" Mission Dhyan Kashmir "


I am Rachna Gupta from Ludhiana, Punjab Pyramid Spiritual Society. I would like to share my experiences in Jammu & Kashmir with all of you.

One day, D. Padmaja Srinivas from Hyderabad, a great pyramid master, rang me up and asked me to join her in spreading meditation in J & K. Firstly, I was reluctant to go to Kashmir. I sat in meditation ... and my inner voice asked me to go to Kashmir as it is my duty to make North India aware of meditation.


I talked to my husband Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta, my sister-in law Mrs. Kiran Agarwal, her husband Mr. Laxmi Agarwal. They all accetped my invitation to work in J & K.

Before going to J & K, we talked to Patriji over phone to take his blessings. Patriji was very happy and wished us all the luck. We were four masters from North India and three masters from South. We started our journey from Ludhiana on 21st June.


22nd June, Srinagar


Our first meditation class was in police control room, Srinagar. Mr. Iqbal Mallik, S.S.P. Kashmir, arranged this class. The class was to
start at 3.00 pm, we had a personal meeting with Mr. Iqbal Mallik and told him all about Patriji’s pyramid movement. He heard us with great interest and promised to help us in every way.


The class started, the jawans of police force were made to sit on chairs in the open. There were around 80-85 jawans. Mr Rajkumar took the class, the he first told about meditation and its benefits, why it is so necessary for them, to bring them out of depression, tension ... so that they can lead a relaxed life. Then, it was thirty minutes practical meditation class. They all did meditation. I told them about the seven main meditational experiences. Every person had one or the other experience. Mr. Mallik thanked us and said that he will make it a point to see that every person in police control room does meditation regularly.


23rd June, Srinagar


We all seven and G.M.’s wife and daughter also joined us. We reached “ Kheer Bhawani ” temple at around 12 noon. We all wore pyramid caps and started our mission. We all were looking very different with caps on, everyone was seeing at us. We searched a nice shady place, spread a bedsheet and displayed all our pamphlets, CD’s, pyramid caps on it. Four masters sat down and rest started distributing leaflets on meditation, vegetarianism in Hindi, Punjabi and English. Many people started enquiring about meditation and its benefits.


We gave them practical meditation classes under a tree with pyramid caps on, in several groups. Every person had some experience. All the people irrespective of their caste and religion were very friendly. Not even once it occured to us that this State of J & K has undergone such a lot of terrorist activities.

It became very hot in Srinagar. We explained to people, why global warming is happening because it is due to our negative thoughts. If we will think positive and spread love and humanity everywhere, there is no reason for global warming to continue.


In the mela, many hospitals, colleges, schools had their stalls and were distributing free medicines, free medical check-ups / camps were organized there. We personally went to every camp, distributed our pamphlets. We also gave them C.D.s, on “ flute meditation ” and discourses of Patriji. We gave them guidance about meditation and its urgent need.


24th June, Srinagar


In the morning there was a class for CRPF security guards at BSNL G.M., Mr. Murlidhar’s house. There were around 80-85 security guards who did meditation. They thanked us and promised to do meditation regularly.


25th June


We took our departure from Srinagar and came back to Jammu. Padmaja stayed back in Srinagar to make necessary arrangements for our stall at “ Amarnath Yatra ” at Pehalgam. We six masters came back to Jammu. From Jammu we divided into two groups. Another group consisting of three people Mr. Rajkumar Gupta, Mr. Laxmi Agarwal and Mrs. Kiran, they stayed in Jammu to take classes in Jammu police control room and Jammu Jail. One group ... myself, Mrs. Pawani Sharma, Mr. Shiva, we all went to Udhampur for classes at Air Force Station.


25th June, Jammu


In the evening there was a class in Jammu Jail. Mrs. Rajneesh Khere, Jail Supreindent, Jammu, had arranged this class for around 300 prisoners. The class went so well, lot of prisoners had great experiences ! They are undergoing such a lot of truama, they felt relieved from their mental worries at least for some time. Mrs. Khere was very much impressed, she is a very disciplined and polite lady. She looks after all the prisoners very well, she requested Mr. Rajkumar to take one class next day also, as she will arrange for more prisoners.


26th June, Jammu


In the morning, 11 O’ clock, there was a class in the Jammu Police Control Room. Mr. Rajkumar and his group met S.S.P. Mr. Rajendar Gupta, they had a personal meeting with him. He made all the arrangements and the class started. There were around fifty police jawans who felt very relaxed. Lot of jawans had different experiences. They again wanted to do meditation. Then, again twenty minutes meditation class was conducted for them. Mr. Raj thanked S.S.P. Mr. Rajendar Gupta for his co-operation. Mr. Rajendar Gupta said, you all are doing a good job for humanity, he promised to help us in future also.


