" A Warrior Serving a Guru "


I am Sivarama Naidu.


I was born in Golladoddi, a small village in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh in the year 1949.


My father was a small farmer and a teacher. He used to teach me my mother tongue, Telugu language, besides many verses and shlokas from Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita. My mother was a simple house-wife, busy with the maintenance of our family. She could not guide me in my studies even though she was a little educated. My father used to teach verses from many books to all my sisters. However, my elder sister could grasp the verses very well. When my father vacated his body in the year 1966, there was an abrupt change in my mother’s attitude and behavior. She gradully started reading philosophical books.


I got selected in S.V.U. College of Engineering in the year 1967. Whenever I was at home for holidays , my mother used to request me to read some philosophical books and used to ask me to explain. Most of the time I was reading either Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam. Within no time, my mother became a staunch follower of “Achala Siddhanta ” , a well known philosophy in which more importance is given to jnana. She used to do some sadhana during the night times. I think it was some sort of meditation. She was teaching me about the essence of “ Achala ” and used to explain me about “ Saankhya ”, “ Taraka ” , “ Amanaska ” and “ Paripoorna ”.


My father’s influence made me to incline more towards Indian Traditions and with that I could convince my mother about Advaita philosophy. As I was good at Telugu Language since my child-hood, I was reading much philosophical literature, and with that knowledge I used to argue with my mother. Soon my mother became a good ‘ sadhaka ’ and she used to sit for hours together in meditation.


I remember an incident .. one night, after completing her meditation, at about 3 AM she woke me up and started telling “ Oh Siva .. hear me .. hear me .. I am now telling the truth ..THERE IS NO WORLD ! ”. It was very dark but I could see her face, and she was laughing like a mad woman with undressed hair. I was very much frightened.


The very next day, I started concentrating on her statement and concluded that what she told was her own experience. It is as Truth as what was exclaimed by Sri Adi Shankara in his Advaita Philosophy about .. “ Maya ” (Illusion).


From then onwards, I stopped arguing with my mother, even though she used to continue to tell me that what I am following is a little inferior.


I was in my final year B.E. (Civil) during the year 1972. Our lecturer in Astronomical Survey was explaining about Universe and stated that the nearest star to the earth, other than Sun, is at a distance of four and half light years. That means a distance of 4.5x360x24x60x60x3,00,000 km.


Such is the Universe ! I was wonder struck. So many Galaxies, so many Stars .. then what is the size of the Universe ? I was stunned, puzzled, and then confused ! I rose from my seat and asked my teacher : “ Sir, is there any information in the Astronomy about the creation ? Who created this world and why ? ”


Our teacher wondered and asked me to meet him in his chamber. When I met him later, his first question was “ Do you know something about philosophy? Why did you put this question ? I have no answer for this .. you may verify with someone who knows the answer! ”


The question was very stormy ! I put the same question to many. I want a mathematical answer but I could not get it. I was entirely inquisitive. I became rather neurotic about this question and I was admitted in Kurnool General Hospital for psychic treatment !


Dr. Bhujanga Rao was my psychiatrist and he used to give me shock treatment once in every four days ! The course was ten shock treatments. At seventh round, I met my friend “ Raghava ”, a house surgeon at Kurnool Medical College, who was the son of a great personality “ Dr. Sripada Pinaka Pani ” .. a true philosopher, a very great musician/music scholar and superintendent of Kurnool General Hospital.


My friend Raghava took me to his father who first jolted me with a thundering answer for my question. He rather scolded me for not concentrating on my studies inspite of my staunch belief in Gita which believes only in action. I spent nearly three hours with him. He was emphasizing that : “ The yardstick or the measuring unit, should be proper in order to measure distance. If one wants to know the creator and his creation one must have a measuring unit called ‘ jnana ’ , which can only be possessed through ‘ Sadhana ’, ‘ Bhakti ’, or Yoga. Any one of these will help in raising one’s conscious levels and thus one will be able to help oneself and reach a state called ‘ beyond mind ’. At that plane alone these questions can be answered. ”


With the above answers I was fully satisfied. I returned to Dr. Bhujanga Rao and reported him about my relaxation and relief of tension ! He is another great man who showed me a verse from Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore wherein, it was mentioned : “ How foolish you are to beg in front of your own house, being the master of the house ” .


Dr. Rao advised me to be more realistic and action-oriented !


At that time, there was retrenchment going on for the jobs. So, I joined a noble contractor namely “ Y.S.C. Konda Reddy ” elder father of Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, doing railway contracts near Renigunta. My association with the company as an Engineer was unique.


Sri Konda Reddy was another great personality, believer in Christianity and a sincere contractor who used to scold me and even took me to task whenever I was not following any specification. Even though the company was undergoing huge losses, Sri Reddy used to advise me : “ Do not to bother for loss or profit ; work is more important than anything ”. Thus, I learnt more things from him such as : time management ; keeping up the word, belief in GOD and also the famous quotation “ work is worship ” .


