" The Path of Believing in Yourself ! "


I am Jason Lewis.


My spiritual journey never ‘ started ’ at a particular age or time. It was ‘ resumed ’ from where it was left off.


From the time I could think as a child, I always asked the questions ‘ why ’, ‘ how ’, ‘ when ’, ‘where’ etc. Although I got a lot of answers for my questions, more questions kept coming up. My parents helped me wherever they could.


Even now, I have lots of unanswered questions, a big amount in which I cannot ask now, as mere words cannot express these questions. But my growth has been widening every time with every person I meet.

There is some beautiful message in every one, for everyone ! That is why I consider being spiritual, as an involvement with other people. When we say “ I am spiritual ”, what we could be meaning is “ I am in spirit-with u-all ”, which translates into accepting, learning, forgiving, and giving to and from others.


Following the meaning of being “ spirit-u-al ”, a certain oneness, unity and communal harmony will prevail among all souls and finally we can realize that the search for truth and all the answers we ask ourselves lie within us .. within our soul, or atma.


There was a time when a friend of mine gave me a book called “ Autobiography of a Yogi ”. This was around 8 years back in Glasgow, Scotland. He explained that a lot of what Yogananda said in this book was very logical and made sense. That was my first book I read which put me on the quest for more knowledge. My friend explained that he used to practice meditation and used to see Mahavatar Babaji a lot a times. He also gave me “ Conversations with God ”, to read. Both these books were very good for me. A lot of messages were obtained.


The next big learning experience was when I read the Bible. I read about the portrayed life of Jesus Christ, but what I really liked was the messages he brought to the people. I was amazed at the inner meaning of his teachings and soul-finding significances it had. As I read and pondered the messages, the facts started dawning on me. Jesus never wanted to start a religion ! He wanted people to see, what they were capable of doing themselves ! He gave messages which spoke of universal truths !


He set an example to all, using himself, to show and to remind us what we are and that we can be like him. If he could heal the sick, so could we ; if he could change water into wine, so could we ! There was no magic involved ! It is possible even today, and by everyone. He lived like the common man, to show that we don’t have to be rich to be powerful, and money can bring nothing to a person, but instead, sacrifice, love and compassion for all living souls can achieve great spiritual fulfillment !


Even when books came out saying Jesus had kids and a wife and was rich, it didn’t bother me. In fact, it made me happier as he was like one of us ! What mattered is the message he put across and his attitude towards life and compassion to all around him. Unfortunatly, most of it is lost now as the Church has made a mockery of what he had taught us.


The next best experience I had was when I met a very great soul .. my wife ! We had a lot of common views and she was the one who tought me about meditation and lots more. It was through her that I met other souls, including Patriji, who had been a vital part of my “ spiritu-al ” progress. It was with her that I could discuss topics like re incarnation, past-life regression, mind-body healing, karma and other topics that I could not discuss anywhere else, before I met her parents and Patriji. Surely, she has been a helping hand for me, and perhaps I for her !


I met Patriji the first time, when he came for my wedding ! I was actually scared to meet him as I had heard some strange stories about him. When I was introduced to him, he did not seem as ‘ bad ’ as I thought !


The second time I met him was when there was a program on vegetarianism in Chennai and I had just landed in Chennai. I had turned vegetarian two weeks before that, and Patriji actually congratulated me for that ! He asked me to speak to the people attending the function on my experiences !


He is more of a good friend and a wonderful teacher more than anything else and he has guided me consciously and subconsciously. I always admired him, for his untiring efforts, the profound knowledge he shares with all of us during any meeting, his ‘ no nonsense ’ attitude, humbleness, and his hand for cooking !


Once I became a vegetarian, I started having more and more spiritual experiences, through meditation.


I realized the essence of karma, its laws and its truths. I could not even look at meat as I kept seeing it as hands and legs and a lot of human parts being eaten ! I realized it was wrong to kill a family just for taste in our mouth, and I was quite sure that our children would taste the same if we cooked and ate them !


