" Patri Sir .. a Great Spiritual Scientist "



I am H.C.Jain, born and brought up in a small town named Jaspur Dist. Udhamsinghnagar in Uttaranchal.


I served in State Bank of India as Probationary Officer in the year 1981 and thereafter joined Indian Revenue Service in 1982. Since then I have served Income Tax Department in various capacities in U.P., Uttaranchal, Delhi and Mumbai. Presently I am posted as Commissioner of Income Tax at Mumbai.


Coming from Jain Tradition, I was having a religious bent of mind. Since my childhood, I was very regular in my daily “ SWADHYAYA ” and “ POOJA ” as per Jain Scriptures.


I was actively involved in various associations working for prevention of cruelty against animals and promotion of vegetarianism. I was always keen to meet saints and spiritual masters. While I was posted at Dehradun I had the privilege of meeting many great masters like His Holiness Dalai Lama, Shri Shri Ravishankarji, Swami Chidanandji, Swami Swatantranandji, Swami Satyamitranandji in addition to a number of prominent ‘ Jain Saints ’ and ‘ Sadhwis ’.


I had an intense urge to know the answers to the basic queries - “ Who am I ? ”, “ What is the purpose of life ? ” , “ What is Enlightenment ? ”, “ What is the way to self realization ? ” etc.


In the year 2001, I came to know about Brahmarshi Patri Sir through my colleague Mr D.B. Goel.


After hearing from him, I had a very keen desire to meet Patri Sir. So, I invited him to visit Dehradun for teaching meditation.


Patri Sir arrived in Dehradun on July, 2002 and stayed with us. This was our first interaction with him! I attended several meditation classes organized at Dehradun. After staying in his company for a few days, I got a call from within that I have met a master for whom I had been searching for the last so many years.


I accompanied Patri Sir to different places in Uttaranchal. People welcomed him profusely at Dehradun, Mussourie, Kashipur, Roorkie, Pant Nagar, Jaspur, Kotdwar and so many others places.


While travelling with him I got a chance to learn many wonderful spiritual concepts .Many of my doubts got cleared and many queries dissolved. Three fundamentals emphasized by him Swadhyaya, Sajjan Sangatya and Dhyana have become integral part of my daily life.


The vast literature and books recommended by him have become my best companions. As advised by Patri Sir, I also conducted several meditation classes at different places in Uttaranchal. A meditation group of genuine seekers was formed in Dehradun and there were regular meditation sessions on each Sunday evening in addition to ‘ Full-Moon Meditation ’.


As a result of regular meditation, reading of spiritual books and interaction with Patri Sir my thought pattern has changed towards positivity, my understanding has expanded tremendously, my wavering mind has become stable, life has become much more peaceful and happy.

I have a constant feeling of abundance and joy full of love and compassion to all. Meaning and purpose of life has totally changed. Material priorities have gone into background, spiritual upliftment and self realization being the foremost priority. The mental agitations like anger, greed, craving and aversion have substantially diminished. The level of awareness have gone up. This has positively impacted the lives of all the family members.


My wife and my elder son are into regular meditation. There is greater feeling of acceptance and surrender and each moment is taken as celebration.


Along with my family I have visited the First Pyramid at Kurnool and the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid in “Pyramid Valley”, Bengaluru. I have also attended Dhyan Yagnas at Tirupati, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Me and my family have learnt a lot from Patri Sir during our short personal meetings.


Patri Sir is unique.


He is a great spiritual scientist who believes in ‘master-master’ concept only, there is no disciple, he is a miraculous thinker.


His untiring efforts and commitment has transformed the lives of millions of people in Andhra Pradesh in particular and in the country as a whole.


His vision to spiritualize the entire planet seems to be materializing in near future. His compassion for animals and courage to speak the truth even in the midst of fierce opposition is commendable. His personal life is a demonstration of the precepts preached by him.


Anapanasati meditation is a non-sectarian form of meditation open to entire humanity irrespective of any faith, religion, nationality, caste and colour etc.


Meditation teaches us that we are creators of our own reality in which we live. Therefore, the way to overcome our miseries is through right understanding.


A meditator starts understanding that:
“Events are at best only partly under our control ; our reactions however occur within the field of our psycho-physical life and ultimately under our own control. We suffer not because of something happening to us but because we are not able to dissociate ourselves from the reactions to those happenings within our mind-body complexes”.


A sense of detached observation is helpful in giving freedom from internal reactivity. Thus, although the external fate maybe imposed upon each of us by certain situations / circumstances, yet, psychological fate is a matter of conscious choice and decision !


Regular meditation helps in developing self awareness and experiential wisdom resulting into freedom from past conditioning. A traveller on the path of meditation also realizes the value of purity of conduct in daily life.


Once settled on the path of meditation coupled with purified conduct, a meditator experiences freedom to live for higher values and objectives, loving kindness and compassion and becomes a constant source of inspiration and peace to all fellow beings.


I and my family are highly indebted to Patri Sir for putting us on the path of meditation. Once there is induction on right path, one is certain to reach the destination. In my opinion, the job of the Master is to place you on right path and set you free to make your own journey. This has been done so amazingly by Patri Sir !


I am enjoying my spiritual journey and freedom. There is no hurry to reach the destination because each step of the journey is so marvellous and enchanting!



H.C. Jain
B-21,Hyderabad Estate, Nepean Sea Road, MUMBAI
Ph : 23695429 / 9969001459

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