" Life is a celebration .. A Beautiful .. Endless Journey ! "



My name is Lakshmi Naga Sethu.


I have been practicing Anapanasati meditation for the past nine years ! I am the eldest daughter of Mrs. G. Naga Prasanna and Late Shri G. Raghavendra Rao.


As I look back into my life so far, I feel so much transformed after I have entered into meditation !


When I was of the age of two years, strangely, I used to feel as if I were from a different world altogether and have come to visit this earth as a guest for a purpose unknown ! I used to watch myself as a spectator ... and used to feel that I were only a small portion of me ... leading life here as Naga Sethu and that I am not a part of the family.


relationships are shallow


Often, I used to wonder why people can’t love each other unconditionally. This has been my observation in various relationships like parent - child, friendships etc. I used to feel that all relationships are shallow ! I was depressed with that thought and it was then that I started the quest ... where would I find a source of unconditional love ... if such a thing ever exists.

My parents are gifted singers and thus they have been very keen in getting me trained in music. Music was the only means to soothe my aching soul.


I happened to know from some elderly people that it is God alone who loves every particle of the universe in the same manner and that he is the creator of all that exists. Also, I came to know that it was through Tapas ( contemplation ) that one reaches God. However, at that age I could not find out a way of doing tapas. My parents are devoted to Shri Raghavendra Swami of Mantralayam and are active participants in many spiritual and devotional programmes.


Master C.V.V.


My father has soon become a member of an organization called “ The World Teacher Trust ”, established by an enlightened guru, “ Master E.K. ”. Members of that organization follow the meditation technique called the “ Bhriktha Rahitha Taraka Raja Yoga ” given to them by his enlightened guru, “ Master C.V.V. ”.


y father made meditation a daily practice in the house. He used to get up early in the morning and sit in meditation at exactly 6 o’ clock in the morning and in the evening. Thus, I have taken my first steps into meditation. The prayer would last for about half an hour. We would sit in meditation and after uttering “ Master C.V.V. Namaskarams ” thrice ... we would silently observe the changes happening inside the body and mind.

At that time, I was only successful in sitting quietly and closing my eyes and nothing more than that.


One day, it so happened that my mother‘s body was swinging to and fro while she was in meditation and I happened to open my eyes and watch that happen. I could not make out why my mother’s body was shaking thus. Later, when I asked my father about it, he said that Master C.V.V’s vibration is working upon her body and that the disorders in her “ pranic energy ” are being corrected by the Master. Thus, I happened to know the word “ vibration ” for the first time.


strange feelings of deep pain


I still vividly remember those days when my father used to wake us children at 5 o’ clock in the morning for getting ready for the prayer. Thus, I became habituated to enjoy the beauty of the nature early in the morning and I used to feel so one with it ! I later realized that it is the same experience that one can feel in deep meditation. I love nature so much and whenever I spend my time with the green trees and small plants I become so happy and would feel the inner silence ! A strange feeling of deep pain would always arise when I see the black waterladen clouds as if it reminds me of some distant memory echoing within me and I become deeply involved in that feeling and again I would feel the inner silence.

I used to spend days together in this kind of state ! Now, after becoming a meditator, I have the same kinds of experiences, when I am involved in deep meditation.

Though I have been a very good singer, I have felt the real essence of music only after becoming a meditator and many a times I would immerse into meditation while reciting many krithis and kirtans. I used to feel that there is no necessity of seeking others’ company and was very happy with my own.


A silence would always be there whenever I looked into myself and even while doing any other work also. This deep silence would result in disinterest in others and I used to look moody. This kind of moodiness would be very frequent since my childhood and my family seems to have accustomed to this kind of behavior. I would thank them for not disturbing me in those times, which helped me have a deep insight into myself. Whenever that kind of mood would takeover me, I used to observe the feeling inside me ... and sometimes this mood would last for weeks together.


However, the final outcome of such periods was that I was always blissful. As I would watch that mood from inside, the melancholy would slowly transform into happiness and relaxation. After such an effect, that kind of moodiness would disappear. Even now, I experience such a kind of moodiness.


meditation became hindered


From my child-hood, my parents were fond of seeing me as a “ doctor ” ... and have induced the idea in me by repeatedly conveying me their wish. I too wanted to make their wish come true. Thus, my spiritual quest became somewhat ‘ latent ’ as I was busy with my academic education. Thus, our daily practice of “ Master C.V.V. meditation ” ended. Meditation became hindered as we children could not gather together at 6 o’ clock in the morning and evenings due to our challenges in education.


