" No more Investigation ! ..No more Search ! ..I have reached the end of my Search ! "

I am Glenda Vega Fellows.


I was born in Quito,ECUADOR.


At the age of twenty, with my first husband and our first born son David, we moved to United States of America.


I lived in USA, raised our children David and Juniper, worked and obtained my career with a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy in Chicago and later in San Diego where I obtained my license to practice. Seven years ago, I moved with my second husband Richard Fellows, an Englishman, to the United Kingdom.


“ my spiritual quest starts ”


I have been a practicing psychotherapist for the past twenty five years. My spiritual quest started after my divorce when I moved to California in the year 1987 and was introduced to “ Autobiography of a Yogi ”, by Paramahansa Yogananda.


In pursuing my spiritual goals, I have been involved with various New Age spiritual organisations, yoga, Self Realization, studied Buddhism, and various methods of meditation. Eight years ago, I perceived that my higher self was no longer satisfied with helping others just with their mental and emotional problems. I was ready to expand my life mission as a healer to incorporate spiritual health into my practice.


“ yoga healed my body ”


Since child-hood, I have had my share of physical problems, congenital heart condition, open heart surgery, two mild strokes, severe back problems after my heart surgery and strong heart medications since age twenty eight. Finally, yoga healed my body.


I had eleven good years enjoying my adult children, success in my career and a fulfilling marriage. All this time, I continued evolving spiritually and trying different methods of meditation for myself and to teach, but with little success.


“ more intensive spiritual efforts ”


Arriving in the United Kingdom, I faced a very challenging life adjusting to the English culture and the damp and cold weather.


My practice was not growing. I spent time studying Buddhism with a group. I knew that seeking religious knowledge was not sufficient. The meditation method was too much of the mind, reciting prayers I did not understand, and everything was full of rituals. I was trying to reach my soul but I was feeling suffocated and incomplete.


I withdrew from the group and continued my search for the truth by meditating irregularly, reading spiritual books, having open discussions with spiritually minded friends, and attending a Spiritualist Church with my husband Richard. Finally, my soul was in line with seeking the Truth, knowing WE ARE ALL ONE. I was at a better place but unsatisfied with my progress in meditation.


“ Jan. 2005 .. my first born passes away ”


Four years ago, I was planning a trip to India to the source and train as a Yoga Teacher. However, my plans were severely interrupted. My dear first born son David and gentle soul .... a beautiful, kind passed onto the spiritual worlds, suddenly, on January 3rd 2005. It was further devastating as I was the one who found his body in the peacefulness of his bedroom.


“ depression .. and trip to india ”


With the depth of this grief, my body was taking its toll ; this experienced therapist came to know real depression in July 2006.


Pulling any will I had, I increased exercise, mental activity, took support from my husband and sought medical help applying the advice I have given to my clients for years !


Accustomed to my determined personality, in October, 2006, I felt I was ready to take the very demanding Swamy Shivananda Teacher Training Course in Neyar Dam, Kerala, although this was very much against the advice of my bereavement counsellor.


“ spiritual vibrations of India ”


I landed in New Delhi on 2nd of November, 2006, open to the spiritual vibrations of India and experience the lessons that lay ahead. I was invited to spend a few days in the spiritual land of Vrindavan. I stayed in a small Ashram where, out of nowhere, I was given a prediction : “ You would become realized within the next six months ”. I was stunned !


However, I knew deep in my heart and soul, that in this beautiful country, land of saints and sages, I would finally heal my soul and find the teacher to support me in finding a way to meditate daily and teach others !


“ visiting various ashrams in India ”


At the Shivananda Yoga Teacher Course, Kerala, I finished the most challenging mental, spiritual and bodily challenge I could imagine taking at my age. I was full of renewed energy, my confidence was back, had learned the Eight Paths of Yoga, and was healing well from my grief. However, I was not finished in India ; I was restless and knew I was not yet satisfied with my search for the right method of meditation.


So I embarked on a solo spiritual journey visiting various Ashrams and exploring their particular meditation practices. I made progress in quieting my mind ; however, my soul was seeking something deeper.


“ past-life regression therapy ”


I learnt about a course on Past-Life Regression Therapy in Hyderabad with Dr. K. Newton and Dr. K. Lakshmi.


On the very first day of the Course, on the 19th of December, Dr. Sudha Koduri and I were brought together and we immediately struck up a very special friendship. I shared with her my desire to return to England to teach meditation. Dr. Sudha said :


“ You must meet my brother Patriji, who is also my guru ; his life mission is to teach meditation to the whole world ! ”


“ patriji teaches anapanasati ”


The next day, my daughter Juniper arrived from USA to spend Christmas with me. Dr. Sudha took us to Brahmarshi Patriji and he taught us Anapanasati Meditation. I felt really comfortable and very inspired by Patriji !


During my twenty five years career, I had focused mainly on child-hood traumas and recent traumas. I also have first hand experience with young people who are searching for a meaning to their lives and sometimes end up in cults and mind control leaders who promise them ‘ all the answers ’.


Therefore, I had my own hair-line reservations .. when Patriji promised similarly !


“ i reach the end of my search ! ”


Being a very thorough therapist, researcher and utilising my discriminating mind, I was determined to follow my instinct and let my soul guide me. After the holidays, I continued visiting ashrams and observing other methods while practicing Anapanasati Meditation. About a month later, at Sri Ramana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, I was meditating and a clear thought came to me : “ This is it ”.


From that point onwards, I had the clearest intention :


“ I will practice only Anapanasati Meditation .. no more investigation.. no more search .. I had reached the end of my search ! ”


“ desperate to follow patriji ”


I felt a surge of energy and peace ; and clarity set on me. I decided :


“ I have to go back to Patriji. I need to learn more from him. I have to observe Patriji more and practice his method in his presence. I need really to find out why this easy and simple method is working so brilliantly ! ”


My days in India were running out, so I immediately contacted Dr. Sudha and asked if I could follow Patriji for the remainder of my stay, observe and learn from him if he was willing to allow ‘ a Westerner ’ to follow him in his busy daily mission.