In the year 1976, I got selected as Junior Engineer in Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, and took up the job. The first six months, as the construction work had not yet started it was a bit of leisure time for me and I used to spend a lot of time with Library. I could lay my hands on the wonderful literature of “ Kavi Samrat Viswanatha Satyanarayana ” . I read completely two great novels namely “ Terachi Raju ” and “ Mroyu Tummeda ”. In Mroyu Tummeda, the great poet explained what music is all about ! I, being a casual musician, I read it twice, which nearly changed my personality.


Sri Viswanatha captured me completely ! I became a strong follower of Indian Culture. In fact, even now, I feel that .. to take birth as an Indian, one should be lucky and luckier is the one who reads Indian traditional poetry !


Soon, I had more contacts with Telugu department where I found some some great professors Sri T. Koteswara Rao, Sri S. Raghunath Sharma and Sri H.S. Brahmananda .. who have all enriched my philosophical urge.


Sri T.K. Rao suggested me to do “ Vishnu Saharsra Nama Stotram ” which I did for five years from 1981-1985.


An offer was made to me to take up a small job at “ Prashanthi Nilayam ” in Puttaparthy in the beginning of 1985. After completion of one month of my tenure, Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba entrusted me with a big task and thus I left to Puttaparthy as a Contractor cum Engineer applying leave University... on loss of pay .. from S.K.University.


It was another fortunate event which I can never forget in my life ! On the very first day of my very first venture at Puttaparthy, I told Baba that I could not do justice to the assigned work. Then Baba’s reply was “ I bother more about your mind not about your work ” . I could see a love of thousand mothers in Baba and thus I became a life long devotee of Baba.


I was still curious about my original question. On one occasion, when I was alone with Baba at “ Trayee Brindavan ”, White Field, Bangalore, I put the same haunting question for which there was a thrilling answer from Baba. What Dr. Sripada Pinaka Pani explained me once for about three hours, Baba repeated like this : “ How can you write graduate examination in a university without even qualifying in primary school education ? ” On another occasion, I was suggested to do sadhana continuously.


Somehow, my stay at Puttaparthy as a Contractor cum Engineer could not continue for a long period. In the year 1989, the Satya Sai Trust has decided to allot all the contracts and engineering works to the L & T Company. Subsequently, in the year 1990, I joined back on promotion the S.K. University as Assistant Engineer.


In the year 1992, I was at “ Trayee Brindavan ”, Bengaluru, to get some arrears from the Trust. At the same time I got a phone call from my wife informing me that a gentleman called “ Subhash Patri ” is at home and that he was enquiring my whereabouts.


I asked my wife to find out the purpose of his visit. In reply, my wife told me like this : “ I cannot understand much from his words. He is telling something about ‘ meditation ’ and it seems he needs your assistance and your help in spreading meditation ” . I told my wife to inform the visitor to come again on next Sunday, so that I would be available to him.


The next Sunday I was at home, and at about 11 AM, I saw a tall person with glittering eyes, with a shirt tucked in and with a small bag on his shoulder who introduced himself as “ Subhash Patri ” ! I asked “ What help can I do ? ” He replied : “ I want your help in spreading meditation in Anantapur ” .

The appearance of “ SUBHASH PATRI ” was totally modern. The face was a little innocent. I was not mentally prepared and having judged wrongly with his appearance, there was an egoistic question in me : “ What type of meditation ? ”


There was an explanation about ‘ Anapanasati Meditation ’ to me. Then, I agreed to invite some more people in the locality. There was one hour meditation for about five or six people the same evening.


Patriji played flute during the meditation. After the meditation Patriji said that he will come again next Saturday evening and went back to kurnool.


The next Saturday, when I came home little early from my office, Patrji had already arrived at my residence ! We sat together and had a cup of Tea. With a little prejudiced mind towards the method of Anapanasati, I started delivering a lecture on meditation from ‘ Patanjali Yoga Sutras ’ ! This time, Patriji brought a book called “ SETH SPEAKS ” by “ JANE ROBERTS ” and advised me to read it.


Somehow, I was not much interested as Patriji was giving more importance to European philosophy and Buddhism. May be this was due to my association with Indian Traditionalism. Besides, his appearance was unique. Until that time, I had seen ‘ Sadhus ’ and ‘ Gurus ’ only with a traditional dress. And, this gentleman looks absolutely modern ! With my little knowledge I thought .. “ I can easily convince him and I will advise him not to go into public to teach this type of meditation ” .. and I began arguing with him about the greatness of Indian traditional philosophy.


On that Saturday night, our discussion went up to late in the night and after playing two games of Chess we slept at about 2 AM ! Next morning, when I came back from my jogging, I saw Patriji playing flute sitting in the open verandah.


