“ Life ..Bliss Once Again ”



I am J. K. Kalra from Chandigarh.


I was born in March 1946 at Sangrur, Punjab to Shri KC Kalra and Smt. Amrit Kalra. I had a very happy, enjoyable and memorable child-hood along with my five elder sisters who were very fond of me.


I had my schooling in different towns of joint Punjab before I joined Govt. Medical College, Patiala, from where I did my M.B.B.S.


After my internship at Patiala and house job at Delhi, I joined Armed Forces as a Captain in Army Medical Corps in the year 1971. The same year war broke out between India and Pakistan and I participated in that war as a medical doctor. I served in army as a short service commissioned officer for five years. Thereafter, I joined Punjab Civil Medical Services in the year 1977 from where I retired in the year 2004 having served for 27 years in Chandigarh. Since then, I am giving my services to a charitable institution.


My wife, Smt.Santosh Kalra, hails from Delhi, where she was born in 1949 to Shri Lekh Raj and Smt. Prakash Vati.


She studied in Delhi throughout and joined a college there as lecturer in Hindi. We got married in the year 1978. She came to Chandigarh after some time and she was teaching in a prestigious Govt. college for 32 years. Later, she got elevated to the post of Principal and got retired in the year 2007 having rendered valuable services to different Govt. colleges.


We have two sons, who are well educated and very well placed in their jobs in Delhi and Chennai.


Life was absolutely a bliss with harmony and peace all around till we married our elder son in the year 2006. Immediately after the marriage, we noticed that neither of the two appeared to be happy. They did not find each other to be compatible. Inspite of our best efforts they could not stay together. We decided that they should be legally separated so that both of them could start their respective lives afresh. It was a painful decision but had to be taken in the interest of both the families.


This event gave us the shock of our lives. It was not only a personal, social and emotional blow but a big financial loss also. It left us alone pondering over this whole incident. We could never know what sin we had done to get this jolt. We were really very upset. But we were not only to recover from this shock ourselves but had to take care of our son also who had undergone a turmoil at this point of life for no fault of his. It was really a difficult time.


It was during this time that we came into contact with pyramid master Mr. Rama Raju, who was making all possible efforts to start Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement in Chandigarh.


One evening he came home, had a talk with us, explained everything about the “ Pyramid Spiritual Society ” and “ Pyramid Meditation ” and taught us the right way to do it. We had meditation for twenty minutes. He visited us once again and that is how we stepped on to this path.


I had always been interested in such activities, had already learnt different techniques of meditation but never felt satisfied and progressing. This method of meditation “ Anapanasati ” appeared to me easy and effective. My wife had never been interested in doing meditation till then. Then came a day when Mr. Sai Kumar Reddy of “ Spiritual India ”, from Hyderabad, happened to visit Chandigarh. He simply told her :


“ Everyone should do meditation for their own particular self, nobody can do it for the other person. As such, why don’t you also start meditation ? ”


She felt quite convinced and made self commitment to practice Anapanasati. When she started, she felt at ease and rest at heart. Probably the previous happening had prepared her mind to accept it. Anyhow, the timing was right. She was also in a receptive mode. Both of us started meditating everyday.


Mr. Rama Raju was conducting group meditations at his residence every Sunday evening. I also started attending the sessions and gained much needed knowledge.


Meanwhile, we decided to conduct a one day workshop at our place which was attended by friends, relatives and neighbours. Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta and Mrs. Rachna Gupta came from Ludhiana to guide the new meditators. They shared their experiences and also answered their several queries. It encouraged us all the more to continue our journey on this path.


We learnt that PSSM publishes magazines in different languages. Rachna Gupta was the editor for Hindi magazine “ Dhyan Bharat ”. On her invitation, we went to Ludhiana. There she requested my wife to contribute towards the magazine to which she readily agreed. Later my wife joined the Editorial Board also.


We were thus advancing steadily on the path of spirituality but there was a certain lack of calm and serenity within. We learnt that meditation has two other aspects also to compliment it .. “ Swadhyaya ” and “ Sajjan Sangatya ”. So, we also started reading books by famous authors and masters and learnt about many new concepts. The most important of them was “ The power of positive thinking ”.


We realized we could help ourselves only by changing our thinking. A documentary “ The Secret ” revealed this secret of life to us. “ The Law of Attraction ” was visibly working in our case too. We used to visualize things which we wanted and magnetized people and things into our lives. In short, we translated into action what all we learnt from the books.


For the first time, we learnt about “ walk-ins ”, “ channels ” and “ mediums ”. We shared our experiences and views during group meditation sessions.


Slowly, all our negative thinking was replaced by positive thinking. Now, we are busy with creative work ! I thought that we should set up a meditation centre in the city with a library equipped with audio and video CD’s. We started looking for a suitable place. My wife, on the other hand, started translating ‘ Tulsidal II ’ .. one of Patriji’s books into Hindi. This was a very challenging job since she herself did not know Telugu. She took the help of Rama Raju, who explained the meaning of Telugu sentences to her.


After that, she spent hours everyday converting the whole content into Hindi and completed it in three months. Now, we looked forward to meeting Patriji on the occasion of “ Buddha Poornima ” at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore. We wished to see the mega pyramid and meditate there in the presence of Brahmarshi Patrji.


We participated in the “ Buddha Poornima ” celebrations, attended five hour long meditation sessions for three days, met Patriji there and presented the translated version of ‘ Tulsidal II ’ to him. He appreciated the effort generously ! We also invited him to visit Chandigarh to which he kindly agreed and 6th & 7th June were fixed for his visit.


On our return from Pyramid Valley, we put in all efforts to set up a centre for “ Chandigarh Pyramid Spiritual Society ”. We succeeded in doing so, charged it with pyramids and arranged spiritual books and CDs for the library. On the 6th of June we welcomed Patriji in that very centre. The very next day, which was a full-moon day, we had a three-hour meditation session with Patriji. A great day for both of us, we were honoured by the Jagat Guru himself ! We had long conversations with him at home and on journeys to Sangrur and Ludhiana, when he explained many things to us.


Now, we are in total peace ! I am looking after the work of Chandigarh Pyramid Spiritual Society and my wife is looking after the Hindi magazine “ Dhyan Bharat ” and is busy translating another book from Telugu to Hindi. Her efforts will certainly open doors for people of Hindi speaking areas to know Patriji’s concepts and will help spread his movement in this region too.


Patrji’s visit to Chandigarh has given impetus to our commitment to celebrate life, gain wisdom and fulfill our social responsibility.


Each one of us should work for the society as per one’s potential and maximum capability. Both of us are doing so and feel satisfied. What all we need will also be attracted into our lives. This faith will lead us to bliss once again.


Thanks to Patriji for teaching us the right way to lead this life and beyond !



Dr. J.K. Kalra
H. No. 389, Sec-44-A, CHANDIGARH
Ph : +91 98153312716

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