" I came to know about the Art and Science of Living Wonderfully ! "



I am Aruna Kanthi. I have been practicing Anapanasati meditation for the past one year.


I was born in Vishakhapatnam as the eldest daughter of Mr. P.S. Manyam and Mrs. Kamala and was bought up in a nearby village. I got married to Uday Kumar in the year 2006 May. I have one younger sister and I am happy to say that everyone in my family is a meditator!


“ beautiful childhood ”


As I was brought up in a village, I could spend most of my time with nature, especially with animals.


Spending much time with animals gave me a deeper understanding about feelings of animals and I could sense their love and affection towards me.


My house was like a mini zoo park and my mother used to feed the animals with love. During my childhood, I could hardly find hatred in my surroundings. Strangely enough, at our home, animals like cats and dogs, which are said to be natural enemies, used to behave in a very friendly manner with each other ! Hence, I feel that my childhood did lay a strong foundation for my subsequent spiritual growth.


Before becoming a regular meditator, earlier in my life, I used to feel some relaxation and peace in devotional activities like Bhajans and Sevas.


“ spiritual emptiness begins ”


When I was sixteen years old, one of my cousins vacated his body. From childhood he was my friend, philosopher and guide. His death was a great blow to me and that left me very much depressed. For the first time, a real quest started in me .. to find answers from GOD .. to the fundamental questions like “ What life is ? ” and “ Why one should die ? ”.


However, I became busy with my daily routine and college studies. Previously I was very good at my studies and comfortably with relation ships. But, all of a sudden, I became dull and less confident in my life.


After completing my post graduation, I shifted to New Delhi and started searching for a job. At first, I could not get a job even though I was talented enough. As I look back into those days, I now realize that I have attracted those situations through my very own thoughts. Finally, after much struggle, I did get a job and I happily settled in the nation’s capital.


“ strange wish ”


In the month of September 2005, I happened to visit Haridwar and Rishikesh and a famous temple called Mansa Devi temple. I was not a meditator at that time. People believed that if one ties a holy thread to the famous tree in that temple, their wish would come true. So, I also wanted to try.


Though I had many worldly wishes in my mind, I did not feel that they were so important that I should wish for their fulfillment ! I wanted to wish for some thing more that would be valuable in the after-life too ! Suddenly a wish flashed in my mind that “ I must find a way to make this lifetime as my last incarnation on earth and I had enough of it till now ”. At that time I had no clue how my wish would come true. However, my wish was granted very soon !


“ initiation into anapanasati ”


In the month of October, 2006 my mother came to Delhi and she brought some CDs along with her. One among those was “ Spiritual Reality ”, which attracted me very much. Through that CD, I came to intuitively understand many spiritual truths which seemed very familiar to me, although I never heard of them so far in this life-time !


My mother had some health problems that seemed to vanish at once after she became a meditator ! I used to listen to my mother’s meditation experiences. This made me to think about meditation seriously. I began learning anapanasati from my mother and started practicing it. However, I was not very regular.


“ first meeting with patriji ”


I attended the BUDDHA POORNIMA celebrations at pyramid valley, BANGALORE, in the month of MAY 2007, along with my mother.


There I met Patriji for the first time ! After observing him silently from a distance, I could see a lot of difference between the traditional spiritual gurus and Patriji. He made us sit in meditation for more than two hours ! I had a severe back pain, since I was not habituated to sit for that long. I was desperately waiting for Patriji’s permission to open the eyes. After the meditation session, Patriji gestured me to come to him. I went to him and he put his hand on my shoulders. Surprisingly, all that pain simply vanished !


“ deep into meditation ”


After this incident, I became a regular meditator. I started finding changes in my life and I found that my attitude towards life has totally changed !


Within fifteen days, I could feel the flow of energy whenever I would attain thought-free state of mind.


Apart from my meditation, I also started listening to Patriji’s CDs .. which left a profound impact on me. I would feel Patriji’s presence whenever I used to listen to his voice !


Steadily, a kind of burning enthusiasm about getting meditation experiences arose in me. So I started meditating for hours together at a stretch, after coming home from office work ! Soon, I had many many beautiful experiences .. astral travelling ... and third-eye visions !


“ Lord Venkateswara ”


After a month, I met Patriji again during the GEETHA DHYANA MAHA YAGNAM held at ANNAVARAM, in the month of June 2007. While travelling from CHENNAI to ANNAVARAM, I meditated in the bus the whole night. I was completely filled with energy. In ANNAVARAM, I participated in the meditation session. Patriji was playing the flute and he was accompanied by sitar and mrudangam. I was in deep meditation. All of a sudden my hands started beating synchronously with the flute music. I was surprised with such experience as I have no knowledge of carnatic classical music. Later, when I asked Patriji about it, he explained me that I was resonating at his frequency.


