" Patri Sir - Embodiment of Awareness "


My name is Aniruddh Pradeep Musipatla.


I was born in Hyderabad and grew up in Warangal as an elder son to Sudhakar and Jayalakshmi couple. My father was an Executive Engineer in Irrigation Department by profession, Homeopathic Doctor and a small time Writer by interest.


I am a Computer Science Engineer, a graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.


I have nine years of Work Experience spanning academia and companies like Seranova India, Silver line Technologies, Cognizant India and Cognizant US.


I am now independently pursuing a Computer Science Research Project in Enterprise Architecture.

I was a topper in the school days and District First in the Polytechnic. I won the hearts of many students, while working for the PGCSS, Osmania University. I won several Performance / Quality Awards and friends across locations in the IT career. I had several intricate learnings in the academia and Corporate sector. I fulfilled my dream of working in US and driving the best of cars. Learned many things while working with some of the best managers of world’s top Financial Services Clientele. I got an opportunity to closely watch the lives of many families of different countries origin.


“ my yearning for truth ”


I never worked for money and I worked only for the inner passion. Still, my salary reached two lakh INR equivalent per month from a starting salary of 700 INR per month. However, I was in search for something that was eluding me. After having settled my younger siblings into proper jobs, I resigned my job with Cognizant US and came back to India. In all my travails, after coming back to India, I touched upon several facets of life and relations which I have not explored earlier while in the job. I toured all the relatives and all my child-hood places.


I went to several Spiritual Societies and finally found what I was searching for in the PSSM Ecosystem. I may be the one who best utilized the PSSM Ecosystem by listening to the perceptions and experiences of almost all the PSSM Masters. There was this time when I never used to miss Patri Sir’s class that may happen anywhere in the City of Hyderabad.


“ my father’s influence ”


My father Musipatla Sudhakar, besides being educated from OU Engineering College and University of Roorkee is a language expert in Telugu, English and Urdu. While being a Government Officer, he used to write poems in Magazines and News Papers mostly about social issues and especially his review about the Poet Gurram Jashua has won many accolades. He had inspired me to go for a parttime job when I was sixteen years old and win many school, college and district level competitions.


“ my grandfather’s influence ”


My grandfather Kamineni Venkata Rama Rao Garu was an erstwhile Freedom Fighter and a close associate of Gandhiji who later won laurels from Indian Prime Minister. He donated all his possessions to Gandhiji at Kasinatha Nageswar Rao’s house and went ahead with Gandhiji for the Freedom Struggle. He was my first friend after parents and used to take me to his village for every school holiday. He has sown the seeds of courage, service and love towards mother land in my child-hood.


“ ardent book buyer ”


While I was studying 3rd standard, when for the first time I had done a Siddi Samadhi Yoga (SSY) course, that was the first time ever I thought about the purpose of life. Subsequently, I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation (TM) while I was studying 7th class.


I was an ardent book buyer right from my child-hood. Whenever I had money, I used to buy books ! I feel good when my mom says : “ The only property that you had earned all through your working years are these books ”. Even now, when one enters my home anyone can mistake my home for a library as one finds hundreds of books in the shelves and of course many in the boxes.


“ my younger brother is my Guru ”


When I was seventeen years old, Jose Silva’s ‘ The Silva Mind Control Method ’ book had influenced me to practice that technique along with a Vajrasana. Then I was introduced to Anapanasathi Meditation in the year 2003 by Achyutha Prabodh, my younger brother, who is now in USA. I consider my younger brother as my Guru.


Initially, I did not practice it seriously as I was trying to find the scientific basis and I also was experimenting with the other Meditation techniques. In this search, I had practiced Goenka’s Vipassana, Viswas Meditation, Yoga, Brahma Kumari’s Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Nada Meditation, Om Meditation, Gibberish Meditation Osho’s Dynamic Meditation Technique etc., etc.


My younger brother happened to conduct a program at my apartment by Brahmarshi Patriji in whose discourse I came to know about the three laws in the Science of Meditation. I then got clarity over the third eye experiences.


It so happened that while I was coordinating the New Age Doctor’s Association’s first Conference in Hyderabad, I came in touch with some of the great Indian Alternative Medicine Therapists and I had personal discussions with all of them regarding the Meditation Techniques. Especially discussions with Dr. Kochu Pillai and Dr. Sandeep Bhasin had given me good insight on the physiological and mental effects of the Meditation Techniques.


Patriji in his wonderful inaugural lecture in this Conference, segregated the sciences into Physical Sciences, Intent Science, Energy Science and Soul Science which added more clarity to my quest. I then started rigorously practicing and evaluating the Meditation techniques based on this segregation. I read several research papers and after several personal experiences I finally closed in on the Anapanasathi Meditation .


