" Patriji, a massive Spiritual Scientist "



I am Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti.


A Pyramid Master of 1999 batch, I have had profound meditational experiences transforming my whole life’s perspective.


Establishing Vishwalayam at Pyramid Valley has been my highest priority for the past five years and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment today.


I am very glad to be serving The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) as a Trustee and Secretary since the year 2003. Making Pyramid Valley fully operational for use by international spiritual aspirants is my immediate task.


“ computer science engineer ”


A Computer Science Engineer by profession, I have been an IT Entrepreneur since the year 2000 and currently working as Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Sanovi Technologies, Bangalore.


With over seventeen years of IT industry experience in USA and India, and receiver of a few US patents in computer software, and having built IT systems that are used by some of the largest corporations in the world, I had a very fulfilling work-life so far.


“ family of pyramid masters ”


Born in a wonderful family of pyramid masters, lead by father ‘ Appaji ’, my personal life has been a great joy-ride with marriage to Vani and lifetime friends. I had the finest opportunity to travel across the world, enjoying every bit of the scenic beauty of Mother Nature.


Born in the year 1969, to Appaji and Eswaramma, I was brought up in a little village near Vishakhapatnam City till the age of ten.


Father Appaji has been the most inspirational person in our family and had a lasting impact on what I am today. His hardwork, commitment and fearlessness made him a natural leader and entrepreneur. He worked as a farmer and a Purchasing Manager with a local super market. He worked for bringing in schools and roads to our village.


His visionary ideas ensured that he gave the best of education to his children inspite of having limited outside exposure and monetary resources.


Mother Eshwaramma is as patient as that of an ocean and continues to support my father in all his dreams selflessly.


During my early years, in all tough financial conditions, my eldest Brother Kameswarao gave up his studies and took to business with father, just to fund our education. He is a great example of love and responsibility that I continuously learn.


“ sincere in studies ”


With strong persuasion from my uncle Koribilli Sanyasirao and father Appaji, and with my sincere studies, I got an opportunity to study in some of the best residential institutions… Andhra Pradesh Residential School, Tadikonda, and Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College, Nagarjunasagar, both in Guntur Dt.


I was just ten years old when I started staying in hostels. That was a turning point in my life. It taught me to be independent and self managing in many ways. It also taught me to be “ not overly attached ” with all near and dear.


A clear learning from my early years was that “ You get what you need, but not what you want ”. When I was in the 10th standard, the whole school was expecting me to be state 1st, expectations were way too high ! But I did not even get 10th rank. I was so disappointed. On the contrary, my focus in Junior College years was on securing admissions into top engineering colleges. I would study diligently but never really looked for ranks… Bingo, I landed State 2nd rank !


This paved the way for another life-turning … admission into B.I.T.S Pilani in Rajasthan. B.I.T.S opened up avenues to express and enjoy life, while completing my Computer Science Engineering with Distinction.


“ moved to USA ”


Starting my career as a Software Engineer with Wipro, I quickly moved to USA in 1992 and spent several years doing research and development in computer engineering for Sequent (now in IBM) and SUN Micro Systems among other. I had enough occasions of recognition and fast growth due to excellent performance in all the companies I had worked.


“ back to Bangalore .. meet Patriji ”


I got relocated back to Bangalore in the year 1999 and it is at that time that I had met Patriji for the first time. While I was in the periphery of pyramid meditation for the subsequent three years, I focused in building a startup company till 2002. Thereafter, I became serious with meditation while continuing my work-life, this time, with extremely high level of commitment towards PSSM.


“ nature lover ”


I am an ardent nature lover. During my days in America, I just loved spending much time in trekking into mountains, camping in Valleys or by the lakes and visiting several state parks.


My time with nature always gave me immense peace and made me one with it. It used to be difficult for me to let go of that feeling. I continue to have these beautiful experiences at the Pyramid Valley.


