" I Found the Path to Salvation "



I am P.S.R.K. Prasad.


I am currently working as the Project Engineer of Pyramid Valley in Bengaluru and am executing the construction works on behalf of The Pyramid Spiritual Trust.


My father, Sri Prayaga Suryanarayana is a Vedic Scholar well-versed in Sanskrit, due to which I was introduced to and consequently developed deep interest for Sanskrit shlokas and Puranas at a very early age. I had a compelling attraction and pull towards the word ‘ Mukti ’ (salvation) .. without knowing its true meaning and the way to achieve it !


At the tender age of eight, I read the following great statements .. “ Ayam Atma Brahma ”, “ Pragnanam Brahma ”, “ Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma ”, “ Tat Twam Asi ”, “ Aham Brahmasmi ” in a Shankarmutt and learnt the meaning of those statements from my father. I deeply understood and truly and strongly believed their meaning from then onwards and never forgot it.


During my child-hood, I used to accompany my father everyday to various temples and I remember that I never desired for any thing in particular. Moreover, I never believed that God is limited only to temples ! I used to observe the devotees and the priests and their behaviour in the temples, only to wonder if they really had any faith in the Presence of God.


When I was fifteen years old, my father got an opportunity to serve in Sri Satya Sai Educational Institutions and our family was shifted to “ Prashanthi Nilayam ” in Puttaparthi. I felt immense happiness after hearing Sri Satya Sai Baba’s discourse to his devotees as “ embodiments of divine Atma ”. During that period, many questions used to haunt me regarding the characters in our Puranas for which I never got any satisfactory answer.


Seeing the gap between the teachings of Sri Satya Sai Baba and the way devotees interpret and follow them, I moved away from Baba within two years even though we continued to live in Prashanthi Nilayam for eight more years.


Thereafter, for nearly seventeen years, I never thought deeply about my child-hood desire of salvation. During this period I did my post- graduation in Engineering, secured a government job, got married to Suchitra and became father of two daughters namely ‘Prasanna ’ and ‘ Prasuna ’.


At that stage of my life, a miraculous transfer happened : I was transferred to Akiveedu, a small town in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, in the year 2001. There, I got an inclination to learn yoga- asanas, pranayam and naturopathy. I strictly practiced all these things for one year and then got interest to learn meditation.


5th February, 2005, is the life-transforming day when I happened to attend a meditation class being given by Senior Pyramid Master Sattenapalli Ramarao. However, I could stay only for fifteen minutes, because of my hectic work-schedule. But those fifteen minutes changed my life thereafter forever !


In those fifteen minutes, I learnt the simplest and most effective form of meditation i.e., Anapanasati.


The next day I adjusted my schedule so as to attend the meditation class again and came to know about the usefulness and importance of pyramids, about Patriji and about the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) in detail through our senior pyramid master Tatavarthy Veera Raghava Rao, in a one to one session for nearly two hours. He also informed me about a three day “ Dhyana Yagnam ” being organized by him in Bhimavaram and invited me to visit the roof-top pyramid constructed on his house for meditation. I decided then itself, to attend Patriji’s programme and also to construct a pyramid in Akiveedu with the help of D.S.Sastry, who was at that time constructing a Bhajan Mandir there.


On the evening of 13th February, 2005, I started a kind of breathing exercise and went into a state of yoga-nidra. As soon as I woke up, I experienced a ‘ fire like thing ’ spreading in my inner body for a few seconds, but immediately remembered that I missed Patriji’s meditation programme that day and determined not to miss next day. With absolute interest, I attended Patriji’s programme next day and in his class he cleared my doubt about my previous day’s experience (it was Kundalini raising experience).


In the next four months, I read almost all the literature printed by The Pyramid Spiritual Societies, clarified all my child-hood doubts and learnt the true meaning and way for salvation. During this period, I got a pyramid constructed on the roof of Sri Satya Sai Adhyatmika Seva Kendram, Akiveedu, which was inaugurated by Patriji on 19th June, 2003.


I had participated in a trekking programme to Bhairavakona in October, 2003 and then only I completely understood the importance of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in spreading meditation and also about the Pyramid Valley project. From December 2003 on, I went into action and managed one hundred subscriptions for Dhyanaandhra Pradesh magazine within two months and also several life memberships for The Pyramid Spiritual Trust, with the help of local Pyramid masters !


The one day Dhyana Yagnam conducted on 21st March, 2003, Ugadi festival day, in Akiveedu turned many meditators into masters ! Nearly 2000 people attended that programme on that day and from then onwards Akiveedu became a centre point in the entire West Godavari district for Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. Patriji inaugurated four roof-top pyramids in Akiveedu on that day ! The work I did for this Dhyana Yagnam gave me immense satisfaction !


During the month of July 2003, my wife suggested that we take a housing plot near Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, where we could settle after four years. Then, an intuitive thought struck me, “ Being a civil engineer, why can’t I participate in the construction of Mega Pyramid from now itself ? ”


Within a few days, I landed at Pyramid Valley in Bangalore where I meditated in a hutpyramid that was constructed temporarily. I could feel the strong vibrations of the place throughout the hour- long meditation after which I expressed my wish to stay in the Pyramid Valley and participate in the construction of Mega Pyramid, to Sri Paul Vijay Kumar, founder Managing Trustee. He asked me to take permission from Patriji also.


When I met Patriji during the month of September 2004, he readily accepted, giving me a great opportunity to work in the construction of “ The Maitreya Buddha Pyramid ” and evolve myself. Soon after, in the month of October 2004, I took leave from my job and shifted to Bangalore. Along with my family, I started involving in the construction of Mega Pyramid.


During the month of December 2005, I finally decided to quit my job .. as by that time .. my wife got enough confidence in what I was doing and also through her ‘ meditation experiences ’ !


During the construction of the Mega Pyramid and other structures in Valley, I observed the help of astral masters on many occasions where serious or fatal accidents were averted keeping everybody safe ! All those incidents were a surprise to me, as I had never seen things like that during my years of normal experience.


I want to share a miraculous experience in Pyramid Valley. One fine morning, in April 2008, when I was sitting besides Patriji, a fly was buzzing near me. I did not notice that it was a honeybee. Not realizing the danger, I swatted it away. It stung my finger and flew away. Immediately hundreds of honeybees attacked me and I understood the danger and stood standstill and asked Patriji to move away. But, Patriji stood there only .. and not even a single honeybee bit me. That is Patriji !


Whenever Patriji visits Pyramid Valley, I spend as much time as possible with him and gain knowledge through his teachings and spontaneous concepts. I had opportunities to spend time with Patriji personally, sometimes. During one such occasion he told me that the energy of the Mega Pyramid is equivalent to the energy he has.


In the company of many senior most pyramid masters in the Pyramid Spiritual Trust and from the grand pyramid masters with whom I interacted, I had learnt so much that my level of understanding in life has tremendously increased.


I once again thank Patriji for showing me the path for salvation, which is my purpose of life and also for giving me the rare opportunity to actively participate in a project like Maitreya Buddha Dhyana Vidya Viswalayam, (Pyramid Valley) which directly leads me towards the fullfilment of the true purpose of my life !




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