I studied hard day and night for the medical entrance. However, I wasn’t successful in the first attempt. This failure made me very much depressed and I felt that my whole life itself is a failure. I couldn’t understand why I have not succeeded inspite of my hard work. Then, my mother said ... “ It is because of God’s will that you haven’t succeeded ; HE is the one who decides what each being is worthy of ”. This made me very angry and I wanted to find a way to contact the so-called ‘ God ’, fight with him and tell him that it is none of his business to interfere in my life.


Thus, once again I wanted to seek God, this time with a different intention. Today, I laugh at myself for all this and would really want to thank “ God Within Me ” for not letting me to become a ‘ doctor ’ ! Else, I would have wasted a lot of time. I had to join B.Sc. reluctantly, after I failed for a second time in the medical entrance.


Twin Heart Meditation Technique


During those days, I happened to meet “ Anjani ”, who was not only my associate in music but also at college. We soon became close and used to spend much time chatting with each other. In one such conversations, she happened to tell me about a meditation technique called ... “ The Twin Heart Meditation Technique ” ... and suggested me to practice it. For about a fortnight, we practiced that technique together. I saw many colors in meditation and nothing more. I was not completely satisfied with that technique.




One day, as we were coming home from college, we happened to see a pamphlet on our way. I picked it up and found that it is about “ Anapanasati Meditation Technique ” printed by “ The Guntur Pyramid Spiritual Society ”.


After going through the pamphlet, I felt that the technique is easy and yet is very promising. Hence, I decided to put it for a test for sometime and basing on the results, we would think about continuing this technique further.


my third eye visions


On the first day itself, I sat for about an hour in meditation ! At first, I struggled hard to observe my breath, as it is the first time that I am taking a plunge into the subtle realm of my breath that remained unnoticed so far. Soon, I succeeded in getting hold of my inhalation and exhalation and the results were startling ! I saw Tyagaraja Swami, Lord Anjaneya, Lord Venkateswara and an anonymous golden hand blessing me !

Words fail me to pen my feeling then. In the second sitting, I could see the “ Krishna Rasaleela ”, though it was not so vivid. Apart from colors, I could see many unknown faces and many places that I had never seen in this life-time. For fifteen days I did intense meditation and I carefully documented all my experiences in meditation in a diary .... and was wondering what to do next.

Again we sought the help of the pamphlet and have found the address of a senior master, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi. We decided to show her our experiences and wanted to make sure if we were on the right track. Upon hearing our experiences, she felt very happy and congratulated us for getting such “ third eye ” visions so early ! That was the first time when I came to know that not only Lord Shiva, but also every human being has a “ third eye ” !


spiritual science


She also told that one can achieve great perfection in third eye by regular practice of meditation. All our doubts seemed to have vanished at once ! She also introduced us to many new terms like “ astral masters ”, “ seven bodies of a being ”, “ telepathy ” ... and so on and so forth. We thought that there is a lot to learn and something in me told me that I am on the right track ! Also, she suggested for an increase in the period of meditation to know more about ourselves.


We came to know that Shri Raghavendra Swami, Veera Brahmendra Swami and Sai Baba ... who are being worshipped as Gods ... are all in reality, Masters, who have known the truth. She told that one can contact masters in meditation and ask for their messages. All this was truely mind blowing for us ! We had the good fortune of knowing that her astral master was “ C.W. Leadbeater ” at that point of time and that he was explaining her the importance of various geometric shapes in a human body !


We were speechless as she continued to narrate her experiences ! We decided to practice meditation more seriously ! Finally, before we took leave from her, she suggested we participate in group meditation sessions and to study many spiritual books published by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.


group meditation sessions


That very day, we participated in a group meditation session and had a wonderful experience ! After two minutes in meditation, I felt that I am being cooled out on the top of my head and the next minute I am in a galaxy surrounded by millions of stars ! I saw a golden body in meditation posture surrounded by five sheaths ! I could glide here and there in space at will and was having immense joy !


When I told a senior meditator about the experience ... she explained that those five sheaths are otherwise called the “ Pancha Koshas ” and was happy that I could have such an experience in the first very group meditation session ! From then onwards, I spent more time in meditation and participated in many more group meditation sessions.