“ core life-values ”


During my early child-hood, I had the opportunity to read Ramayana and Mahabharata to elderly people in our village every day. This led me to understand some of the core lifevalues.


As I was growing up, whenever I visited temples, I always used to pray… “ God, please keep me and everyone around me safe and happy ”. It happened to me when I was around twelve to thirteen years of age.


“ deaths in our family ”


With my years of studies away from home, I became less materially attached. Events relating to death / illness in family members would not affect me greatly. In the year 1996, we had a major death in our family .. my youngest brother, who was an MBA graduate at that time, and my brother-in-law, both died in a car accident. We rushed to India from USA at that time. But, I was surprised to observe my calmness during the whole incident.


Even after meeting all the family members, I did not lose my balance.


However, this incident had sown seeds of search for answers… unknowingly. We quickly went back to USA. At that time, it became apparent that “ we should not defer enjoyment into future ”.


“ my first guru .. younger brother Dr. G. K. ”


Dr. G. K., my younger brother, and one of the senior most pyramid masters, introduced me to Anapanasati Meditation in the year 1999 when we came back to Bangalore from U.S.A. He has been an inspiration and instrumental in my foray into spirituality in the last few years. It is through his constant guidance, that I am able to transform my life into a bundle of joy. Thank you, G.K. !


Explaining G.K.’s work needs several pages. He is an example of infinite creativity and tremendous boldness ! His research and analysis on several patients through the Pyramid Health Care Center Project will be very valuable to the whole medical community. His selfless work to start “ Andaman Pyramid Spiritual Society ” and his tireless efforts to work in rural areas with the launch of new projects such as “ Dhyana Aarogyam ” and “ Shwasa ” are simply remarkable !


I met Patriji same year in Bangalore and in the first visit itself, Patriji made me to realize my “ ego ”.


“ I become serious with meditation ”


I became more serious with meditation in the year 2002. I had read a few books including Buddha’s teachings, “ Road Less Travelled ” by Scot Peck and “ Conversation with God ” by Neale Donald Walsch and I was completely into it ! My understanding levels increased dramatically and I was feeling great with myself after realizing the meaning : “ Suffering is caused due to one’s own ignorance ”. My salutes to Patriji and Buddha. Scot Peck through his book gave me a lot of answers… “ You have no right to question someone unless you know it is going to help him/her grow ”.


“ meditational experiences ”


During all these years, I had several meditational experiences. I used to have yearround heavy cold prior to getting into meditation. It had disappeared since 2002.


More serious than that was a condition in my ENT system that would make my ears block and would develop into infection with serious pain, each time I fly or go up into mountains by drive. I had seen so many ENT specialists in entire west coast of USA over a period of four years but they all said it is a condition of “ bent ” nasal system and I would have to live with the congestion life long. They advised me to take medicines to reduce the impact during every air travel. After doing about six-months of regular meditation, to my surprise, this was gone. I became free again to do air travel without any medicines or pain anymore!


And, I must say, I stopped medicines completely for several years now, even when hundreds of bees took a stab at me in 2006 !


Life became very qualitative, and fulfilling. Work-stress reduced completely and I started enjoying life to the maximum. Relationships have dramatically improved with friends and family. There is no more duality. You mean what you say and you do what you want.


And, my productivity was amazingly high ! Work used to get done effortlessly and with confidence.


“ never regret ”


During the course of next few years, I had read several spiritual books, mostly from the list of books recommended by Patriji and they had such a great impact on me. Once I realized “ Never regret ”, all the negativity had gone and every moment has been filled with happiness.


I had several energy experiences in my meditation sessions. I regularly receive messages through the awareness of the situation and make best use of them in choosing the next set of actions.


“ proud to be a part of pyramid family ”


I am in a large family of six siblings… all pyramid masters, starting with father Appaji and ending with his grand children. Everyone is a senior meditator and everyone is enjoying their service to the PSS Movement greatly.


