" Anapanasati .. The Best .. and The Only Way "


I am Shashidhar Reddy .. born, brought up and educated in Hyderabad, India.


I moved to Singapore in the year 1997 on an assignment and I continue to work and live here. I am married to Usha and we have two daughters .. ‘ Shriya ’ and ‘ Sahasra ’.


Late February 2008, I visited the exhibition “ On the Nalanda Trail ” at the Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore. At the display were rare artifacts about Gautama Buddha and depicts about Buddhism from various countries. Majority of them were from India and it provided a rare opportunity for me to see relics of Gautama Buddha. The two-hour tour had a deep impact on me and the thought of doing meditation came instantly to my mind.


“ search for meditation ”


To any person born in India, meditation is something not new .. the impression, however,being “ it is something of a complex process ”.


With an intention to find out more about meditation, I started off with the search on the internet. The search on meditation resulted in browsing through many many related websites. Patiently, I was reading about meditation in all the various sites .. most of them requiring me to go to their center for a few days to learn, or pay and buy some videos, or follow a certain set of rituals.


I, more or less, decided that all this is not going to work for me and I can only take to some of the procedures when I have nothing else to do. I was about to give up the whole search totally when I came across the website “ www.pssmovement.org ” and I read about Anapanasati meditation.


I couldn’t believe that Anapanasati meditation can be so simple and easy to do ! No rituals, no mantras ! No Guru ! No travel required, no courses to attend and it can be done by any one and at any time !


“ spiritual dawn in my life ”


I started practicing Anapanasati meditation with sincere efforts every day for thirty minutes before retiring to sleep. On the fourth day morning, when I got up from bed, I was in for a pleasant surprise ! My mind was empty, completely blank !!


I was astonished and I never felt like this, ever ! All the stresses and all the worries that I carried day in and day out suddenly disappeared and I was absolutely fresh and energetic ! It was only then I realized how much of a mess my mind was and the damaging effect of it on my everyday life ! I became absolutely convinced that Anapansati Meditation is the best and the only way !!


“ pssmovement.org .. gateway to spiritual science ”


I found the essential link in my life in the website www.pssmovement.org. Not a single day passed without visiting the website and reading the wealth of information, listening to the discourses by Patriji at “ pyramid radio ” and watching the numerous videos posted at “ you-tube ”.


Hats off to the creative and technical team of PSSM for creating a great website by making sure that everything that one would want is available at the website ! “ www.pssmovement.org ” is the true gateway to spiritual science !!


“ reading spiritual books ”


A few days after the beginning of the practice of Anapanasati Meditation, my life took a different course altogether .. I was constantly on the look out for every opportunity to meditate.


I started using my commuting time for my office work. I terminated cable TV at the house ; there is now plenty, plenty of time. We are no longer watching TV .. instead, we dedicated the time to listening to “ pyramid radio ” or watching patrijis discourses, interviews on you-tube and reading a whole lot of spiritual books as recommended by Patriji.


In his discourses, and at the website, Patriji recommends reading great spiritual books .. one of them is “ You Forever ” by Lobsang Rampa. This was my first book on spirituality. I read the book almost ten times and my hunger and thirst for spiritual knowledge continued to grow ever since !


I read the other books by Dr. Rampa, “ Third-eye ”, “ The Hermit ”, “ Chapters of Life ”, “ Twilight ”. I also read books / spiritual teachings by Ramtha, Seth, Rasha, Kahlil Gibran , Peter Richelieu, Richard Bach etc.


“ impact on my personal life ”


As me and my wife Usha continued meditation everyday at a time convenient for us, life took a different turn altogether, there is now more joy and happiness. Things which were subject to contention now appeared petty ; paying any attention to them would be an absolute waste of time and energy. We are able to spend quality time with our little daughters ! To maximize our spiritual knowledge we read different books and discuss about what we have read at night.