When my father first came to know that I was practicing some other meditation technique ... other than master C.V.V. technique ... he was not at all happy and was even against it. However, I wanted to ask master C.V.V. to confirm that I was practicing the right technique and wanted to know whether he was happy with my decision. Master C.V.V. himself appeared in my meditation and told me to continue the Anapanasati Technique !! This made me mighty confident.


There have been many many experiences in my meditation. Some visions, as well as many of my thoughts, got physically manifested ; some have cleared many of my nagging doubts. Some consisted of messages from many masters.


“ my first meeting with patriji ”


After I entered into Anapanasati meditation, I wished that I could meet Patriji, who was the one who showed me the Path of Light. Many times he came to Guntur, but all the times I could not meet for one reason or the other. This disappointment was too much for me to take and I was feeling very unhappy for the same.


One day this sorrow overwhelmed me in my meditation and then Patriji appeared in my vision and I could recognize him as I have seen his photograph earlier. At first I thought that It was my illusion ; And wanted to make sure that this is true by starting a conversation with him ! I asked him whether he was ‘ Patriji ’ ! He nodded his head in approval !!


Then, I expressed my agony of being unfortunate for not meeting him so far although he had come many times to Guntur and that I was desperate to meet him ! I asked him about his next visit to Guntur, he told a date ... then I replied saying that I would miss that again as I would not be there in Guntur as I will be out of town to participate in a music competition at Anakapalli.


And, I requested him to give me another date. Then, he told me that he shall be coming on 10th September 1999. Then I thanked him for this and said that I will be looking forward to meet him.


10th September 1999


I felt so happy for having exchanged words with Patriji in my meditation ! When I narrated the above experience to my fellow meditators, one senior meditator told me that he would be more than happy ... if it is a real experience ... and that there is every possibility of a mental projection due to my desperate desire to meet Patriji. Hence, he suggested me not to be disappointed in case this proves to be a mental projection.


However, I was confident that this is a real experience. As the much awaited day was coming, I was even more desperate to meet Patriji. Finally, that day arrived and still I heard no news of Patriji’s arrival yet. Then, my confidence was shaken a bit. But, I was not ready to accept that my vision is just an illusion. Feeling disappointed, I went to my music class as usual. Right after fifteen minutes that I reached my music teacher’s home, her telephone rang and the person at the other end was asking for me.


It was Mrs. Lalitha, who happens to be my music classmate as well as one of the senior meditators in Guntur. She was as excited as she was congratulating me for an excellent vision about Patriji’s arrival and that he has indeed come to Guntur and wants to meet me at once !


The excitement was too much for me to handle and I shouted with joy on hearing the news ! I hurried to meet Patriji !


He congratulated me for such a vision and asked about myself and my meditation experience in detail. He was happy to see the perfect documentation of my experiences in a diary and wanted me to keep that habit always. While he was reading my experiences, I showed him a particular experience where I saw a tall and fair man with a grey long coat looking into my eyes very piercingly. I asked Patriji to tell me about that person. He gazed into my eyes for about five minutes and then told me that the person was none other than me in my previous incarnation and that I was from Greece !


He also told me that I have been a meditator for quite some life-times and that is precisely why I could become a member of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. He asked me to continue my rigorous meditation. This is indeed such a very memorable incident and I feel the excitement even today as I pen it now !


“ physical manifestation of thought ”


Very recently, my thought has physically manifested miraculously. It so happened that we ... me, my husband and two of our friends ... went to a beach. Suddenly, I felt strongly that I must get a white conch as a gift from the sea. I asked the sea for it.


Later, I told my husband that I have asked the sea for a conch and that I should get it. However, soon eventually, I forgot about it and I was walking on the sea shore along with my friend when my husband gestured me from a distance to come to him. I went to him and then he asked me to guess what was hidden in his hands. I could not make out and I asked him to reveal what he has found. He astonished me by showing a beautiful white conch which was pink from inside ! I was happiest to see my thought manifest at such a pace and this left my husband speechless for a while. When I showed the conch to Patriji later, he was very happy to see it and asked whether I can gift him that conch. I accepted this at once and gave him the conch very readily !


He said that he would keep it with him as my memory. This is one of my memorable experiences, where my thought has manifested physically, very quickly.