Both my elder brothers Kameswarao and Satheesh are two finest human beings. Pure at heart, humble to the core, their support to the PSS Movement has been very invaluable all these years ! Their work in Vishakhapatnam area has been an example to many ! Their monetary help to the Pyramid Valley project has been significant and beyond expectations!


My sisters-in-law and senior most pyramid masters Vani Madam and Jyoti Madam are ever vibrant and keep the service momentum going among all of us !


“ big at heart, very modest ”


I got married to Vani (do not mistake with my sister-in-law Vani too) , in the year 1995 and we have two beautiful children ‘ Alekhya ’ and ‘ Sanath ’.


A senior pyramid master herself, Vani has been instrumental in everything that I am able to contribute .. to my own self, to the companies I worked for .. and more so to the PSS Movement. She is big at heart, very modest and an admirable administrator. Vani has been central to all my efforts towards the Pyramid Valley Project and PSSM activities .. in raising donations, spending innumerable weekends at Pyramid Valley and so on.


I am very happy to have come across some of the kindest people during my journey. Sagar and Bindu have been great supporters of every thing I do, while the entire Trust Team is simply outstanding in helping each other.


“ the pyramid spiritual trust (India) ”


In the year 2003, I was fortunate to have been asked by Masters Paul Vijay Kumar and Anjaneya Sharma to be part of the Trust as a founding member. I took this up immediately as it would enable me to interact with senior masters regularly while it would also make me commit stronger for the PSS Movement.


That was the beginning and since then there has been no looking back ! The Trust was set up with the following objectives :


  • To establish an International Meditation Center and form the Head Quarters for the PSS Movement.
  • To establish the Maitreya-Buddha Dhyana Vidya Vishwalayam to transform meditators into enlightened masters, carry out spiritual research and publish meditational experiences.
  • To act as linkage among all the pyramid spiritual societies and provide common print and research facilities.

With constant guidance from Patriji and support from all Pyramid Masters and general public, The Trust had set up the International Meditation Center in Pyramid Valley. The first international event “ Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists ” is taking place in Pyramid Valley itself in December, 2008.


The Trust has been supporting the PSS Movement activities directly by developing and publishing English and Kannada literature and Audio / Video CDs for the past three years.


The Trust is working towards fulfilling the remaining objectives during the next couple of years.


“ dream come true ”


As part of the Pyramid Valley project, The Trust established the crown jewel of the PSSM… Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, world’s largest meditation pyramid, dedicated for practicing intensive meditation.


It is a replica of the great Gizeh Pyramid in the angles, direction alignment and location of Kings Chamber. With beautiful art work inside and outside, Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is a perfect blend of art, science and spirituality.


Building the Pyramid has been a great experience by itself. With over seven layers of roofing and it’s several mural artworks both externally and internally, this is truly a unique pyramid that will stay unmatched in a long time to come !


The Mega Pyramid is truly a dream come true for the entire Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.


Our Vice Chairman Shreyans P. Daga, a staunch pillar of PSS Movement, is a visionary and always has innovative ideas for excellence. All credit goes to him for the entire art-work in Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid.


“ everyone is a master ”


The best part I like about the PSSM philosophy is the “ no disciple ” concept. Everyone is a master and everyone is treated the same way by everybody. And, helping each individual becoming dependent on one’s own self is the key principle that makes every Pyramid Master confident and fearless !


Patriji has delivered some of the greatest spiritual concepts and unraveled the meaning of several masters’ teachings ! He is also a living example of excellence in implementation ! He is a massive spiritual scientist and a great spiritual visionary-engineer as well, proving practical solutions to millions of people in the new age society !


My every interaction with Patri Sir has absolutely been of constant education and new experience ! He says : “ We must live every day as if it the last. ” This gives complete clarity in setting our priorities.


“ Seek equality but not superiority ” .. he said on one occasion. There cannot be any better way of achieving a most hormonious team work !


P. Chandra Sekhar
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