" I adore Brahmarshi "


I am Srinivasan.


I am a lawyer by profession, with 32 years of active and successful practice .. both on the Civil and Criminal sides.


After my school education in Chennai, I took my graduation degree in B.Com., from Rajah’s College at Pudukkottai.


I did my law course at Madras Law College during the years 1972-75. I started my practice in the year 1977 at Madras High Court.

I shifted my practice to Tiruttani in 1983 and became a full fledged Trial Lawyer. My profession is a tension ridden one, with emotional disturbances. During the year 2000, I had to suffer due to hypertension and chest pain. When I consulted a leading medical practitioner and professor, he suggested that I should do walking and meditation regularly.

I was puzzled over the ‘ type of meditation ’ to be practiced, as there are any number of meditations in vogue .. like “ Raja Yoga ”, “ Transcendental Meditation ”, “ Isha Yoga ” and “ Ananda Sampoorna Yoga ” .. which confused me. So, I kept quiet for some time. Then, one of my clients Mr. Vijayakumar from Pallipet, a border town between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, introduced me to “ Tirupati Pyramid Spiritual Society ”.


On the very first day, I had the opportunity of seeing Brahmarshi Patriji who just then returned from United States of America (2004). A rousing welcome was given to him at the Mahathi auditorium, Tirupati. I witnessed the aroma around Patriji and I was taken aback by the vibration and energy emanating from him ! That was the golden day in my life and I was introduced to “ Anapanasati Meditation ” and I became an intensive practitioner. The day I saw Patriji was the great turning point in my life !

I was advised by a doctor not to take up strenuous jobs and exercises. But, to the dismay of my family members, I took trekking along with Patriji and others during Kodaikanal conference during May 2007. Recently, I undertook seven kilometers trekking at “ Kolli Hills ” with the team of Mr. Jagadish of Chennai Pyramid Spiritual Society with much ease and comfort, thanks to the meditation taught by Patriji.

I was fortunate enough to take my first lesson directly from Patriji. He is so simple, yet so very authoritative in his speech. With his inimitable style, he mesmerizes everyone ! I learnt all his teaching from his audio tapes : viz. “ Science of Meditation ”, “ Jesus Christ ” “ Confucius ” “ Law of Karma ”, “ No Death ” and “ Bhaja Govindam ”. He is so very eloquent !


Brahmarshi’s memory power is absolutely astonishing ! Though he meets thousands of people every day, he remembers all his followers in every nook and corner of the world and calls them by their names !

I am proud to say that I became an ardent disciple of Patriji though he has no inclination to accept the concept of “ guru-shishya ” relationship .. as he always encourages everybody to become a master. He is a master of masters !

My life-style has completely changed ! Now, I am leading a totally peaceful and happy life ! I do my duty. I never bother about the results ! My feelings are same whether I win or lose my case ! I am not ‘ going after ’ anything ! I take whatever comes in my way !

I have given up totally taking medicines and I am perfectly healthy. My earlier nature of being short tempered vanished. Every adverse event in my life is taken by me in its own stride. I enjoy more bliss now. My body and mind have become pure. I witness the purity consciousness. Service to society and humanity has become my religion.

Very recently, on 17th March, 2008, I had a rare opportunity of attending Dhyana conference at Pondicherry with him. Patriji mesmerized the entire crowd with his eloquent speech. All the participants became like statues first .. those statues breathed and meditated and then they became robots to the magical wand of Patriji ! I had the special privelage of translating his english speach into Tamil ! It is the best moment in my life !


The entire crowd, along with the Pondicherry M.L.A., became jubilant after meditation and everybody narrated the beautiful experiences they had in meditation. It is the result of emotional vibrations of being with our master Patriji.


Long live Patriji ! Let the entire World become “ Dhyana Jagath ” due to his untiring and ceaseless efforts .. thereby the entire humanity on the Earth may become cultured and happy !


R. Srinivasan

2, Ankalamman Koil Street, TIRUTTANI - 631 209

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