“ I practice Meditation and Past Life Regression ”


I am Peeyush Prabhat, native of Patna, Bihar.


I am a final year MBBS student at V.M. Govt. Medical College, Solapur. My father, Mr.Arvind Kumar, is an Assistant Engineer. My Mother is a house-wife and my sister Dr. Rashmi Roy is a doctor at Patna.


At the age of seven years, I got some intuition of meditation .. I did it for five minutes and I wanted to continue. However, very soon I was lost in the games with my playmates which was more attractive to me.


The same thing happened at the age of twelve years. After two years, I got a relaxation technique which was something of meditation from a spiritual book.


I started practicing meditation and I found it very relaxing and energetic. I was not aware of the spiritual aspects or the immense power and knowledge that could be unlocked by it. Yet I was practicing. I was not having access to anything else. I also started listening to the speeches of various masters who used to come to Patna. I learned a few Yogic processes. I was so receptive and eager to know that whatever be the source I was ready to get the knowledge. Thus, many meditation methods and Yogic processes I learned from newspapers, TV Channels and through my own intuition.


The proverb, “ When the student is ready teacher appears ” holds good for me also ! In the meantime, I met a few persons who were inclined to spirituality. They gave me some books through which I learnt more than hundred meditation and relaxation techniques. The regular practice of meditation increased my capacity to study. I started developing concentration, memory power and, to some extent, the art of controlling my mind. I studied nicely and got a seat in All India Pre-Medical Test.


Once when I was in deep meditation, I felt that my mind was not only blank but also going somewhere else. I was like gas who was diffusing into the surroundings. All the consciousness of room or bed had gone. I was in complete darkness. I couldn’t speak, hear, or even move my body. The event was causing a lot of fear in me. Then I was in a different world, very different from the present one, which we perceive. I became terrified and forcefully opened my eyes. My mind thought that this is not the only Universe which we can see, but there are many more to be discovered. I also couldn’t rule out the possibility of being trapped in the hands of some different power. But, I was completely helpless ; I was not able to discuss the same with anyone. As a precaution, I put a ‘ Rudrakshamala ’ around my neck and continued my meditation.


After securing a seat in Govt. Medical College Solapur, my routine was disturbed due to so many lectures and college activities. I was unable to practice my spiritual processes regularly. However, I learnt hypnotism and started to read many Indian and Western books. After a period of one year, I met Mr. G. Chandrashekar Reddy, founder, “ The Solapur Pyramid Spiritual Society ”. He motivated me a lot. He arranged my meetings with other senior pyramid masters. I heard a lot about Brahmarshi Patriji from him and developed a strong desire to meet him.


One day, Patri Sir came to Solapur for teaching meditation. Chandrashekar Reddy advised me to meet Patri Sir personally. I was puzzled, my mind was blank soon after Patri Sir gave his gentle glance over me ! I was so glad to receive his gift that was filling my heart with energy !


That day was the maha turning point of my life ! I started practicing intense meditation and reading more new age spiritual books. I told Patri Sir, that I want to as enlightened as himself and that is my only purpose ! He told me : “ you are already enlightened and only thing is you have lost that memory. ”


As I practiced meditation regularly, I passed through many more experiences. Sometimes, I found that my body was not there, nothing exists in this world except consciousness. I felt, as if I was totally paralyzed physically. Sometimes, I saw natural scenery which I hadn’t seen before, in this life-time. The visions were so lively that they couldn’t be my imagination. This gave me the message that there is no limit to consciousness.


One day, I slept after long meditation .. soon my whole body went in an intense vibration .. there was a jerk and I was out of my body. This event validated the truthfulness of soul science. I got the practical evidence.


In meditation, I communicated with many masters and took their help for going ahead and learned many teachings from them. I am now supercharged with more energy at the same time I am also worried that “ if meditation is bound to cure all the diseases then, what I will do with my profession?”


During May 2007, on the occasion of Buddha Poornima Celebrations, a very big meditation programme was organized in Pyramid Valley near Bangalore. G.C. Reddy, myself and my friend Sourabh attended the programme. While entering the Pyramid Valley campus itself, I was filled with great joy and a sense of great contentment !


There, with the guidance of Patri Sir, I met some doctors who practice alternative medicine. I was highly influenced by the idea of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). I met Dr. Hari, one of the PLRT practitioners. I also met Dr. Newton, Founder, Life Research Accademy, and a world class PLR therapist.


After I returned from Bangalore, I followed my intuition, and referred to some quotes of masters through internet on Past Life Regression. I used the PLRT on myself for forty days. One day, I could see some of my past life visions. I saw myself as a lad by the name ‘ Eric ’, a resident of a seashore area in Ghana. I was an African. I could find many of my relatives in that life. I became happy but, I was doubtful of its validity ! I went to a nearby shop and asked for a world map and looked for Ghana in it. I was getting very pleased to learn that Ghana is a part of Africa. And, naturally, there people are black and it is also on the sea-shore. I felt very confident of my experience !


A few days later, G.C. Reddy arranged a session of past life regression for seven members. In that first session, five participants reported something from their past lives. Since then, I conducted many more classes and about thirty five persons got benefited because of my activity of PLRT !


In another session, I dealt with a peculiar case wherein a man was facing a relationship problem with his family members. I regressed him twice. I found that all his past lives were same but the theme of the story was changing. After a few days of therapy his relationship with his members was growing better and better !


Recently, Patri Sir again visited Solapur. I discussed so many things with him. He told me : “ Your only work is to go to all the villages and remote areas in the states of Bihar where persons are still sleeping .. and to put them on a right track of meditation. ” I promised him to do so. I want to make all people realize that life will be more joyful just by practicing more and more meditation.


Meditation is very efficacious in clearing the clouds of negative energy. Meditation is inevitable for ‘ self realization ’ and that is the ultimate goal of all mankind !


On 23rd December, 2007, Patriji inaugurated “ Sri Laxmi Narayan Pyramid Dhyana Kendra ” at Solapur. Everyday, not less than twenty to thirty persons are utilizing the centre for meditation ! Some of them got out of body experiences also !


As of today, over 7,000 persons have visited the pyramid meditation centre ! A Cancer patient completely healed himself after doing intense meditation continuously for forty five days ! The Solapur Pyramid Spiritual Society is conducting regular meditation classes in the surrounding villages.


As ordered by Patriji, after completion of my course here in Solapur, I intend to get back to Bihar, spread the science of meditation to all the villagers ! All the readers .. kindly give me your strength !!


Final Year MBBS, V.M. Govt. Medical College
Solapur, Maharashtra

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