“ Patriji .. Dipped in Golden Light ! ”


I am Girija Rajan, cofounder of The Coimbatore Pyramid Spiritual Society !


Of the two roads which were staring in my life .. from out of the deep woods those days ..in the year 1998, I took to the one that had been less travelled by, for the simple reason that there was a lot of happiness, excitement and also a vital percentage of uncertainty in store ! And that made all the difference ! Since July 1998, I am on the best possible spiritual journey .. led by a most enlightened and actualized Master : Brahmarshi Patriji !


“ massive benefits ”


Since the time of Anapanasati Meditation, life has taken a revolutionarily different and enchanting route ! All my family members too have been reaping the massive benefits of spiritual wisdom in its entirety ! We are all doing our bit as full-fledged Pyramid Masters !


It had become important for all of us ..particularly my husband, Shri S.K. Rajan and daughter, Poornima .. to attend the “ Dhyana Yagnam ” Programmes come every December since the year 1998 and also coming May, “ Buddha Poornima ” in the “ pyramid valley ” at Bengaluru, since its inception in the year 2004.


“ new pyramid valley ”


This year too, I was in the “ pyramid valley ” on 18th and 19th May 2008 .. together with my husband, daughter and grandson. The “ Maitreya Buddha Pyramid ” now is so elegant and imposing that it beckons every ardent spiritual being to its interiors ! We were astonished and wonderstruck to see great improvements are taking place every year in the “ pyramid valley ”. What luscious and natural surroundings ! Such cool and salubrious climate ! Truly a lap of MOTHER NATURE !


On meeting Patriji in the night of 18th May after the programme, he invited us all personally to the “ Akhanda Dhyana ” inside the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, that was to take place during early morning on 19th May..


“ 19th morning, May 2008 ”


We modified our original programme to leave for Mysore next day morning accordingly we all reached the valley by 7.45 a.m. 19th .


As we were inside the pyramid, we were beckoned by Patriji to the king’s chamber. We moved there silently, taking a breathtaking view of the sea of masters quietly meditating on the floor of the pyramid. There were almost four thousand of them and we had the rare privilege to be in the king’s chamber ! I was quite surprised at my new found energy and capacity to run all the steps to the top despite my age ! Something was really pushing me and I had the easy strength and vitality of an young girl in her teens !


To the accompaniment of the music through Patriji’s melodious flute, I began my meditation along with other masters. For a while, I would hear the flute music and then it was a different experience altogether. I experienced a whirling sensation and after that I was a witness to the appearence of great masters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and Paramahansa Yogananda .. who were all reaching the top through a glass elevator to the king’s chamber. Mahatma Gandhi gave me a peaceful smile, while Jesus appeared for the first time in an angry mood with a sword in his right hand signifying thereby that he wanted to put an end to all the evil forces on this earth !


After a while, I could see an yellowish, golden light with a light greenish tinge coming from above followed by the great Gautama Buddha in a golden chariot !!!


Immediately, the golden light spread on all of us present there, in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid. Then I saw Patriji .. fully dipped in the GOLDEN LIGHT ! Suddenly, thereafter, I had an urge to open my eyes which I do not do normally, but something made me open my eyes and behold .... and lo I found Patriji, physically standing before me, on the lower rungs of the staircase and his face was placed right opposite to me !


“ waves of bliss ”


I could feel waves of bliss coming to me from him and I started sobbing which is very rare in my case ! On seeing this, Patriji came up and sat beside me. I attempted to narrate my experience but failed due to the bliss feeling which continued for a while with all the tears in my eyes. After a while when everything came to normal, I saw Patriji sitting in mediation. So I too went into meditation.


“ most powerful passage-way ”


Then I could see an infinite number of people coming to the pyramid from various parts of the world ! All their dirt .. karma .. was getting washed out and they were ascending to the higher worlds via our pyramid !


I also got a message that the “ MAITREYA BUDDHA PYRAMID ” will soon become the most powerful passage-way to reach Highest States of Consciousness ! Whole of the humanity has to come here some day for spiritual elevation ! I saw a huge form of Patriji and the masters showering multicolored, beautiful, lightweight flowers on him !


What a great experience ! And, a great message so appropriate to the occasion ! Patriji is truly a great SON OF THE COSMOS !



“ Agasthiar ”, No.6, Opp. Vanaprastha, K.T.N. Palayam,

Vadavalli (T.O) COIMBATORE - 641041

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