" I am also a Sirian ! "



I am Resmi.


I was born in a Hindu family as the single child of my parents in the year 1974.


My father, being a doctor in the Kerala government service, he had to work in many rural areas. Hence, I was with my maternal grand parents in Trivandrum for schooling. The child-hood was such great fun with my aunts, uncles and cousins, who lived nearby.


Our family follows Hindu traditions though not very conservative. I used to go regularly with my grandmother to temples, churches and mosques. My grandmother helped me to know that there is no separation between gods of various religions. I never questioned ‘ god-hood ’ .. I was not ritualistic but used to go with the flow.


As I grew up, I stopped going to any worshipping places. By then, I was a college student and was living with my mother and grand parents as my father had passed away.


After my college days, I found myself drawn to a Shiva temple near my house. Those were the days when I started feeling ‘ SHIVA ’ as energy rather than a mere idol ! I could feel the presence of Shiva with me all the time ! I started communicating with Shiva in a very subtle form. That changed my perspective towards life in a very positive way.


Soon, I met ‘ Ajith ’ and we decided to get married. By then, I had joined Kerala Government service as an engineer, after finishing my civil engineering degree. We, along with my mother and our lively son were living happily .. it was then, a hurricane hit in the form of ‘ Patriji ’ .. that turned my life into a thrilling,lively ‘surfing’ journey with lots of surprising splashes of inner wisdom !!!


That happened in October 2004, me and Ajith were at a fruit shop when my cousin ‘ Minood ’ also stopped by. He informed us about a meditation program the following evening by an eminent master .. Patriji. I decided to go for the session, Ajith promptly supporting me although he was not keen in attending.


The meditation class was a one-and-a-half hour program. During meditation, the only thing I noticed, was the tears rolling down my cheeks though I was not feeling sadness ! But when Patriji described the common experiences, I observed that I felt most of them. I did not connect to whatever Patriji advised, other than to meditate daily.


Next day onwards, I started practicing meditation, Ajith being the pillar of support to me. He used to take our son for an outing every day while I meditated. Three weeks passed by, having pleasant meditation experiences.


One day, I spontaneously saw in my meditation, a fierce face of an old man which sent tremors through my nerves. I opened my eyes instantly and did not meditate for some days. Slowly I dismissed that scene, thinking it would be a wild imagination. Again, in meditation, I saw a glimpse of two women chatting pleasantly but I felt waves of sadness. I was thoroughly perplexed in the contradiction of emotions and did not understand what the scene meant. I stopped doing mediation thereafter !


After a month , or so, I met my brother Minood again. He casually enquired about my meditation and I narrated the experiences. His jaw fell open and exclaimed, “ They are your past lives ! ” Till then, I had never resonated with any movies which had past life back grounds. He then briefed about the significance of seeing past lives and I continued meditation.


I began to sense energies of different masters and communicated with dolphins regularly in meditations. I had many past life glimpses which helped me to know who I was in those lives. I understood that many of my characteristics are from those lives and also the unresolved issues which I had carried from the past into this current life. In May 2005, Patriji revisited Trivandrum when I was carrying our second baby. During that session, I had the first conscious out of-body experience.


During my pregnancy, I was going through a series of health issues and I was not able to sleep at nights. As I lied awake in bed, I decided to meditate those hours instead of letting my mind wander to unnecessary, good-for-nothing thoughts. My only intent was to meditate and meditate, whenever possible. I was surprised to find more and more free hours at home and at office. I was changing into a calmer and more peaceful person without tensions.


I realized through my elder son that all the young ones are natural seers ! I saw him communicating to fairy angels and to the soul of a boy who died in an accident. I was happy and thankful that I could understand the abilities of all the great little masters that may seem as ‘ childish talks ’ to the unknown. I also communicated with the baby in my womb regularly. I had many astral travels to various lokas and different experiences like going into my body and seeing the virus in my throat which was as big as a pin ball.


I never knew that my experiences were common among all the meditators around the world ! Later, I came to know of it from pyramid masters and by reading books given by them on the specific subjects.


I delivered our baby girl in October 2005 and discontinued meditation finding excuses to myself. I drifted away into the daily routines of home and office. Slowly, my attained calm nature vanished into ‘ tension zones ’.