On the same day, I had an opportunity to meditate along with Prem Nathji, a very senior master form ADONI.


Before we sat in meditation, I suddenly remembered Patriji mentioning that Lord Venkateswara personally, in flesh and blood, exists much below the ground level beneath the statue of Lord Venkateswara and that he is still in deep meditation because of which people are attracted to Tirumala in such large numbers even today. I wished to see him ... and in the very next moment, I saw a dark cave in which Lord Venkateswara was sitting in a meditation posture ! He was looking pleasingly at me ! The radiance surrounding him was amazing and I was awestruck at the beauty of his face !


“ group meditational experience ”


In CHENNAI, I happened to meet the founder of THE CHENNAI PYRAMID SPIRITUAL TRUST, Mr. Madhusudan and his family. They were very happy to listen to my experiences and were encouraging me a lot. That very day, I had an opportunity to participate in a group meditation session. All of us ‘shared’ a wonderful experience.


During the meditation session, I happened to hear Patriji’s flute ! Surprisingly, I later came to know that no cassette or CD was actually played ! And I was even more surprised to find that all others had the same experience ! From then onwards, I began participating in the group meditation sessions regularly.


“ energy in my hands ”


Slowly, I began to witness the truth behind the statement “ energy follows thought ” through one of my meditation experiences.


Recently, we .. the pyramid young masters of CHENNAI .. conducted a meditation program in ‘Ashok Leyland’ company at CHENNAI. During the meditation session, I saw that a huge amount of energy was accumulating in my hands. I felt that I should distribute this energy to all the participants in the session. As soon as I had this thought, I saw that the energy from my hands being distributed to everyone ! Once my hands would become empty, they would again be filled with energy ! This happened thrice !


“ walk-in of chaitanya prabhu ”


Recently, in the month of November 2007, a workshop was held by Patriji in KOLKATA. I came to know about this just two days before the commencement of the workshop. There was an impelling drive in me to attend this program without fail. My husband and I got the flight tickets very dramatically, even though ours was a sudden trip. This trip turned out to be most unforgettable one in my life !


At first, I thought that everything that was happening then was just by coincidence. However, I later understood that my presence in the workshop was a call from masters. The KOLKATA program was a kind of training for me to learn various ways of approaching people. There I understood Patriji in various angles.


I had a wonderful time with Patriji during my KOLKATA trip. On the first day, he gazed into my eyes constantly for sometime and said that he was finding a drastic change in me. He observed the curiosity in me for knowing about my real self and the reason for such drastic change in me.


The next morning, Patriji was answering some questions from the participants of the workshop. He suddenly turned to me and asked whether I knew about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. As I did not know anything about him, I said “ NO”. Then he started explaining about him that he was an enlightened master born in a place called Mayapur, near KOLKATA, and that he sung most devotedly in Bengali on Lord Krishna, and that he was the founder of a wonderful BHAKTI MOVEMENT in North India.


Finally, he shocked me by saying that CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU (1486-1534) walked into ME just six months earlier ! He added that my trip to KOLKATA was not just a coincidence and that it was to know about myself.


At first, I was surprised but I soon realized that we always return to the EARTH PLANE to do something better than what we have achieved in the previous lives !


I have been watching the changes occurring in my day-to-day life for the past six months. My way of thinking and understanding situations has dramatically changed ! Nowadays, I am approaching people with a new insight and am able to convince them about the truth in whatever I say !


“ focus only on the positive ”


I had been taught in my child-hood that “ GOD decides everything in life and it cannot be changed ”. I used to wonder “ If everything is predetermined, then what is the point in praying GOD ! ”. At that time, I could not find any answer.


However, the answer came to me ... steadily and readily .. through the help of so many pyramid masters, especially Mr. Minood, founder of “ THE TRIVANDRUM PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETY. ” I understood the point, that we create our own reality and the world surrounding us is but a mirror image of our own self.


When I first understood this point, I was scared that my negative thoughts would manifest ! But now I understand that the key for the manifestation of any thought is OUR FOCUS on it. Hence, I shifted my FOCUS from negative to positive thoughts.


“ art of living wonderfully ”


One should never indulge in worrying about,or think about, what one does not wish to happen ! The UNIVERSE or EXISTENCE always says to us “ YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND ” ! Thus, my life is now filled with new energy that would never exhaust !


Now, I am able to mould my life according to my deep understanding of myself and am able to teach the art of living wonderfully to whomsoever I meet in my way ! I came to know that sharing of eternal knowledge is such a sheer joy !!!



Aruna Kanthi
No. 4, First Floor, Second Street, MCN Nagar, Thorai Pakkm, Chennai - 600 096
Ph: 42823210

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