" Abundance Started Flowing into My Life "



The name given to me by my parents is Venkateswara Reddy but now I’m known as I.V.Reddy.


I was born in a small village called Suddapalli erstwhile Jammalamadugu Taluk, Kadapa Dist. I am the only one who got higher education amongst our five siblings.


I did my B.A., and M.A., from S.V. University. After completion of my post-graduation, I joined in Rayalaseema Grameena Bank as a Branch Manager and by the time I was resigning the job in the year 2005, I was the Area Manager.


I got married in the year 1977 to Ratnamma and our two children, Ramakanth and Rohini have chosen us as parents. Now, my son, is an occupational therapist in Chicago (USA) and daughter is a Dental surgeon in Nellore, A.P.


Ever since my High School days, I was reading a few slokas every morning from Bhagavad-Gita as a ritual without properly understanding their meaning. Also I was doing a lot of pooja and fasting on all auspicious days and visiting Tirumala every year regularly until I encountered true meditation.

“ spiritual quest ”


Swami Sundara Chaitanya, a very popular spiritual guru, attracted me for the first time with his eloquent speeches and his command on Telugu and Sanskrit languages was highly impressive. I was an active member in Sundara Chaitanya Society in Kadapa and I used to attend his meetings wherever they are held and participate in their Satsangas. I used to practice meditation also on the lines taught by him for at least fifteen minutes every day.


Professionally, I was in an important position heading personal, HR and Chairman’s Secretariat department. When everything was moving smoothly, suddenly a turning took place by way of my transfer to Kurnool. I resisted and tried to avoid going on transfer to Kurnool but my management literally forced me out from Kadapa to Kurnool. I had no other go but to join at Kurnool, in October 1995. While in headquarters, I was rated as a proud, arrogant and angry person and few dared to come near me ! But those people did not know that I had a very soft side, and have lot of affection and compassion for all those people who are down in the strata and have no support whatsoever. However, the forcible transfer to Kurnool brought several revolutionary changes in my life !


“ 21st December 1995 ”


I entered into Anapanasati Meditation on 21st December 1995. Senior Pyramid Master, Anjaneya Sharma, initiated me into meditation. He used to clear all my doubts which I was practicing in meditation. Later, after a few days he introduced me to another Senior Pyramid Master, Paul Vijaykumar, and a few months later Rajanikanth Reddy, ADE, AP Transco Kurnool, who also became my friend. We all four were in one batch and almost everyday we were sitting late into the nights and discussing spiritual subjects and I was continuously seeking clarifications for all my doubts.


One day, when I was going into the Kurnool Pyramid, I saw Patriji reprimanding a boy for eating non-vegetarian, which I took as an indirect message for me and henceforth, I stopped eating nonvegetarian food, which is the cause for all ills.


“ Patriji called me ”


After six months of Meditation, when I was going out of the Pyramid, for the first time, Patriji called me. Until then, I had never gone near to him. He enquired about my meditation and about my experiences. He took me to his house and offered me dinner. Sitting by the side of me, he served food like a mother serving to a child ! I experienced for the first time, the motherly affection of Patriji ! He also recited stanzas of Bhajagovindam for me, not minding that I was the only one in audience on that day ! I was touched to my heart ! Since then I started meeting Patriji regularly and hear his teachings. Whenever I was tense, I used to go to him and simply sit by his side without asking any questions. Aura of Patriji was so calming and always gave tremendous solace to me.


“ Reiki Grand Master ”


The first book Patriji gave me to read was “ A Healer’s Journey in to Light ” by Lorna Todd which was on healing with energy. The book evoked great curiosity in me to learn more about healing and made me ultimately to become “ Reiki Grand Master ” in the year 1997.


As a Reiki Master, I toured throughout Andhra Pradesh to conduct seminars and taught hundreds of people Reiki healing and Anapanasati Meditation. I could also assist them in the subject of self-healing. I became very popular in Kurnool as a Reiki Master more than a Bank Manager !


Due to continuous practice of meditation and reading spiritual books, my thinking pattern thoroughly changed and I started reviewing every incident from a positive and spiritual angle and learning appropriate lessons.


I could win the hearts of my colleagues and achieve highest degree of professional performance throughout my career, wherever I worked. The employees who earlier treated me as their enemy now started liking me and began treating me as their best friend, guide and philosopher ! I attribute the entire credit to Brahmarshi Patriji, whose association brought wonderful metamorphosis in me !


All my life, I was riddled with a ‘ scarce ’ mentality, chronic negativity and limitedness. However, meditation and my close association with Brahmarshi Patriji changed all that in a very short period ! My ‘ scarce ’ mentality changed into an ‘ abundant ’ one ! My mind changed from one of negativity to one of great positivity !


With the abundance starting to flow into my life, I could fulfill all my worldly duties exceedingly well. I played all the roles perfectly as a son, as a husband as a father and as a bank officer and thus won appreciation and affection from one and all.


“ The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) ”


When the preparatory work for the formation of “ The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) ” in March 2003 was started at Bangalore, Paul Vijay Kumar & Anajaneya Sharma approached me to be a Trustee. But, in the initial stages, I declined, as it would affect my job. However, they insisted, stating that it was Patriji’s decision to include me in the Trust Board. Finally, I accepted and actively participated in enrolling Life Members for the Trust. We could mobilize sizable funds required for purchase of the land, which had been accomplished successfully in one and half year !


During December 2003, two of my friends again appealed to me to be the Treasurer, as there was no one who was conversant with accounts and banking knowledge. I accepted on the condition that I would go back after three or six months once all the accounts were regularized and a suitable person was trained to fulfill the job. I went on leave for three months to do the assigned job on 1st May 2005 which I had to extend for one and half year to assist the Trust !


“ indeed a great miracle ”


It is indead a great miracle .. because, usually in the Banks, long period leave would never be sanctioned ! However, in my case, my management readily accepted ! Having been on leave for such a long period and lived like a Bird flying in the sky, I was hesitant to go back and be like a caged bird. Eventually, I resigned on 30th October 2005 and thus enabling myself to render my total services to Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) and be a dynamic part in its growth.


On 8th September 2007, the Trustees unanimously decided that I should be the Managing Trustee, for which I was unwilling to accept. But, I had to yield to their pressure and accept the change in my portfolio. Since then, I am serving as a Trustee in the higher responsibility. I feel it a great honour confided on me by Brahmarshi Patriji, to be the Managing Trustee of this International Organization and an opportunity given to me to serve this organization and contribute to its development.

I profusely thank my wife Ratnamma, who has been wonderfully co-operating with me in discharging all my responsibilities. I owe my greatest reverence to Brahmarshi Patriji and my sincere thanks to the Board of Trustees for conferring this rare honour upon me.

My goal is to complete the “ Pyramid Valley Project ” with all its amenities and dedicate it to the PSSM. It is also my endeavour to be a soldier in the spiritual war that is being waged by Brahmarshi Patriji to spiritualize the world by the year 2012.



I.V. Reddy
O-101, Mantri Paradise, Arakere Gate, Bannerghatta Road,

Ph : +91 9448350265

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