" Meditation .. the Only Way "



I am Sri-Chandana, software engineer from Infosys technologies.


I am the proud eldest daughter of Pyramid Masters T. Srinivas Rao garu and Madam Vani of Hyderabad.

From child-hood, my grandmother used to encourage me to recite many shlokas from Bhagavad Gita, Vishnusahasranamam, Hanuman Chalisa etc., without knowing their inner meaning. This kind of learning developed a blind belief in me that life is a pure luck, and nothing is in our hands. Whenever I was in trouble, I used to chant these shlokas and mantras and pray God and blame him in my adversities.

When I was in my final year B.Tech., we were introduced to this wonderful concept of “Anapanasati Meditation” which brought tremendous changes in our life style .We became vegetarians and started practicing meditation.


Earlier, like many other youngsters, I was also in the wrong conception that meditation is for the people of fifty years or sixty years of age and not for us ! I was totally reluctant to spend my single moment in doing meditation. However, my “ very enlightened mother ” used to play many tricks to bring me into this wonderful concept. As I tasted it, all the limiting blocks, boundaries and spiritual misconceptions in me gradually vanished.


Once, I got the rare opportunity to be with Patri Sir, while he was touring in Kurnool and Anantapur districts, Andhra Pradesh. That was a great time in my life, which gave me a divine chance to observe a great energy form moving with us in human form ! Patri Sir’s commitment, punctuality, pure love, determination and awareness in every moment were excellent lessons for me, which changed my life style completely.


While we were travelling by car, Patri Sir used to talk with us like a friend. I asked Patri Sir : “ How did you plan to start such a Great Mission all alone ? And why did you choose ‘ Anapanasati ’ as the tool for this Mission ? ”


Patri Sir said : “ Meditation is the only way to achieve success in life. When I crossed the line of ignorance with the help of meditation, I found myself on this side of everlasting happiness. And, I saw many people on the suffering side and I started teaching them also meditation, the only truth and the only way to cross their line of ignorance. Very soon many people crossed the line and now I am not a single person .. but a great force with millions of masters working all over the world ; now I am the happiest man in the world. ”


Oh ! What a great clarification ! I felt so very proud to be with this Great Guru !!


I started looking at my life in new dimensions ; I changed my attitudes and started doing experiments on thought power and new energy by realizing my true potentialities. I got wonderful and miraculous results and my life has taken a new shape. I realized that my work is for “ Dhyana Jagat ”. Very soon, I got my job in Infosys and immediately I was posted to Singapore and subsequently deputed to Swiss Bank.


When Patri Sir visited Singapore, we had meditation sessions in Singapore and Malaysia and the people were waiting for “ The Savior ” who would satisfy their quest for knowledge. We distributed books, CDs and pamphlets of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM). They had great experiences in meditation from the day one and they also started constructing a Pyramid in Malaysia !


Dr. Lechuman and Sree Ramulu (Secretary of Malaysian Telugu Sangam) helped us a lot in conducting classes.


Many Senior Pyramid Masters from India namely, Madam Jagadeeswari, Appaji and Padma Madam of Vizag also visited Singapore. We conducted many classes in a few of the Software Companies, Market Places, Community Halls and Residential Complexes.


I want to share my experiences with Pyramid Young Masters Association (PYMA). When I was introduced to PYMA by Pranitha, in the year 2004, it was a very good turning point in my life. I was surprised to see all educated youth who are having academic and professional excellence with their personal goals are working for PYMA with complete dedication. These think tanks used to spend their weekends in spreading meditation in schools, colleges and all educational institutions.


PYMA’s main goal is to eradicate stress, strain, anxiety, phobias, and fears from the young world and to cultivate a “ purposeful life ” concept by spreading meditation where there is complete happiness.


There are many youngsters in the world who are dragging their lives with frustration and unhappiness and it is the responsibility of every young master to teach meditation and endeavour to fill joy and bliss in all the youngsters’ bubbling lives.


My sincere request to all senior pyramid masters is to encourage their children to join PYMA, which is a magnificent force. I wholeheartedly thank my Master Patriji, who is the driving force behind me as well as my beloved parents who showed me the right path towards Truth and Light.



Sri Chandana
# 102, Sai Nilayam, Vijayapuri Colony

Street No. 21, Kothapet, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad
Ph : +91 9849928150

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