I wondered at his depth in playing the flute ! It was “ Raag Desi ”. I was much delighted. It was Sunday morning, and I had more leisure. After completing breakfast, Patriji insisted that I should read the book which he had brought. Again we both spent the whole day in discussion and intermittently, we used to play Chess. The Sunday night also we used to continue our discussions .. I was not happy and I stick to my argument that “ Indian Traditional Philosophy is unparalleled ”. Next morning, while going to Kurnool, Patriji said : “ I will come again next Saturday, by that time you should complete the book that I gave you ! ”


With some confusion, and with great reluctance I read the book. It was indeed an astounding book. The main essence of the book is “ YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY ”.


I started deeply contemplating on the statement. I could not digest it immediately. It was suggesting that man is completely independent and he can easily come out of his bondage, because, the bondage was not created by ‘ God ’ or ‘ somebody else ’. Man has created a situation wherein he himself gets identified. When he has all the capacity to create a hell, he also ought to have capacity to come out of the hell or create heaven ! Then a sudden flash has occurred to me. The same is the essence of the Indian Classical Wisdom .. GOD has just created the world when he felt alone .. a symbolic meaning. Man possesses the same qualities of God .. Tatvamasi .. Aham Brahma Asmi ! Hence, man and God are similar in qualitative analysis !


Finity and Infinity do not exist in the reality, only in relativity they appear to exist ! The polarities are only apparent, they do not truly exist ! This statement reminds me a “ Shanthi Mantram ” of “ Isavasyo Upanishad ” :


“ Poornamadam poornamidam
- poornath poorna mudatchyathe -
poornasya poornamadaya pooryamevavashishyate


Just like a river merging with the sea and attaining the oceanic properties .. to come to this stage, it took two solid years for me !!


Patriji was visiting Anantapur regularly, every week and staying for two nights and a day ! And, we had discussions .. and prolonged discussions. Yet, I could not digest completely ..I got reverence towards him. But my inclination towards traditional philosophy was not allowing me to surrender totally.


The final day has come. It was a discussion on “ Shat Darshanas ” : Nyaaya, Meemamsa, Yoga, Sankhya, Vasheshika, and Vedanta.


Patriji explained me the oneness of all Darshanas ! These are all different interpretations. But the reality is one ! “ Nisshabdo Brahma Uchyate ” , “ deep merging into silence ! Meditation alone will provide this state of understanding ” !


Then, I rose and saluted with my both hands ! There was only one utterance from me : “ Meeku Nenu Sada Kshatriyudini ”. The meaning of which is : “ I will always follow you as great kings used to follow Maharshis in the history ” . I could observe he was smiling and simply said : “ You have to construct Pyramids for me ! ” From that moment on, my spiritual journey took an entirely different direction and it had never stopped.


“ The Pyramid Spiritual Society ” began to gain momentum in Anantapur and slowly in all surrounding areas. A master by name Venkatesh, .. an Agricultural Officer .. at Uravakonda, 50 KM away from Anantapur, came forward to construct a pyramid at Uravakonda. I did the construction work with precast RCC planks. It was the second pyramid constructed by the Society .. after the first one at Kurnool.


At Anantapur, another big pyramid of size 60’ x 60’ was constructed with the co-operation of Sri. N.C. Sampath Kumar, Sri O. Pratap Reddy, Ramana Murthy and Sri V. Prabhakar Chowdary.


Since the Agastya pyramid of Anantapur I have completed nearly nine pyramids in the State of Andhra Pradesh by the year 2006, and also gave guidance to many more pyramids, in many places in India ! Recently, two more pyramids were constructed with my help at Puttaparthy and Malyavantam.


Wherever I go to construct a pyramid, I used to take class on the Science of Meditation .. and I have myself started doing meditation since 1995.


Another great change that happened to me due to meditation was that I have inclined to Indian Classical Telugu Poetry since the year 1998 or so. Wherever I go, I use to conduct classes with poetry as media. I never thought that I could read Indian Classical Poetry. Since then, I was an exquisite thinker, it is only because of my association with Patriji I became a meditator which, in turn, took to my “ Jeeva Sanskara ”.


Along with my poetry understating, I could find the science behind meditation. I rather feel, even now, everything is science, which, in turn falls into the co-ordinates of cause and effect. The experience, finally, when it crosses the two co-ordinates, becomes Wisdom!


At present, I took up the challenge .. a great responsibility given to me, by my master Brahmarshi Patriji, to construct a Mega Pyramid of size 180’ x 180’ at Maheshwaram, in Kadtal near Hyderabad ! I want to construct the pyramid with stone masonry, similar to that of great Gizeh pyramid in Egypt !


My most grateful acknowledgments and pranams to the highly enlightened master Brahmarshi Patriji for leading me in the path of ascension !



Sivarama Naidu
Pyramid Engineer & Project Incharge
Maheshwara Mega Pyramid, Srisailam Road, Kadtal, Hyderabad
Ph: +91 9490180814

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