Once, I was at work abroad and I could not come home. There were lots of problems at home and my presence was required urgently. My company refused to send me home for invalid reasons. As I began loosing hope, I decided to meditate. In my meditation, my friend Buddha appeared to me ! He was sitting cross-legged and had circles of lightning behind his head. He appeared to be meditating too, in the same anapanasati form. Just his presence made me feel so better ! After some time he opened his eyes and smiled and I could see his eyes were blue as the sky ! They were so deep that I could not look away, and it was his eyes that spoke to me ! He told me “ Not to worry ; everything will be fine ”. That’s all, nothing more, nothing less ! He told me to repeat what he said and I did so, again and again !


When I came out of meditation, this line kept repeating in my head. That very evening, my company said that I was able to go home and gave me my plane ticket ! Later on, I realized something. This great master actually made me use my thought process for me to come home !


When I had gone to Australia to see my relations three years back, I visited my grand uncle in hospital. He had a stroke long back and was paralyzed waist down. Everyone said he was going to die very soon. My cousin said that since no one is positive, she was loosing her heart too. I told her about thought power. We agreed to keep a picture in our minds that this old man was walking. Three months later, he started walking and is still walking today !


When I was in Chennai, I came to know about two great souls, one aged eight years and the other ten years. Both were a part of a rich family who were family friends of my parents. As they stay in a villa on the beach, the children saw, and were very affected by the results of the tsunami that hit near their home after seeing dead bodies being washed up the beach the children turned vegetarian much against the wishes of their parents. Their arguments are, and I quote : “ If we continue to eat children from the sea, they will certainly come to take the children from the land. ” They now call their parents ‘ scavengers ’ as they say their parents eat only meat ! They say that we only kill animals that are defenseless and cannot fight back. They actually told their father, that instead of killing a chicken, to try to kill a lion and see who wins. And not to forget, they are only children !


My wife was traveling with me on the ship. One night she had a bad dream that someone was trying to hurt her and kill her. She could actually see him standing in front of her, so she woke me up. I could sense something but could not make it out, so I started meditating. In my meditation, I saw my three friends .. Buddha, Krishna and Jesus. They formed a triangle around my bed and white swirls of smoke and light spiraled upward from them to form a pyramid. The evil force was trying to attack my wife but could not do so. Finally, it vanished and my team won !


I was meditating at the “ Siddhar Kovil ” temple near Erode one day, with my family, when I saw a huge spider and a scary insect approach me. I was scared as I thought it would harm me. All at once a lady appeared and told me not to be scared of any thing as these were also souls and they only ‘ looked ’ evil ! If one shows love and compassion to all, then he / she will also receive the same from others. She told me that we must have respect for all living things and must accept the fact that we all are the same but we only look different. Later that day, as we were talking to the caretaker, he said that a ‘ Devi ’ in the form of a lady came and visited the temple some time back. He thought she was a thief because she was dressed very well. When he tried to follow her to see where she was going, she disappeared. Then he realized that the sari the lady was wearing was the same which was worn by one of the idols. It was the ‘ Devi ’ of that idol that had visited the temple.


I was meditating on day when I saw a strange vision. The scene was in ancient Egypt. It was a normal day and I was talking to my friends near the sphinx statue. Suddenly, it grew dark and the huge ball started to descend from the sky. People were running for their lives, shouting that the black moon is coming. Then the sphinx suddenly came alive and grabbed a large spear to defend its people. By then the disc had reached the top of a pyramid and there was a huge explosion and just demolished everything.


I was meditating one evening at full moon, when a spirit came to me. It was very scary to look at, but kept looking at me. It was confused and did not know what to do. I conveyed to the spirit that there was nothing to worry as we all are here to find our path. I explained that I too was as lost as it was and am slowly finding my path. It seemed relieved that it was not alone and I told it to meditate like I was doing and to go towards the light.

These are a few experiences which I remember. There are others also, instances where I have had conversations with Jesus and Buddha .. who are now more of friends of mine and believe me, that’s the way they want it. They don’t want to be treated as ‘ Gods ’ ! That is a true characteristic of a highly evolved soul. There is no pride but just humbleness. There is no arrogance but just patient guidance. There is no selfishness, but just patience and continuous teachings. We must use them as examples. That’s why they came to us. Every great master says “ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ”. This actually means to believe in our soul, to listen to your soul, to be what we are .. our atma !


With the help of my parents, my wife, inlaws, and guidance from Patriji I meet along the way, I have come to realize many things, including the path of finding myself. I thank them all for their conscious and unconscious efforts in my spiritual progress !


Jonson Lewis
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