" Patriji .. the only role model for me ! "


I am Sunitha.


I was born in a town, Madanapalle, in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. My parents are Mr. Madhusudan and Mrs. Jyothy. I have two younger brothers.


As a child, I was not perfect in doing anything. I never had confidence in myself. I always looked into my frailties and was awkward at expressing myself. But my parents were a great moral support to me. They encouraged me in every step and gave me whatever I wanted.


Due to some business conditions, we were forced to shift to Chennai. Therefore, half my education was in Andhra Pradesh and the other half in Tamil Nadu.


I did my graduation in Meenakshi College of Chennai. I was brought up in a joint family and this gifted me with good qualities like giving respect, co-operation, love and affection etc. Our family was not very familiar to society because we were least participating in social and devotional gatherings.


My life partner is Jagdish. I got married to him soon after my graduation. However, I was unaware of all household works. In spite of this, I was treated with great respect because I was the only educated member of their family.


But, Jagdish was quite different in his character ! He was not sincere in his work, no responsibility and he was very harsh in words. This was a very new experience for me because all these are just opposite of my character. Whenever I was disturbed .. I used to go to our pooja room and sit silently till my emotions calm down and then I pray to God saying “ Give me all the strength and patience to bear these situations ”.


Financially, both my parents and in-laws were all quite well off. But myself and my children had always to depend on them because Jagdish did not have a regular income. These situations although disturbing to me, they also created a lot of self-confidence in me. Then I started working as an agent for some insurance company and later started a Pre-School which supported me and my family needs.


In such conditions, we came in touch with Anapanasati Meditation ! Initially, my mother started meditating in our family. She learnt it from her brother “ Reddy Sudhakar ” from Vayalpad. She used to tell us “ Do meditation ; everything will be resolved ”. But, I never took it seriously. I only meditated once in a while. Slowly, Pyramid Masters started coming to Chennai on their personal works and staying in my mom‘s house. This was a great opportunity for us to hear about their experiences and their transformations.


Once Sri Premnath, senior pyramid master from Adoni, visited Chennai on some work. He asked our Children, i.e. my son Vishnu, 12, my daughter Manasa, 8, my brother’s sons Ankit, 9, and Harshit, 5, to sit in front of him and meditate ! With Premnath sir’s guidance these children experienced many things which were surprising and this changed my attitude on Meditation and from that day onwards I meditated regularly ! So, I call children as “ my little Masters ”.


I met Patriji for the first time in Tirupati five months after I have started my meditation. This brought a great change in my life. With his simple words Patriji relieved me from all the burdens. I was thinking I was responsible for my husband’s and my children’s problems. But, Patriji made me realize that they are responsible for their own problems and I have to think of my own ! These words made me feel very light !

From then on, I started observing Patriji and all the other pyramid masters whom I met and I learnt how to think, how to talk, what to do and what not to do. I was always indirectly getting right direction from Patriji whenever I required. I never asked my Guru what I wanted, but I was getting everything I need from him !


More than a Guru, Patriji is my best friend ! His every word, his sincerity and dedication towards work, his aim inspired me a lot and he stood as a great role model for me.


Doing regular meditation, my health improved a lot. I was able to work more actively than before and also round the clock ! In my Pre-School, I made all little children .. below 3 years .. do meditation every day and as a result my school has now become one of the best ! Although I am not very good in Tamil, I am able to conduct classes, do corrections for Tamil magazine, design the pamphlets, organize programmes for Patriji in Tamil Nadu which are all very new to me !


Jagdish also started doing meditation after we met Patriji in Tirupati. Since then, his lifestyle has changed totally ! The changes are unbelievable !! He realized where he was going wrong and instantly corrected himself !! He is now very affectionate and more responsible towards family !! He wanted to share his happiness with everyone and now he is teaching meditation throughout Tamil Nadu !! He has become a Giant Master !! My heartful thanks to Meditation and Patriji !!


Now I would like to share some of my experiences in meditation. I had many third-eye experiences in the form of intuitions which gave me self-knowledge and helped me to understand the hidden Truths.


At first, I saw my aunt who was in coma for one and half month and who vacated her body eight years ago, before we started meditation. I could hear a voice saying the reason for this. The message was : “ She came to this world with some purpose and this was completed with her daughter’s wedding, but her life-time was still remaining. When her sub-conscious mind gave her this information, she decided.. did not have any work with this world .. she so she went into coma till her last breath and then she vacated her body ”. This was a very exciting message and I shared it with all my family members.


Once I got a message from Sufi masters. They gave their message very strongly which Islamis are following even to this day. For this, I have got three examples.


  • Idol worship is not required.
  • Maintaining silence is the only way of praying.
  • Ladies do not require group meditation, as they are in higher state by birth.

In Islam, these principles are being followed strictly. However, they may not be enjoying the benefits fully .. because they are not following Vegetarianism !!


One day, Master Krishna appeared before me showing whole Universe to his mother Yashoda. A question arose in me .. “ where was the necessity for Krishna to show such miracle to Yashoda who was already very affectionate to him ? ” Then, I got a message saying that it was for our understanding that he did it .. “ when we surrender ourselves towards self without any expectation .. the whole creation is within us ; then, we see everything outside. ”


I always remember my grandfather who used to say during my childhood, “ this girl will be gifted with great wealth after her wedding ”. However, no such symptoms were seen in my life before meditation. One day, I heard a voice saying “ did you find the wealth ? ” Then, I understood that by ‘ wealth ’ what he meant was not money .. it was the great ‘ Knowledge of Self ’ .. which give us permanent happiness in life !


To conclude, all our family members are enjoying the bliss of meditation and they have stepped forward into the society at large, to spread the messages of ‘ Vegetarianism ’ and ‘ Anapanasati Meditation ’ so that everyone can live with total health and happiness !




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