I decided as the New Year resolution for 2007, to bring back meditation as my daily routine and my son also started meditating with me. I started seeing aura and my intuition developed greatly which helped me in all areas of life. Ajith also started meditation and was very keen in spreading meditation !!


In March 2007, I had another major experience. In meditation, I saw a peculiar face which did not look human (I had read Barbara Marciniak’s book “ Bringers of the Dawn ” which tells about channeling and Pleaidians) .


I instantly poured many questions to them, assuming them to be Plaeidians. They were patiently giving answers ! I felt most of the answers bouncing off my head ! I also noticed the tremendous energy and felt many changes in my body. I searched Internet to check the images of Plaeidians and found them as ‘ Sirians ’ instead.


Patriji’s visit to Trivandrum on May 2007 changed the perspective of my experiences even wider. I had never told my experiences to anybody other than to Patriji and my close associates. In a group where most of them were attending their first meditation session, Patriji asked me to tell all my experiences. I was much tensed, but later Patriji gently told me the importance of sharing the experiences. Patriji helped me to understand that I am also a Sirian !


I started communicating with Sirians and even went to Gizeh Pyramid astrally in their spaceship. I also continued exploring past lives by spontaneous recalls. Another turn in my spiritual journey happened when I started channeling messages and energies of masters like Chuang Tsu, Lao Tsu, Mahavatar Babaji, Abraham, Seth, Buddha, Krishna, Paramahansa Yogananda.


It was in August 2007, I met another great enlightened master .. Dr. Newton .. while attending his workshops in Chennai. The workshops gave me truly valuable insights on various aspects of life and I found Dr. Newton himself as a great book of learning. Of all the things I manifested in my life knowingly and unknowingly, I always congratulate me for manifesting those workshop !


I decided to reach out to people, my sources of inspiration being Patriji and Dr. Newton. I started giving meditation classes and workshops on various spiritual topics. I also attended Dr Newton’s Re-birther’s Training Program, where my awareness expanded even more. I could clear many of my blockages carried over from past lives, with the rebirthing - breathwork technique. Later, I attended the PLR therapists ’ training program. Dr Lakshmi Newton helped me to gain clarity on various aspects of my experiences. I continued to do the inner work and I cleared many of my issues. My husband tremendously supported me and I am so grateful to him !


I and Minood decided to do our first workshop together. Our friends, Aruna and Nikhil organized it in Chennai in November 2007. Just the night before the workshop, While I was meditating with my friend Anuja, I saw many sirians around me and felt tremendous energy, and then my whole body started shivering. I saw some events of my Sirian life. After some time, I went to their starship. From there, I saw the Planet which I lived and the University where I worked as a Sirian. After some communications with the Sirian Masters, I felt coming back to the room. I became aware of my body. I could feel massive volume of energy emitting from my body, from each cells. There was no distinction of my body, even the outer contours, from the surroundings and my body felt very transparent. It was an awesome experience beyond words to describe ! Slowly, I woke up from my meditation and focused around and felt most of my inner faculties were fully open.I was in an ecstatic blissful state that I did not even move for a long time. Anuja told me that she felt tremendous energy. We briefly shared our experiences as we were really ‘ knocked off ’ and did not feel like talking much !


Next day morning, we went to my workshop venue. I noticed that my inner faculties were fully open even then. Just before my workshop started, Anuja told, “ Yesterday when we were in meditation, I opened my eyes after some time. I looked at your side, but I did not see you. Did you go out during meditation ? ”


I was too shocked to reply ! Actually, I did not move from the seat after starting meditation. I had thought that it was an astral travel! I was confused and tried to contact Patriji and Dr. Newton on phone, but did not get through the line. By evening I could talk to Patriji. After hearing my experiences, he said : “ Now, what else do you want ? ! Sit back and relax ! ”


Now, I regularly do past life regression / re-birthing sessions for people along with taking meditation classes and workshops. My entire family is greatly supporting me.


The love and encouragement of Patriji and Dr. Newton prompts me even more on reaching out and helping people in their path of enlightenment, in as many ways as possible. I feel truly blissful when flowing with the Universe in spiritualizing Planet Earth !


Mobile: +91 9447791412, Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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