" Real Peace .. and Happiness .. is found only within one’s own self "


I am Sanjay Kumar Parmar, S/o. Late Dhirajlal R. Parmar. I was born on 29th January, 1963.


I was brought up in a small village named “ Kalupara Ghat ” in Orissa, which is situated 60 km away from Bhubaneswar on the banks of Chilka Lake.Till completion of my matriculation, I stayed in the village. Then my family shifted to Cuttack in 1979. I completed B.Sc., in Cuttack in the year 1983, then studied AMIE at Chennai for two years. Due to my health problems, I left the course in the middle.


I returned to Cuttack and I started wholesale medical business in the year 1987. I got married in the year 1991 to a beautiful girl “ Bhabana ” from Vizag. I am blessed with one son, “ Kartik ” and a daughter “ Roma ”.


My spiritual journey started in the year 2000, when I first learnt Sujok Acupuncture Therapy at Bhubaneswar and thereafter at Delhi. I wanted to serve society by sharing my knowledge and giving free treatment to the ill and sick people. It was my passion and I loved to help people who are suffering from any disease.


In 2003, I attended a seven day seminar of Prof. Park Jae Woo at Chennai. He is the founder of Sujok Therapy. He also taught us “ Smile Meditation ” and healing through it, “ Twist Therapy ”, “ Colour Therapy ”, “ Magnet Therapy ”, “ Seed Therapy ” etc. It was 23rd December, 2003 .. the first day of my meditation practice under the guidance of Prof. Park Jae Woo. Earlier to that, I did not know anything about meditation. Now my real quest began .. to know and learn more and more about true meditation.


In July 2004, I attended a new course of Sujok therapy (level-II) at Bhopal. Here, I learned about Vastu Shastra and how the faults can be rectified by installing different types of pyramids in a specific manner. Immediately, I implemented in my house and got excellent result. This is the first time I learnt that pyramids had the intensity and power to create the positive energy and also to heal the disease.


After that I came in contact with “Guided Fortune Meditation” course developed by Acharya Ved Prakashji for personal development and achievement of goal. It had benefited me to some extent but my inner search yearned for something different.


During January 2005,once again I attended the seminar of Prof. Park Jae Woo at Bhopal (level-III course).This time I got lot of experiences in my seven days training programme such as activation of Chakras, activation of Third-eye and attaining “ no thought ” state etc. During that period I had become the main attraction of Prof. Park, among all the seventy students in the seminar !


I started “ Smile Meditation Centre ” for the first time in my house and practiced what I have learnt from Proffesor Park. However, very few people used to come for the practice. So all the wonderful experiences which I had in Bhopal, I could not share them with right persons.


Finally, one day, during September 2005, I met Mrs. Shantha at Cuttack. She had first shown me a video CD on “ Spiritual Reality ” and introduced me to “ Anapana Meditation ”.


She was having one 2`x 2` size wooden pyramid at her house and she used to meditate under that. I was very much impressed because all the experiences which I had at Bhopal were shown in the VCD. Now, I became desperate to know all the details about “ Anapanasati Meditation ”, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, and its activities !


During January 2006, I attended the three day function called “ Kaalchakra ” held at Amaravathi in Andhra Pradesh. Along with Dalai Lama, lot of senior great pyramid masters were present in the function. During that period I got the opportunity to meet Mrs.Patriji at Vijayawada at Mr. Raghav Rao’s residence. Here, I learnt a lot from the senior masters and finally concluded that Anapanasati Meditation is the right type of Meditation for all !


In February 2006, I visited Visakhapatnam where my in-laws reside. Here, I met Dr. Gopal Krishna and Mr Satishji. I also visited pyramid care centre maintained by Dr.G.K. I also visited the Vizag Pyramid Spiritual Society and C.M.R Pyramid centre.


In March 2006, Mr.Appaji, senior pyramid master and father of Dr. Gopal Krishna had first visited Cuttack to teach us Anapanasati Meditation. This was the great beginning when all my family members were involved in practicing meditation. Immediately, after a few days Mr.Venkat Ramana, senior pyramid master from Vizag, came to Cuttack and arranged a few classes nearby my house. Gradually, we started one centre for regular practice of meditation at Jasoda Sadan near my house.


In May 2006, I visited “ Maitreya Buddha Dhyan Vidya Vishwalayam ” at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, on the occasion of Buddha Purnima function. Here, for the first time, I met Patriji ! It was the happiest moment of my life, because Patriji personally wanted me to meet him ! After meeting me he said, “ Swamiji, very soon, I will be coming to Orissa and my dream of ‘ Dhyan Orissa ’ project will start from your house.

In July 2006, Patriji visited Cuttack for the first time and conducted a class at Jashoda Sadan, our temporary center !


In April 2007, Patriji visited Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for the second time and conducted classes at “ Agrawal Vikas Trust ”, Cuttack, and “ Osho Dhyana Kendra ”, Bhubaneswar. This time, the class at Agrawal Vikash Trust was a grand success for all of us ! The entire auditorium was full with more than thousand people ! I am very much thankful to all our dedicated members of the society and all the senior masters from Andhra Pradesh for their valuable assistance and guidance. Patriji was also satisfied as we had done a great job in a very short span of time !


At present, we have started one permanent pyramid meditation centre by installing two 6`x 6` size wooden pyramids at our house. We have already applied for the registration of the society in the name of “ The Cuttack Pyramid Spiritual Society ”. All our members are regular meditators and voluntary workers, all properly trained and monitored by Dr. Gopal Krishna, Venkat Ramana, Mrs. Padma and Mr. Rama Raju. Very soon, we are planning to start “ Pyramid Young Masters Association - PYMA ” classes also. Our dedicated members have started visiting schools, colleges, tutorials, Banks and neighbourhood for conducting classes.


I had spent most of my life in the form of suffering. I used to think that “ Mr. X ” is responsible for my suffering. Always I used to search for peace and happiness outside, in the worldly life. However, after practicing Anapanasati, I have realized the truth that “ real peace and happiness is found only within one’s ownself. ” Now, I am living my life only to experience happiness and not to suffer ! I have understood that no one is responsible for my so called sufferings ! I myself am the creator and I have to undergo all the experiences ! Nowadays, I am leading a suffering-free-life and enjoying everyday with tremendous inner calmness !


My father died in the year 1993. I live with my mother Dhangouri and with my elder brother Kedarnath, in a joint family. My younger brother Sailesh is settled with his family at Bhubaneswar. We all are having our own medical wholesale business in both Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Now, my entire family is meditating along with me ! I am getting whole-hearted support from all of them in spreading meditation to others !


I would like to say that myself, my entire family, my elder brother’s family and all our society members have dedicated to spread the message of Patriji throughout our life. The very simple message is : “ Anapanasati Meditation is the only method of meditation which will lead us to enlightenment and therefore, everyone should practice and become an enlightened master. ”


I am sure that we will be able to successfully complete our “ Dhyana Orissa ” project much before December 2008 !


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