One Sunday afternoon an incredible thing happened, my wife and my daughter were sleeping and I was sitting in the living room reading a book, around 4 pm a thought of wanting to have a cup of tea came to my mind and ten minutes later my wife was standing in front of me with a cup of tea ! I have not noticed her going to the kitchen ! I asked her when she got up. She replied, “ when you asked me for tea ” ! She picked up my thought telepathically and she continues to do so every now and then even now !


For the past few years I was having back problem and stiff shoulders. During meditation I experienced severe pains and after which the pains have disappeared .. there is no longer any back pain or shoulder pain !


“ pyramid meditation ”


Two months after we started meditation, my mother came to Singapore. Along with her came our first 2’ x 2’ pyramid. I was astonished to experience the flow of cosmic energy from the pyramid ! Having read about and done the “tomato experiment” we are convinced that the energies are there but nothing like this was expected !


One day, when I was meditating under the pyramid I was completely in trance and a sudden flash of light awakened me and it was more than two hours in one sitting. Since then, I am spending long and continuous hours in meditation for two to three hours on week days and at least six hours on week-ends.


After watching the photographs about Buddha poornima celebrations at www.pssmovement.org I wanted to go to Bangalore to experience the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid at the Pyramid Valley.


After days of planning I finally decided to go to Bangalore in June 2008 during the fullmoon period.


“ pyramid valley ”


I arrived in Banaglore, this was my first trip to the Mega City. Paradesi Naidu, project manager of pyramid Valley, helped me in getting to the pyramid valley.


I stayed in the valley for four days during the full-moon week of June. The location and facilities are excellent. I spent most of my time meditating in the King’s Chamber, reading books and sharing experiences with other pyramid masters. The resource center at the valley has good collection of spiritual books, CDs and DVDs. I also met other meditators in the valley who had come from distant places. I was surprised to see so many people travel from far off places to utilize the full-moon energies for meditation in the great pyramid.


“ past-life regression workshop ”


Being a native of Hyderabad, after my stay in the valley for four days, I travelled to Hyderabad. I attended Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi’s work- shop on past-life regression for two days and learnt many new things. It was a great opportunity to hear wonderful experiences of others who attended the workshop. On the last day of work- shop, during a casual conversation with Dr. Netwon, I mentioned to him that I came from Singapore, he said that he would be visiting Singapore and he would meet me in Singapore.


“ destined to meet Patriji ”


Before I came to India I had spoken with Shiva Prasad, personal secretary to Patriji and expressed my interest to buy some books. Masters of PSSM have done a great job by translating some of the valuable spiritual books originally in English language to Telugu and other Indian languages.


I went to “ Dhyanandra Pradesh ” office in Hyderabad to collect the books from Shiva Prasad. Patriji happened to be in office at the same time and Siva Prasad introduced me to Patriji saying “ Sir, Pyramid Master from Singapore has come ”. I greeted Patriji and sat beside him, he enquired about my spiritual journey, I narrated the events that have taken place.


When I stopped speaking, there was big round of applause and Patriji said “ I have been waiting for you ”. I invited Patriji to visit Singapore, he instantly accepted my invitation and declared “ Today, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Singapore is born ”. Shiva Prasad worked out the schedule and the dates 7th and 8th September 2008, were decided. Patriji invited me to join him for lunch at his home ; we travelled together in my car. I took this rare learning opportunity and asked many questions and he patiently answered all of them !


During my few hours of stay at his residence I had opportunities to meet other great masters from PSSM. I met Srinivas Reddy and listened to his great and wonderful experiences, he has also given me guidance and recommended some good books to read.


I was delighted with such sudden development of events and I left India happily with many spiritual books and another Pyramid !


“ Dr. Newton in Singapore ”


Upon returning to Singapore, I shared my experiences with my family and regarding the planned Patriji’s trip. We were all excited and were looking forward to Patriji’s trip.


I continued to meditate and spread Anapanasati meditation to my colleagues and friends, in Singapore and other countries.