“ meditational experiences manifested physically ”


  • Once I saw ETV ( telugu channel ) logo and a mike in my meditation. And after a month, I was selected for participation in a famous program called “ Paadutha Theeyaga ! ”

  • One day, I slept after deep meditation. In my dream I had seen the IT company campus that I would join in two months in advance in my dream. Later I joined WIPRO, Bangalore, and I was sitting in the same training room and in the same row as seen in my dream ! I have known my husband’s name even before meeting him physically !

    One day, as I was returning home from work in my company vehicle, suddenly I heard a voice that said “ Raghu will marry you ”. At that time, I never even knew who he was. After about six months, “ Raghu ” joined the same company ... and we met for the first time in Pyramid Valley in Patriji’s presence.

    I almost forgot that voice mentioning his name and we least expected that we would become couple then. Later, we got married and it was then that I once again remembered the voice mentioning my husband’s name ! I feel so excited when I memorize this event even today ! I had always wished to share my life with a meditator and the one who perfectly matches my attitude towards life.

    Now, it is a reality !

  • I came to know in my meditation that I was pregnant , even before I had a test : Patriji had come to Chennai in October 2007, to Chennai as he wanted to board a flight to the Andaman from Chennai. During that time, a meditation session was organized in which, my husband and I participated. During meditation, I saw a very bright ball of light and it entered my womb. I felt that it is an indication that I have conceived. The very next day, my pregnancy has been confirmed !

  • I saw how my son would look like even before his birth : During my pregnancy, I wanted to find out the sex of the baby and see how the baby would look like. One night, I went to bed after reading a spiritual book. I had a dream in which I was at my in-law’s place at Hindupur, Anantapur district and I was carrying a five month old chubby baby boy. Later, a baby boy was born and he eventually grew to the size I have seen in my dream!

  • I receive messages from many masters in my meditation ! In my nine years meditational period, I had many beautiful third eye experiences and attained a perfect third eye !

    “ certain changes and certain qualities gained due to my meditation ”

  • Before coming into meditation, I could only enjoy certain things and could adjust with only a few people. After coming to meditation, I came to know the real meaning of enjoyment and I am now able to live happily under every given situation and I am now able to understand how to cope up with the people that I meet in my life.

    I can confidently say that only a meditator can really enjoy the life ! This is a truth that can’t be known unless one meditates. This is because
    ... the happiness of a meditator does not depend on any external factor, but upon his understanding on life’s truth. Hence, he can enjoy life, no matter what happens !

  • I am now able to have more beautiful and meaningful relationships in my life.

  • All futile goals and pursuits have vanished from my mind ! And, I became aware that I am here to do more important work for the benefit of the world rather than for my individual welfare.

  • My thought power has tremendously increased ... and I am able to make my thoughts fruitful in no time. At the same time, I understand that I should not waste my thought power for petty things and am able to focus my thought on more important things.

  • All unreasonable fears have vanished from my mind that used to bother me earlier. I am ready to flow with the current and accept all that life has to offer me.

  • Earlier, I used to complain ... why certain people behave in certain way ... and why certain things happen only to me. I was not satisfied with life. Now, I understand that all is well and that I am perfectly in the way ! There are no more complaints in life !

  • I understand that one must never do things to others that one never wishes to happen to themselves. Hence, I remember this in all my dealings in life.

  • I am now able to learn many new things with minimum effort and with absolute perfection.

  • Though I have been gifted with the art of music and a beautiful voice, I have not realized the full protential of music before entering into meditation. However, after becoming a meditator, I am able to sing soulfully and have the real joy of music.

  • Earlier, I used to get disturbed with people and certain situations ... and would lose my temper easily. Now, I am not so easily disturbed ; even when I am disturbed sometime, I would come back to the normal state with much ease.

“ drama called life ”


There is so much that I have learnt through my meditation. The summary of all that is an understanding that I am playing my part in the “ drama called life ” and all relationships exist for either learning or sharing knowledge from them. This understanding makes me detached even when amidst a relationship ... and I perfectly realize that we need to treat everybody as a friend without clinging to a relation !


Life is a celebration for me and is a beautiful and endless journey towards the ultimate truth ! It was only after becoming a meditator, that I have realized that to know the ultimate reality of life through the practice of meditation and to share that happiness with the entire world by spreading meditation which is the very purpose of my life. I realize that life is a priceless gift with all it has to offer to all of us !



Lakshmi Naga Sethu
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