“ hours of deep meditation ”


Patri Sir, in one of his discourses told that we are all “ Sat-Chit-Ananda swaroopas ”. I explored and experienced several aspects of being Eternity, Wisdom and Bliss, with several hours of deep meditation. I further understood the God-hood and inner beauty and ways to it.


Everything around started seeming very beautiful, even the grains of the sand and stains on the walls. I wanted to know further, at which time the Seth Books by Jane Roberts helped me to realize my multi-dimensional nature. This process took over a period of three years while exploring and living several aspects of real nature.


“ meditational experiences ”


I would classify my Meditation experiences at four levels .. Body, Mind, Intellect and Soul. At my physical body level, I was able to become slim with an intent to become so. Meditation increased my mind power to a level that I have done some tough certifications in a very record time. I am a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, IBM Certified Business Process Analyst and got 20 such Software Certifications from IBM, Sun Microsystems, Brain Bench and Red Hat.


Meditation expanded my intellect to take some courageous decisions, after several metaphysical experiences of the Soul especially in the Mega Pyramid at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru. I had many glimpses of time travel, watching full length third-eye visions etc.


“ trekking experience ”


With my brother’s inspiration, I took time to attend a trekking in Annavaram and Narsipatnam. Although I was an ardent nature lover from my child-hood, this trekking opened new avenues into my nature discovery. I was stunned by the kind of places and ashrams.


In the deep forests, the camp fire dances and songs by the stream side with hundreds of people and so many youth had left a most memorable feeling. I was also astonished to see some old aged people and physically challenged people trekking happily in the company of Patri Sir !


“ my interaction with PYMA ”


My feel good factor about PYMA occurred during the first programme which I attended. My brother, whom I have known to be such a shy and hesitant person started speaking well on the stage ! Another PYMA Master, Soumya, gave a party for attaining his Buddha-hood ! I got a very good circle of positive thinkers as my friends !


In the year 2004, during Dhyana Yagnam, in Hyderabad, an youngster whom I hardly remembered came and asked me if it was the same belt that I was wearing in the earlier trekking program. Another youngster whom I did not even remember that we ever met in a trekking program, she remembered me and even my friend’s name in the conversation we had. I was so very impressed at the kind of observation and memory power, the PYMA masters have got. Similarly, selfless service towards spirituality by Jeevan and his family members had inspired me primarily to become part of PYMA.


My brother Prabodh always used to ask me “ Why don’t you take a Meditation Class ? ” I used to tell him that I need at least 2000 people in the audience if I have to take a class. Synchronously, I coordinated the first PYMA program on stage at Annavaram with 2000 plus audience and thirty PYMA Masters followed by Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu), Hyderabad and Bengaluru Events ! Now, I have evolved myself to the stage where I can speak with same fervor, independent of the number of audience.


“ learning experiences in PYMA ”


I feel that I already learnt things equivalent to four life times by being a part of PYMA. I always was in a position to donate money for right causes and did so. But, for conducting Oneness Meditation launch program, when I sought money from people to do the Event, it helped me to test my self and come out of my ego.


Co-ordinating the Balabhavan event, Oneness Meditation, Karma Yoga & Enlightenment Workshop and National Level Vegetarian Rally at Vijaywada gave me immense learning experiences in different aspects. Each and every PYMA member is giving me an opportunity to learn from them. Every moment, I am learning and evolving to be a different person which is more and more facilitated by being in PYMA.


“ aims and objectives of PYMA ”


Pyramid Young Masters Association (PYMA) is the Youth wing of PSSM with the following aims and objectives :


  • To teach Science of Meditation to each and every youngster by 2012.
  • To spread the concept of “ Joy in Everything ”.
  • To develop Scientific Temper towards Spirituality in all the Youth.
  • To create a New Generation of Youth with Positive and Miraculous thinking.

Each PYMA Master is expected to live up to these aims and objectives.


“ Embodiment of Awareness - Patri Sir ”


Trekking was the first opportunity to see Patri Sir. He seemed a little different, but did not make any lasting impression in the first meet. Even if there was Patriji’s talk in between, I did not attend it. Rather I was enjoying the nature and the company of a few other youngsters.


Gradually, when I began to understand the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) .. its principles and the environment built by Patri Sir for human evolution and also number of New Age spiritual books read by him .. I was just awestruck ! Thereafter, I started listening to him without missing a single opportunity to relish the simplicity and strikingness in his discourses.


I got an opportunity to closely observe Patri Sir when I was travelling with him from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. Patri Sir is an hundred percent embodiment of Awareness. His style of taking control and letting go is awesome. Each of his lambastings and child like admirations had been a beautiful learning opportunity.


Every moment I spend time with him, it gives me a great learning. His vision of “ Dhyana Jagat by the year 2012 ” is the one I admire the most ! I am his General for the PYMA Wing !


Kudos to Patriji, his vision, and spiritual evolution on the Earth !



M. Pradeep Aniruddh
All India PYMA President
Ph : +91 9866353909, Email ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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