" We are all Gods "


I’m Madhavi Latha.


I was born and brought up in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh. My marriage with Mr. Raja Rao made me to land in Vizag.


My father, Sri K.V. Srinivasa Rao, is a popular artist (drawing & painting) and also an administrator of the school which we own. My mother Smt.Rukmini Devi works as the correspondent for the school, along with my younger brother Venu.

I was introduced to meditation during my college days by none other than Madam Nagalakshmi .. my physics lecturer .. currently editor of both Spiritual India and Dhyanandhra Pradesh magazines.

First time, when I sat to meditate along with a group of senior masters, as soon as I closed my eyes, I felt my body was vibrating and tremendous energy began flowing through my spine. I saw bright flashes of light moving with great speed. The experience left me over whelming, with tears of joys ! This was the turning point in my life.

From then onwards, my journey in the world of meditation progressed with wonderful experiences. I had several third-eye visions and astral journeys to various places and different worlds through which I received many messages from masters of astral planes.

Shortly after my initiation into meditation, I met Patriji for the first time. As I shook hands with Patriji, he looked straight into my eyes as he always does with whomsoever he comes across. I somehow knew intuitively that it was more than just a stare. He was seeing the real me within ! I was awe-struck. At that instant, I felt that I too must learn to see the formless inner-being in everyone and everything apart from the external form.


Later on, by reading the new-age spiritual books suggested by Patriji and also by meeting co-masters and discussing various subjects and experiences with them, I came to understand that I could see the true nature of everything around me only if I make a journey within and realize the self.

During the beginning years of my spiritual journey, I was quite fascinated with my own as well as others’ meditational experiences. Gradually, I began to understand the essence of all those experiences .. be it message from astral masters, journeys to other worlds, checking on past-lives or healing powers .. all these lead to the knowing of the facts that we are all multi- dimensional cosmic beings, cosmic co-creators .. creating our own realities and that life is never ending, but a forever on-going process.


I began to watch myself transforming from a normal, shy and timid being .. to quite a confident and enthusiastic person ! I discovered life as an exuberant and adventurous on-going phenomenon. I eagerly participated in it, absorbing the nectar of rich experience and thereby expanding awareness and understanding towards it.

Now, my life journey has a great meaning and specific purpose : To be a MASTER, which means to regale and replenish myself with highest possible enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment vicissitudes .... all the time, through all the and the best possible way to accomplish this is to do intense meditation.

Anapanasati Meditation ! What an empowering devise to go beyond the incessant thinking mind and be still .. stillness, where we originally dwell and from where creativity flows..!

There were also times when I was at my lowest ebb, feeling scattered and trying to seek knowing that everything is within. The gap between knowing and not being, was felt greatly during these times. It was then that Patriji’s guidance helped me in such a way that I opted for nothing else but self-reliance. Well, it’s the very motto of our Movement .. “ APPO DEEPO BHAVA ” . That’s when I started to rise from forgetfulness .. forgetfulness of what I am .. to a remembrance, and a profound understanding that everything is within, began to dawn.

Theoretically, yes, we are all GODS. But to practically actualize and experience the GOD-HOOD is what we are here for ! And to this point, I stick strongly to the truth .. and the unfolding and blooming of my GOD-HOOD is continuing ...

Patriji always refers to the proverb : “ Practice makes a man perfect ”. Practicing meditation leads to calming the mind and being still which in turn allows us to savour and enjoy every moment of life with almost simplicity and harmony.


Hail to Patriji for the love and compassion he is showering upon us through the PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT , touching the lives of many who come across as they realize their own to render cosmic beingness. And also great respects to everyone who have set themselves free in the path of truth and thereby helping in the shift of consciousness on MOTHER EARTH.


V. Madhavi Latha
D.No. 1-63/18, Bindra Nagar, P.M. Palem, Madhurawada, Vizag – 530041

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