" I am General Secretary of PYMA "



I am Sampath, from Hyderabad.


I am the General Secretary of Pyramid Young Masters Association (PYMA) Hyderabad wing.


I was introduced to meditation in the year 2000 by my uncle Late Sri Badari Narayana. I am indeed grateful to him for this marvelous gift.

Meditation brought lot of changes in me. I was altogether a different person before knowing meditation .. very restless and a hyperactive individual. I could never concentrate on anything consistently. My mind was very fickle. I faced lot of problems because of my uncontrolled mind. This affected my studies, my career, my relationships and also my idea about own self.

When I was taught meditation, I never thought it was so powerful. Just because it was simple, I thought it was not all that great. But I realized soon that though it is simple, yet it is the most effective and essential thing.

I could experience a pure relaxed state for the first time only in meditation. I experienced true silence. I watched my thoughts, my beliefs, my actions and my reactions to situations, observed my feelings, and how my mind responds to my feelings. I understood the difference between ‘ thinking ’ and ‘ observing ’.

I realized that observation happens in the present moment, and so being with breath always keeps any one in the present moment. And in the present moment one can be free from the mind activity. I understood the relevance and significance of the terms .. ‘ Energy ’,‘ Consciousness ’, ‘ Wisdom ’ .. how they are interlinked. I started understanding about life, living the life and being with each moment. And all this could happen only because of meditation.

I enjoyed practicing meditation, reading good spiritual books, sharing experiences with friends and other meditators, participating in group meditation sessions etc., till the year 2003. There after, I have started introducing meditation to as many as I could.

Only meditation can give us the true silence, true peace, true joy and true acceptance. And ‘ BREATH ’ is the only key. Just by being with breath one can awaken the observer in one’s self. And we realize that we are not just a thinker. We start seeing things as they are. We understand things with greater clarity. Just by being with breath, which always happens in the ‘ NOW ’, we master the art of being in the ‘ PRESENT ’ and thus we experience the true ‘ BEING ’. All these never happened to me before meditation. I started enjoying these benefits which are undoubtedly are true fruits of Meditation.

Our understanding about our own self improves. We realize that we are creating everything for ourselves .. consciously or unconsciously. And once we understand this, we start mastering ‘ conscious creating ’. There is a great deal of learning involved here and we enjoy every bit of this learning.


Only meditation can make us live like Gods. And only Gods can create heaven. There is nothing more important than Meditation at this point of time on the earth. And all those who are meditating and who are spreading meditation are doing the most apt work.

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement with its amazing guiding principles has everything that an individual needs for his personal and spiritual progress. One should be proud of being a Pyramid Master.

PYMA is the youth wing of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement was formed in the year 2003. Initially, in the budding stages of PYMA, I enjoyed working with young masters like Jeevan, Hari, Prabodh, Soumya, Chandana and Pranitha who gave a great start to PYMA.


Senior pyramid masters like madam Nirmala Devi, Swarnamala Patri, Tirunagari Vani and many others have helped us greatly in conducting PYMA programmes initial. And now, with a dynamic young leader Pradeep and other team members like Anand, Bhagavadgita, Konda Reddy .. I am thoroughly enjoying my role as General Secretary of PYMA. Together with other executive members, we all are set to accomplish the task of spiritualizing the youth world by 2012.


Today, with the help of PYMA advisors like A.Srilakshmi and A.V.Sai Kumar Reddy, PYMA is becoming global ! All the Pyramid Masters have always given their best to energize PYMA in every way ! With all this immense support, PYMA is growing stronger and stronger by the day and is conducting Meditation programmes everywhere, not leaving any educational institution or corporate office untouched.

We, PYMA members, learn a lot from each other, inspire and encourage each other. We are happy that PYMA is no more a small group ! Such energetic and dynamic happy masters (HAPPY MASTERS) are spread all over the world. And each such member is committed to spiritualize the whole world. I can confidently say that PYMA will be the best Youth Association in the near future.


So, I request all youngsters to practice only Anapanasati Meditation which is not only the simplest but also the most effective meditation method. Every one can enjoy its benefits. Therefore, join hands with PYMA in taking meditation to all over the Globe.


I thank one and all who is taking part in the great spiritual revolution.. PSSM .. for their individual contributions, teamwork and group efforts.


I am grateful to Patriji for his immense guidance and encouragement being given to PYMA.


K.C. Sampath Kumar
Plot - 33/A, Flat No. 203, Virinchi Arcade,

Green Hills Colony, Road No. 2, R.K.

Puram Hyderabad - 35

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