“ i follow patriji everywhere ”


When I arrived at Patriji’s main office, in Hyderabad, I was ready for the journey. The following four weeks were the most wonderful, life-learning days I have ever imagined I would be privileged to experience ! Patriji and other Masters were very welcoming and taught me the ropes, most of all Patriji kept stating that “ You are your own Master ! ”


I followed Patriji on his busy schedule everywhere he went to teach meditation. We visited Jammu, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Solan, Ambala, Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, New Delhi, Kurnool, and other places in Andhra Pradesh.


I had wonderful conversations and experiences with Pyramid Masters viz., Swarnamala Patri, Dr. Suniti Sharma, Parimala and Srinivas Reddy, Sai Kumar Reddy, Venu Gopal Reddy, Shiva Prasad, Damodar Reddy and several other PSSM Masters and meditators. I am very grateful for all the teachings, hospitality and sharing that I received in those memorable weeks !

I had shared with Patriji my plans to teach Anapanasati in the United Kingdom. Just before I left India, on the 16th of March, 2007, on my birthday, Patriji announced to a group of Masters gathered at his home : “ Today, Pyramid Spiritual Societies, UK, is born ! ” I was quite happy to accept the task of founding Pyramid Spiritual Societies, United Kingdom.


“ pyramid spiritual societies, UK ”


Back in the United Kingdom, returning to work was a going to be a challenge after two years of grief. However, it was very easy to start accepting referrals, and to my amazement they started pouring in at a faster rate than I thought I was ready ! I took the challenge easily and reestablished my private practice in Worcestershire and London. I had not experienced such success in the previous seven years that I lived in UK !!


While I was in India, my husband was renovating a room. One day, I called him and suggested that plans for the room are changed to become the first Pyramid Meditation Centre in UK ! Richard trusted my idea.


Upon my return, we finished decorating the room and Pyramid Spiritual Society UK was off the ground !


“ www.pssuk.org ”


Richard began designing the web-page. For months we adapted the material from pss.org to the English culture. In November, I sat by the computer, reached the quietness of my soul, searched the domain name “ www.pssuk.org ” and it was available ! An evidence of the power of thought, Patriji’s wise teachings, Anapanasati Meditation, and a MIRACLE !!


While meditating in India, I had a vision of a white 18 feet pyramid in our meadow here in Hadzor. It is the location of the future and first pyramid structure in the UK. With the power of thought it will materialize !


“ my husband .. so supportive ! ”


My dear husband Richard has been so supportive ! He is making pyramids and working with me so hard on the web-page. I tell him he is a Pyramid Master .. he smiles ! I think he wants official approval from Patriji to call him a Master ! He is meditating with me regularly and reports his efficiency at work has improved and he started noticing his hair turning blonder !!


“ regular meditation classes ”


I am pleased to announce that the Pyramid Spiritual Societies UK is alive and growing in the UK. We have a dedicated meditation room in Worcestershire with regular Sunday evening class and in London on Wednesday evenings. We also hold spontaneous small group classes. Regular meditators are sharing comments such as : “ I finally had a good night sleep ” “ The meditation class made a remarkable difference in my week ” “ I felt like I was being pulled from my body ”.


One lady, after her first class bought a pyramid and put it under her bed !


“ committed to spread anapanasati ”


I am enjoying the remarkable results of Anapanasati Meditation in my health, peace of mind, renewed energy, efficiency , professional success, and I smile a lot !! But most of all I am totally aligned with my life purpose and my spiritual growth. I am committed to spreading Anapanasati Meditation in UK and in Latin America.


“ third-eye experiences ”


I have had extraordinary third-eye experiences in my meditation and continue discovering the wisdom of my soul !!


I am growing in my understanding of Spiritual Science .. reading good books and sharing knowledge and meditation experiences with other Masters. I delight in every minute of my enriched life !


“ Tiruvannamalai .. and pyramid valley ”


Richard and I really enjoyed and learned so much during the Dhyana Maha Yagnam which was held in Tiruvannamalai during 25th December, 2007 to 31st .


We visited the Pyramid Valley in Bangalore and I stayed for a self-designed mouna of seven days. I had wonderful experiences in the Pyramid and participated in an all night full-moon meditation.

During my second tour in India, following Patriji and many other Masters, I invited him to UK to spread Anapanasati. I was so glad when he decided to accept my invitation ! We decided July would be a great month to visit UK.


“ patriji arrives in United Kingdom ”


July arrived so fast ..and issue of visas resolved, Patriji announced his arrival in five days !


With the power of meditation, intention and determination I was able to put together a program which daily kept growing once Patriji and Sai Kumar Reddy arrived. We were so busy teaching classes daily and had attendance from different areas of the country such as Midlands, Sheffield, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Bristol and even a class at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Patriji also taught a very successful class to a group of psychologists at the National Health Trust.


“ i come home to PSSM ”


Richard and I hope that Patriji’s and Sai Kumar’s stay was enjoyable and that we opened the door for Pyramid Spiritual Societies in the West !


After my long spiritual quest, I have come home to Anapanasati Meditation, Spiritual Science, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, a great Master, Teacher .. BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI .. and to the WISDOM OF MY HIGHER SELF.


Let us continue expounding and spreading Anapanasati Meditation to our entire beautiful planet !!



Glenda Vega Fellows
Pyramid Spiritual Societies, U.K
The Old Manor, Hadzor, Droitwich, Warcs WR9 7DR, U.K

Email ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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