" I Feel Great to be a Member of PSSM "



I am Sanjay Jain.


I am residing in Raipur, the capital city of the state of Chattisgarh. I am in export and construction business. We also own one of the best schools in Raipur. I am a sincere follower of Brahmarshi Patriji.


I had a happy child-hood. I studied in residential schools of Ranchi and Raipur. My parents hail from a small town “ Kunkuri ”. But they ensured the best of education for me. I graduated from Sri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi. I had always been an inquisitive child, very fond of reading all kinds of books, and I was reasonably good in studies.


After my college education, me and my friend “ Rakhi ”, whom I married later, attempted IAS exams. I soon realized that was not what I wanted to do, so, after marriage I joined my father’s business. I was just at the right place at the right time and we did well. Very soon, we had to move to Raipur, which happened to be my wife’s home-town.


It was in Raipur, sometime in the year 2001 that I came to know about Patriji. My brother-in-law “ Shailendra ” and his cousin “ Shreyans ” had already been in close contact with Patriji and through them I used to meet Patriji.


I found Patriji very reasonable and as a matter of fact, at times he was rather blunt and that attracted me all the more to him ! Since then, it has been a great experience for me with Patriji. Here is a master who has always been very candid about his limitations, if any, and who always encouraged us to learn from all. He introduced all of us to the great knowledge of spiritual books and the Anapansati Meditation.


We formed the Raipur Chapter of the Pyramid Spiritual Society and toured almost the whole State of Chattisgarh along with Patriji, teaching spirituality.


In the years 2004-05, we started our School project in joint venture with Shailu Bhaiya and naturally built the first pyramid of this area in the school. It was inaugurated by Patriji and now meditation is a part of the school’s regular curriculum !


In the year 2007, I got another great opportunity, to see “ Kailash Manasa Sarovar ” along with Patriji ! Myself and Rakhi had always wanted to go and what could have been better than to go along with a great master ! It was an experience of a lifetime, the journey was very difficult but all went well ! We had the best weather and very good company of meditators and pyramid masters.


During our journey to Kailash, Patriji got very sick near “ Manasa Sarovar ” , he was almost in coma. We had been sharing the same vehicle and I decided to take him back to Kathmandu before others. I just wanted to visit Kailash, myself and Rakhi arranged our departure and just went to see Kailash for about two hours after which we were supposed to leave. We came back and were surprised to see Patriji fit and fine and as playful as ever ! I asked, “ what was the miracle ? ” I was told he was lying in the room in great pain and many people were there around him doing meditation. In this meditation, they saw an old man whose face was like Hanuman walk-in, he just put his hand on Patriji and went away. In no time, Patriji got up and was absolutely fine ! This was a miracle I experienced myself, I had seen him sick only hours earlier and now here he was as fit as ever !


However, I told him that I had made up my mind to go early and sought his permission to leave, he said “ Okay ”. In Tibet, one cannot even imagine to travel alone but he said “ All will be fine ” ! Then Patriji said something which till today gives me goose pimples whenever I think about it. He said : “ I had known this from the first time I saw you, but I wanted to reveal it at an opportune moment. I wanted you to come to Himalayas with me and the moment had come now ”. He also said : “ In one of your past lives you were Bodhidharma, the Pallava Prince who went to China to spread Buddhism .. the person who was the founder of ‘ Zen Buddhism ’ and martial arts many hundred years ago ”. He advised me to read as much as I could about “ Bodhidharma ”. He said : “ Bodhidharma was one of my heroes and one of the most intriguing personalities in spiritual history ”. I did ask him later, “ Why a soul as great as Bodhidharma needs to take birth again ? What is left to learn ? ” He said, “ Not to learn, but to teach ! ”


After Manasa Sarovar, myself and Rakhi were prepared to take a break for a few years and wanted to go abroad for studies. However, we were in a fix with our two lovely daughters “ Sara ” and “ Rhea ”. We are happy and contented. But, my mother insisted us to have another child, with a hope of getting a grandson. We decided to have a chance.


During the fourth month of pregnancy we revealed the news to both my parents and in-laws who were ecstatic with happiness. Unfortunately, the same evening my mother passed away due to heart failure. This was the cruelest joke the destiny could crack on us. I talked to Patriji around that time. He said, “ As a matter of fact, she is coming back as your child ”. Now, whenever we see “ Vama ” our third daughter, we try to figure my mother in her !


Another great experience which I got was while attending the “ Global Congress for Spiritual Scientists ” in Bengaluru. I was able to interact with Great Masters like Jashmuheen, Raymond Moody, Janet Attwood, Alex Orbito and Dr. Newton and others. Shreyans Daga deserves special thanks to have made this possible. Later I took my daughter ‘ Rhea ’ to Phillipines to meet Alex Orbito for healing, as she had suffered a brain haemorrhage.


After the psychic surgery by Alex Orbito, Rhea is doing absolutely fine !


When I look back I feel very satisfied with my journey of life so far. I have had an excellent family who have supported me in all that I have done. My parents, my two brothers Ajay and Vinay, my sisters Anita and Barkha and their spouses along with all our lovely children make everything so simple and fun.


We like to keep things most uncomplicated. I can proudly say my family has passed all tests through thick and thin and has come closer during difficult times. My wife, Rakhi is the strongest individual I have ever seen in my life, she is extremely firm in her beliefs and very hard-working, she is a pillar of strength. I must here specially mention Shailendra, my brotherin-law and his wife Sangita, who are very spiritual people and like-minded companions.


Spirituality for me is a way of life. I have become most accommodating and understanding in the last few years.


My hot temperment is no more now and I can always sympathise with other peoples’ point of view. I cherish relationships and can keep my ego aside to keep them going. It has also made me very determined.


Recently, I decided to loose weight. It took only two months to knock off about 18 kgs of my weight !


I have specially learnt complete acceptability in terms of human behaviour of all. However, that does not mean a ‘ let go ’ attitude for life. In fact, these days, we are in our most expansionist drive and seeking opportunities in many sectors in business.


Spirituality has taught me to live life to the fullest and give a try for everything. I do the best shot, the results are not entirely in my hands but trying my best is, and I ensure that.


The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is one of the best medium to spread spirituality in our times. I feel great to be a member of this movement and be able to move about and interact in the august company of Patriji, Dr. Newton and Lakshmi and all others who are contributing in this holy design.


I am sure when the masters and my destiny will decide, I will be involved more in this movement. I am enjoying the fantastic journey of life to the fullest !



Sanjay Jain
R - 6, Anupam Nagar, RAIPUR (CG)
Ph : +91 9425255000

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