26th June, Jammu


At 5.00 pm, there was again another class in Jammu Central Jail. There were around 750 prisoners. Suddenly heavy rain has started. The hall could accomodate only 350 persons. The jail superindent requested us to conduct classes in two or three sessions.

In the first session, there were 325 male prisoners who under went meditation. The first session went very smoothly. it was one hour class, with practical meditation and its benefits.


At 6.30 pm, another class for rest 325 male prisoners was conducted. They all did meditation very sincerely. Lot of prisoners had experiences and they were very excited.


At 7.30 pm, another class for around 50 female prisoners was conducted, they also did meditation, heard its benefits with interest. Around 9.00 pm the classes came to an end. Mrs. Khere requested the group to take the dinner. After dinner she asked Mr. Raj to write his views about meditation in jail, in the visitor’s book. Mr. Raj on the behalf of pyramid spiritual society, wrote his opinion about meditation in jail. We felt very happy that ‘ Pyramid Spiiritual Society ’ has registered its entry into Jammu jail visitor’s book !

Another group reached Udhampur by taxi around 3 O’ clock. It was 3 hrs. journey from Jammu. We were received very cordially by the air force officer Mr. Rawat. He looked after our every comfort and informed us that class was in the evening around 5.30 for airforce male officers.


In the evening, there were around 180 officers, the class was in the auditorium. The officers listened to the benefits of meditation very keenly. They showed a lot of interest. They did meditation for half an hour and after that they shared their experiences and asked many questions. We told them the benefits of meditation and vegetarian food. We distributed literature on meditation and vegetarianism. The class went on sucessfully for one and half hour.


26th June, Udhampur


Morning 9 O’ clock our class was in Airforce School. The school is from Nursery to V std. We reached school and met the principal. The principal is a very gentle and polite lady. She herself is doing meditation. She arranged a class for the whole school. The tiny-tots sat down for the meditation, as children are the best meditators. They saw colours, astral play grounds, some could see light. Teaching meditation to children gave us a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.


10 am : The next class was for school teachers. All the teachers and the principal have participated in the meditation. They liked it very much. They were full of energy.


11.30 am : There was another class for officers’ wives. The class was in auditorium, they had put up a projector to show “ Spiritual reality ” C.D. After seeing C.D., ladies were very enthusiastic to do meditation. I told them about the benefits of meditation and gave them a practical meditation class for thirty minutes. Everyone liked it and asked many questions. We thanked air commandant Mrs. A. Narmada Babu for allowing us to spread meditation in Airforce station.


6.00 pm : Our next class was in the evening for Air force families. All the ladies and gents had gathered together in a big A.C. hall for meditation. We had a good interactive session. Every person showed a keen interest in meditation. The class concluded with the great satisfaction.


27th June, Pehalgham


We were ready by 6.30 am for our departure to Jammu. In the meanwhile, T. Padmaja with the help of Srinagar pyramid masters Mr. G. Murlidhar and his wife Lakshmi succeeded in arranging a meditation camp in R.P.F. base camp at Pehalgham, Srinagar.


“ meditation training to amarnath yatris ”


9th July to 25th July


Even though it was a bit tense period, pyramid masters have decided to organise meditation camp from 9th July to 25th July.


On 9th July, Mrs. & Mr. Murlidhar started pyramid meditation camp at Nunwan. Pyramid masters from Hyderabad Mr. Shamsunder, Mrs. Vaani, Mrs. Pawani and Mr. Vijay, Mr. Rajendhar Kaul from Jammu and masters from Ludhiana under the leadership of Mr. Rajkumar Gupta came to the camp to teach meditation to Amarnath yatris.


Herein pyramid meditation camp classes were conducted from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm continuously everyday ! It was conducted from 9th to 25th July.

Our special thanks to Mr. Sandeepji, C.O. of Military, who helped us in all aspects in organising and initiating meditation.


The camp was a grand sucess with the joint efforts of all the pyramid masters. Pyramid masters successfully initiated meditation to all the yatris including sadhus, and sages. Lots of yatris got benefitted and had physical, mental and spiritual experiences.


We are sure this “ Mission Dhyan Kashmir ” will be reckoned as a great milestone in the “ Dhyan Bharat ” Movement !


Rachana Gupta

21-B,Moti Nagar, LUDIANA (Punjab)

Ph : 9872976005

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