A few days later Dr. Newton was in Singapore for a holiday. He kindly accepted my request to meet him and conduct a meditation class. I, my wife and my mother along with a few of my friends went to meet him at the hotel where he was put up. We spent more than two hours with Dr. Newton, of which one hour he conducted meditation class .. my “ first guided meditation ” class ! Although I was doing meditation on my own, doing it under the guidance of an enlightened master was an unforgettable experience ! And, I was so very much impressed with Dr. Newton’s style of conducting the class !


I started spreading Anapanasati Meditation and started conducting classes on my own .. forming the first small group of Pyramid Masters in Singapore !


“ preparing for Patriji’s visit ”


We had not done anything like this before, and I had absolutely no clue on what was required. Nevertheless, we were fairly confident that the trip is going to be successful. Ideas started to flow on their own from time to time.


The first thing I started off with was, registering domain and creating a PSS Singapore website www.psssingapore.org. The site was up and running in just thirty minutes with the schedule of Patriji’s Singapore visit September 7th and 8th 2008.


Hunt was on for a suitable venue to conduct meditation class. After much searching and visiting we have decided to host it at the civil service club.


The next and the biggest challenge was to reach out to the masses with the details about Patriji’s visit, with the schedule updated at www.pssmovement.org and www.psssingapore.org. We reached out to public traditionally by distributing pamphlets, word of mouth and extensive use of online forums to reach out to expats and others interested in meditation.


I have also introduced Anapansati Meditation to friends living in other countries, they were delighted to hear about Patriji’s trip and one of them Sanjeev Kumar living in the USA wished he could join the class. That evoked a thought in me that I should try and webcast the entire class of Patriji LIVE for the benefit of masters in other countries !


“ Patriji .. live on the website ! ”


Having completed the ground work I and my wife thought we can now sleep, but the sleep kept eluding us.


The day arrived and so did Patriji early morning on 7th September 2008. I went to receive Patriji, Siva Prasad and Nanda Prasad, and when we were on our way home, Patriji jokingly said “ You came from no where and hijacked me to Singapore ”. I am indeed honored to associate myself with such a great organisation steered by Patriji, whose singular aim is to spiritualize the whole humanity by the year 2012.


We were indeed excited about this whole thing and most importantly this was going to be our VERY FIRST class, with the associated excitement and the tension.


At the hall the response was overwhelming ! All the equipment to do live web cast were are all setup and we had meditators from USA, Switzerland, Australia, India and Singapore online watching Patriji’s class live !


The class lasted for three hours ! It was completely interactive and everyone was listening very keenly absorbing every word coming from Patriji ! The meditation session with Patriji’s flute was mesmerizing and we didn’t want to come out of it ! We heard some wonderful meditational experiences of those who came to the class. When I mentioned to Patriji that the masters from other countries were watching the class live, he was very happy. Patriji even took questions from them and clarified their doubts !


We returned home after the class. Some of them who came to the class came along with us. Those who couldn’t make it for the morning class came in the afternoon. Till late in the evening there was a steady flow of people coming to meet Patri Sir. Patriji met every single person and spoke with them !


Next day late morning we arranged for another class in my house, yet again we were completely bowled over and mesmerized by Patriji’s teachings and flute ! We bombarded Patriji with many questions and doubts we had and he explained / clarified in detail !


“ kudos to Patriji ”


After Patriji’s visit, I began to receive calls from unknown people requesting to teach Anapansati Meditation. When we hear from them, how Anapanasati has changed their respective lives, and the improvements in their health, we feel very happy. We tell them that they too should make a difference in others’ lives by teaching them Anapanasati Meditation.


Kudos to the website “ www.pssmovement.org ” !


Kudos to the organization “ PSSM ” !


Kudos to “ Brahmarshi Patriji ” !


Kudos to “ Anapanasati Meditation ” !




Shashidhar Reddy
626 Bukit Batok Central, #15-630, Singapore 650626

Ph : +65-98634046, www.psssingapore.org

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