.


I feel that I am always surrounded by the warmth and love of masters. I started seeing each moment in life an opportunity to experience and and learn. My intuition became sharper ..my thought and speech patterns .. interpersonal relationships etc., have all changed .. my emotional equations improved .. my mindset became radically modified .. attained absolute calm and absolute peace!


I became more relaxed, open to other people’s feelings. Life is now a great wonder ride and am enjoying each and every moment of it.


I am really happy of the opportunity to be a part of this great mission of making Patriji’s dream “ Dhyana Jagat ” come true. As a beginning, I will be doing my best for “ Dhyana Gujarat ”. I am also learning Gujarati !


I take this opportunity to thank all the masters in the Universe who have been constantly guiding me. I am doing everything from my part to spread the divine light of meditation throughout.


Pranaams to Patriji, for showing the Path of “ Light and Service ” !


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