" All Doubts Scattered Away "



I am Shiv Jain. I hail from Ludhiana City of Punjab, Northern India. With over sixteen years into business and working as a Marketing Head in an organization, my job involves constant travelling within India and also abroad.


I enjoy an upper middle class life with all material comforts. Yet, I had a lot of stress, worries and anxieties resulting at times in health related problems.

My interest towards Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation started since last two years. My interest in reading books on spirituality also started increasing. Yoga and Pranayam, did benefit my health to some extent.


However, I always felt something missing. I always feel exhausted by the end of the day. I observed that I was always busy, thinking about past or worrying of future, about business expansion, about more money, about new home, about children’s future, about principles of life, about new cars, about movies, about people, about circumstances etc., etc. These thoughts, most of which are worthless, were consuming all my energy.


I always used to say that my ultimate aim is to achieve happiness in life. Then, one day, like a ray of light, it appeared to me that happiness is nothing but a state of mind. If I wanted to achieve happiness, I could be happy today itself. If I wanted to be calm, I could have been calm this very minute. Who other than me can help me get it !!!.


This shifted my focus towards learning the techniques for how to stay calm, happy and worriless. It is during this time, I came in contact with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) and learnt that if only we could achieve a thought-free stage of mind, we can stay away from all worries and anxieties. Regular practice of meditation not only helps us to gain more energy but also help us to control our mind, so that, we focus only on the things that really matter.


On one Sunday, we, myself along with my wife and my sister, decided to visit Pyramid Meditation Centre in Ludhiana .. about which I learnt from my sister only a week ago. Having arrived there, I met Madam Rachna Gupta for the first time, who also happens to be my sister’s sister in law. She explained us about the benefits of meditation and advised us to sit in meditation for at least thirty minutes.


I didn’t feel anything worth mentioning in that first sitting but Rachna Madam observed my aura and told me about the same. She gave me two books to read and learn more about it. She told me that if I regularly practice meditation I could have amazing experiences.


Learning about Patriji and his principles made me quite curious to meet him. But, I could not meet Patriji for the next six months inspite of Patirji’s two visits to Ludhiana, because, I was away on overseas tour. During this time, however, I read quite a lot about Patriji and his teachings. I also read books of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa “ You Forever ” and “ ThirdEye ”, the “ Conversations with God ” and “ Home with God ” by Neale Donald Walsch besides several other books. My curiosity to meet Patriji kept growing but somehow I was not getting closer to it. Then one day, I had to organize a trip to Chennai and Bangalore. As I had already learnt about Maitreya – Buddha Pyramid, I decided to go over there and try to experience meditation there.


Then came, the day when I reached Bangalore. I had contact details of Satya Madam and it was quite great on her part that she and her husband Mr. Raj Shekhar drove me down to Pyramid Valley which took almost one and half hour to reach there. By the time we reached there, it was close to 8:00 pm and due to power cut it was dark all around. My idea of trying to practice meditation in the pyramid seemed fading away. Suddenly, Satya Madam suggested me to stay overnight in the Valley and do the meditation in the morning along with Paradesi Naidu and reach back to my hotel by 8:30 am.


Mr. Naidu was a great company indeed and that’s how I got an opportunity to experience meditation in the King’s Chamber of the Mega Pyramid from 3:00 am to 6:00 am. This was an unforgettable experience for me ! I experienced severe jerks in my body as if there was an earthquake ! Later, I understood that those were the movements of astral body ! I was electrified with such an experience that I could never have imagined otherwise !


I spoke to my sister about it over phone and wished if I could meet Patriji also over there. To my surprise, she told me that Patriji was in Delhi and since I was also flying to Delhi the same day I could meet him during the same night. At that point of time, I could not have expected anything better ! By the time I reached Patriji, it was already 10:30 pm. Usually it was his time to rest so I expected him to spend four to five minutes with me, if possible, and guide me something to help me advance ahead.


Patriji’s electrifying personality, his eloquence of speech and aura was such that I didn’t realize that I had spent more than one hour with him face to face !


He first listened to my experiences of the Mega Pyramid and how I came into meditation, then he proposed me to practice meditation for fifteen minutes while he played flute for me !


After that he made me sit close to him and chatted with me for about half an hour before accompanying me for the dinner just to sit by my side. I was sincerely impressed by the simplicity and greatness of this master who had influenced me so much even before I had met him.


Before going to bed, Patriji asked me to join him for the meditation session in the morning from 6:00 to 7:00 am. That session was another thrilling experience for me following which Patriji told me that I was supposed to help him spread the seeds of meditation around the world to benefit the mankind. I was already speechless and this made me surrender my thoughts too !


Following this, I had another opportunity to stay with Patriji for four to five days on Amarnath Yatra along with a group of 190 pyramid masters. This was yet another experience for me and I was privileged to meet and stay in company of many great masters from Southern India.


On our flight back to Delhi from Srinagar, I discussed with Patriji on various aspects of life, meditation, spirituality etc. His conceptual clarity and ease of expression is so remarkable that all those clouds of doubts were scattered away and I could see things more clearly. This is how I have initiated my journey of self-awareness.


Shiv Jain
Ludhiana, Punjab
Mobile : +91 977 988 5555 / +91 985 519 7555

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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