“ I found a purpose in Living ”



I am Sathya.


I am an engineer by education. However, I am not a working woman. I have been married to Mr. Rajasekhar, a Naval Architect. I am also a mother of two lovely sons .. Rachan and Ramit.


My mother Smt. Sugunamma is a staunch spiritualist. She has been a strong influence on me since child-hood. I remember her, doing meditation for hours since my childhood. I had formed an image of meditation and a ‘ Guru ’ as someone / something which I will eventually come across. I remember the years of waiting for a ‘ Guru ’.. to teach me the path for knowing truth. I remember the days of sitting alone contemplating on .. Who am I ? Who is God ? Why is there a vaccum in life ? etc.


My mother had encouraged me to read spiritual books by Jiddu Krishnamurthi, Paramahansa Yogananda etc. I read “ Autobiography of a Yogi ” in my ninth class itself, which framed an idea in my young mind that I have a Guru waiting somewhere for me and will appear to me at the right time !


Also, I had the feeling to run away to Himalayas and meet him.


“ my spiritual quest ”


Once, during the year 1989, my mother told me that it takes seven years for the body to be cleansed of ‘ karmas ’. Immediately, I stopped eating non-vegetarian food. My intention was to get a ‘ Guru ’ as soon as possible !


At one point of time in my life, I thought marriage was not necessary for me because I was to take the path of spirituality and had to be without ties but eventually when all the roads were leading to marriage, I sat for contemplation. Suddenly a question came to my mind. “ Do I want Enlightenment ? If so, should I decide that path or take the path open in front of me ? ” I got an answer that I should take the path which is in front of me... and it will lead me to my goal at the earliest.


I had been introduced to Anapanasati meditation in the year 1995 at Anantapur but did not continue it. Again I was taught in April 1996 by Mr. Sivaprasad at Tirupati. I had been waiting for a Guru ever since my child-hood. I love literature and am an ardent reader of books. Along with regular meditation, I started reading all the books that were suggested by Patri Sir. Initially, after learning Anapanasati, I used to meditate for fifteen hours a day and even more.


“ my very first experience ”


I felt, I had opened my eyes and was searching for regular things in the room, but found nothing except bright light. Then after sometime, I was asked to open the eyes and then I woke up. I was told that earlier what happened was third-eye opening. My quest was spiritual. I wanted to know. “ Who am I ? ” “Who is God ? ” “ Why is there a vaccum in life inspite of everything being normal ? ” etc. I could get the answers for my questions in meditation and also could understand many more things which I did not know earlier ! Meditation and book-reading gave me great clarity in my life.


Whenever I sit for meditation, I am used to ask for guidance from masters like Lobsang Rampa, Mahavatar Babaji, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, Don Juan etc .. to understand spiritual science. While reading their books, I was in their world and used to ask them to show their world in meditation. It is like - when we see movies we are so involved with it that we are them. Every book has left its flavour in me. After all these years every master .. as person I have met, or read as a book, or saw as a vision in meditation .. is a part of me.


I have had various visions in meditation which enabled me to understand Spiritual Science. I salute Anapanasati Meditation and Patri Sir for all that ! I am no more a person searching for truth or a Guru. My Ideal has been Buddha and I aspire to attain Buddha-hood. I follow the path of reducing the ‘ I ’ to attain it. I try to identify my desires and fears and contemplate on them. I end up seeing the futility of ‘ them ’ and leave ‘ them ’ but .. still certain subtle desires might exist and am still trying to observe them. This is my way of going about. I am very happy when I am with people who are on this path. I try to guide anybody who is interested in knowing Spiritual Science, freedom, purposeful living.


I met Patri Sir on November 7th, 1998 at Vishakhapatanam. Our first meeting was a total chaos, but I was strong enough (I met Patri Sir after 2½ years of practicing meditation). I was not confused very much. Since my child-hood, I was waiting for a Guru and here I was .. with the Anapanasati meditation. But that day, all my ‘ Guru ’ concept simply got dissolved forever and I perfectly understood why Patri Sir says : “ Breath is our Guru ” !


That day, after the disastrous meeting with Patri Sir, I did not get a ‘ Guru ’ but I began to see a friend in him. He has been my friend, philosopher and guide ever since ! World requires only masters like him. Because of his teachings, I am not waiting for any answers from outside and have learnt to search within. There are so many people like me who are waiting for such a kind of direction ! He has given freedom for so many people like me ! This is the reason, I would like to do my part in spreading of Anapanasati meditation.


I am not limited to do one particular kind of role for spreading Anapanasati. I try to do whatever Patri Sir, envisions as my work. With his guidance, I have understood that maximum work can be done wonderfully with least effort when you evolve spiritually. There is never an ‘ impossible ’ or mediocre work.


Working for spreading meditation has helped me in understanding myself. I did not have any goals when I started doing this work. Now I have found a purpose in living. This work has been, so far, most fulfilling ! And it also made me to understand, thoroughly human nature.


Finally, through my involvement in all these, I have emerged as a new person with a crystal clear vision in my life.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all including my mother, husband, friends, children. Above all, I am grateful to Patri Sir for being what I am today.


G. Sathya
Ph : +91 9449011967

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