" I Found My Work .. My Joy .. My Purpose "



I am Paradesi Naidu. I was introduced to the PSSM by my wife Chanti (Atchutham) several years ago. ‘ Chanti ’ is a housewife and keeps herself busy teaching meditation in the region around Vishakhapatnam, and she started meditation centers in some villages. Some of her work involved was .. going into deep rural areas, where I used to accompany her, more for driving the car or bike, than any special interest in her work. However, on some occasions I did see Patriji, and I did listen to his discourses.


During that time I used to work 24/7 as an Engineer Consultant .. marine and mechanical. The pay was good and so were the perks. The only assessment of life that I had was how fat my bank balance ! Success came naturally to me both as an employee, and later in business. With a dedicated wife and two loving sons, ‘ Adu ’ and ‘ Vidu ’, life was indeed superb.


But along with success came the package deal of problems like staying away from home for months together .. spending a good part of my time in trains, aircrafts, hotels and in remotest villages. Eventhough I enjoyed the challenges as project manager, I resigned to the fact that life was such. Controversies, arguments and depression were my environment, leading to ill-health and deteriorating charm in relationships.

What kept me going, inspite of these mundane surroundings, was my tremendous love for books. I am an ardent reader and I always immersed myself in abundant reading material. Books were the catalyst that kept the balance between bouts of insecurity, and I reveled in the wonderful magic which only book reading can provide. It is always so very perplexing to me to see why people are not charmed with such a glorious prospect as reading books.


At that time, I made many efforts to share this magic with Chanti, but it was all futile. The reason being is the English - Telugu barrier. My skills in Telugu are limited, and so are her skills in English ! Nevertheless, she did attempt to keep abreast with the times. It was during that time, Patriji made great impact on us. Patriji encouraged many books to be brought into the Telugu language and soon after, I began to have lively conversations with Chanti on all matters regarding great writers and their works .. Richard Bach, Leadbeater, Lobsang Rampa and several others came into our lives.


With a renewed respect and love for Patriji and his work .. spreading Anapanasati meditation throughout the world, I started to accompanying Chanti to various meditation sessions, classes, treks and celebrations.


In the year 2004, I started doing meditation regularly. As a result, as a consequence, I used to recoil sharply from the dinner table, and had to leave the dining room in a state of nausea. The cooks were worried about this, and I explained to them that any food containing meat products from then on, is off-limits for me ! My fellow officers who were witness to this, respected this sudden change in me, and urged me to teach them also meditation ! From that time on, teaching meditation became an integral part of my daily routine !


Slowly, my 24/7 grind-at-work started to show on me, I just could never relax. But, like books, work is something I loved to do. I met Pyramid Masters like ‘ Satya ’ and ‘ Commander Raj Shekar ’. Chanti encouraged me to undertake a trip to Bhutan with Patriji and several other Pyramid Masters during the year 2007. I was reluctant since I had never personally met Patriji before and none of the other participants were known to me. But I did go. Little did I know that the eleven day trip to Bhutan would change my life for ever !

During the course of our stay at Thimpu, Bhutan, Patriji took time to speak to each and every participant individually. On one such occasion Patriji asked me to tell everybody about myself.


After listening to my narration, Patriji encouraged me to ask any question. When I put the question of my restlessness, inspite of having everything in life, Patriji gently pointed out that, after achieving all that I could, I was still focusing on working for ‘ myself ’ and ‘ my family ’ only. He explained the evolutionary necessity of spending the extra energies and extra finances for spiritual purposes.

He went on to add : “ True fulfillment and realization of life can only be attained by involvement in spiritual work ”. These words of wisdom from Patriji sunk into me deeply and had a profound effect on me.


Thus, I started to look for spiritual work, which I would be able to undertake. Chanti and my friends already found their work .. teaching meditation, and were truly happy with that. Chanti was concerned about my new-found zeal .. looking for spiritual work. So, we went about meeting many masters and discussing their work. Long-distance driving being one of my passions, we decided to go to Bangalore to see the Mega Pyramid, and meet other masters.


On reaching the Pyramid Valley, I met P.S.R.K. Prasad, project engineer and I.V. Reddy, the managing trustee of the pyramid spiritual trust. I was given to understand that all the various facilities in the valley needed to be further developed, and the work-prospect appealed to me.


Meditation in the mega pyramid was awesome, and the two days I spent there went in walking around the valley. In a flash, I realized I found my specific spiritual project, hence my specific spiritual work ! All the years and experience that I spent my time as a Project Manager, led me to this place ! Suddenly, I just knew that I have to serve here ! Later, when I received Patriji’s consent to work in the pyramid valley, my elation knew no bounds!


In the past one year of my service here, I have learnt a great deal, and my learning continues. I am still in project management work, but no longer stressed or burdened.


I have found my work, found joy, and found my purpose. My family and I are truly indebted to Brahmarshi Patriji, and his wonderful teachings.



Paradesi Naidu
Andhra Pradesh
Ph : +91 9449000574

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