" Dhyana Kerala will be my Guru Dakshina "



I am Deepa Minood from Trivandrum, Kerala.


It was a Friday, the Clock struck 6 pm at dusk. People started coming to my home for meditation. An occasional instruction for the meditation was the only sound, breaking the silence. People have accepted me .. “ Deepa ” .. as a meditation teacher ! My transformation from a mundane housewife to a magnificent meditation teacher all started with our Great Master Patriji ! “ Dhyana Kerala ” is starting !.. my “ Gurudakshina ” to Patriji.


I am the eldest of the three girls born to our engineer father and homemaker mother. At the young age itself I was introduced to the great Gurus Sree Narayana Guru, Nithyachaithanya Yati through my father. Lord Muruga was our family deity. I was a very devotional girl. But I was also confused about the normal way of praying to God.


It started like this. The final hearing of a case where my father was the plaintiff, I saw both my father and the opposite party coming to the same temple and praying to the same deity. I was mused… “ whom will the God side ? ” Both the parties have come to pray for winning. My father lost the case even though he was on the fair side. If you can achieve anything by worshipping God, then what is the role of righteous living ? If it is the righteous living which is actually paying off, is there any need of this kind of praying and worshipping God ??.


All the schools and colleges, where I studied were of Christian Missionaries. Through them, I learnt about Christianity. My next doubt was if the people who believe only in Christ, get to heaven, where will people of other religions go after their death ? That mental picture was funny .. God asking the people whether they are Christian or not !


My beloved parents entrusted their elder daughter to “ Minood ”, a boy who was working in NABARD, Bengaluru. My life was shifted to Bengaluru. Life was shockingly different. The word “ happiness ” was not in our word-bank. I could not make out what was happening. However I tried, the life was not normal .. I did not know whom to ask, why all this was happening to me.


I started detaching myself from all my friends and relatives. Will this ever change ?


Even though my situation was not upto the mark, I firmly believed that my husband is the best and I am living happily, though I didn’t know anything about ‘ thought manifestation ’. Probably because of this, suddenly something drastic happened !


One day my husband came back home from office and declared “ I want to learn meditation ” I was really shocked. For me, it was something connected with old people. Obviously, my reply was not a favorable one. But he did not wait for my consent. Next day he joined a meditation class run by the “ Manasa Foundation ” of Bengaluru run by Swami Krishnananda.


Then our child was just five to six months old. My husband would do meditation from 4’oclock in the morning for about two hours. He will go to the office and after coming back, will again sit in meditation for two to three hours ! I barely got time to talk to him ! Every time I heard the word ‘ meditation ’, I used to go wild !


In those times, I didn’t feel any inclination of learning or doing it. After six months, he said “ Deepa ! You are also learning meditation ”. Given a choice, I would have said “ No ”. But any way, I too started doing meditation. I started liking it .. sitting for thirty minutes was quite enjoyable !


One and half years went on just like that. I really didn’t know what was happening. My home atmosphere started changing. Both of us didn’t know anything about energy or thought power. Tremendous inner changes started happening in my husband. Both of us knew that it was because of meditation and I started clinging to it more. Words like “ Astral body ” and “ Astral travel ” were introduced to me even though I didn’t know the exact meaning. This period came to an end when we got transferred and came to our native place Trivandrum.


Due to the involvement in other activities, the interest in doing meditation came down. Practice was not stopped fully and on and off both of us used to do but the earlier tempo was not regained, during this time he used to go into meditation practices and will drop it after sometime. I used to stand aside and watch his erratic spiritual quest. These times, however, our personal relationship was strengthening. But financial planning was all on rocks ! I didn’t know what to do. But whatever happened, only thing which helped me go through all the turmoil was my firm trust in my husband .. “ He is the best ”.


A stage came where we didn’t have any financial back up. Our debts were much more than our monthly salary. It is during this time, S.K. Rajan and Girija Madam, came into our lives! And through them, Brahmarshi Patriji !


Rajan Sir was my husband’s friend and they taught us ‘ anapanasati meditation ’.


Life was never the same after this ! Till that time, if we were just living our life, after that, we were celebrating our life ! For me, this anapanasati meditation was like something very natural ! Both of us started doing meditation for one hour daily. Whenever we get time, we will rush to Rajan Sir’s house and will sit in meditation for hours. Reading “ Ramtha ” by J Z Knight “ Omni .. The Four Principles of Creation ” by John L Payne was like getting shifted to another world !


I realized that the money is not the thing that provides one’s happiness. Happiness is something which arises from deep within. Sadhana, Swadhyaya and Sajjana Sangathya were put into practice without knowing.


Rajan Sir and Girija madam always used to talk about Patriji. Without our seeing Patriji himself, he had already become a part of us ! Finally, on the 2nd October, 2004, evening, I met this great person ! At the very first sight, I was attracted to him ! “ You are God ” and “ You create your own reality ” are the two slogans which impressed me ! Then onwards meditation became a passion for me.


Rajan Sir and Girija Madam taught us how to conduct meditation classes. Slowly, I started giving classes outside. The first Pyramid Meditation Centre in Trivandrum was opened in our house !


My biggest doubt was why I am not getting third-eye visions. For my small daughter and other people, they were all like regular movies ! When I asked Patriji about this, the answer he gave was the most baffling. He said “ Deepa, why do you want to taste brinjal when you are eating a potato ? ” Then it struck me that there is no point in comparing my soul with my five year old daughter. Each of us has different purpose in life. Therefore, the experience each soul needs to go through is also unique.


It is during this time that I got very much connected to the Theosophical Society. My father-in-law was the Secretary of the local lodge at that time. He guided me through books written by Annie Besant, Leadbeater and Colonel Olcott. These books appealed to me as they satiated my need for scientific backing to the inner truths..! My understanding about inner world, inner self and hidden side of things became clearer.


Now, I go to various places in Kerala and give meditation classes. I realized there is a great purpose that I need to fulfill with my life for the vast benefits of the whole world.


All these were possible because of Patriji. I too wanted to touch and change other people’s lives, like him. Patriji is a great teacher who specializes in creating masters unlike other teachers who create disciples. This space is insufficient to describe how his words have changed me.


From an ordinary housewife, my development to a meditation teacher is all because of this great Saint ! “ Dhyana Kerala ” will be my “ Guru Dakshina ” to him !




Deepa Minood
Trivandrum, Kerala

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